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The Rebirth of the First Amendment

I spent 44 years of my life in newspapering and I loved the daily grind of trying to tell stories about what might mean something in the lives of readers — to inform them, amuse them, touch their hearts and minds, … Continue reading

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A salute to Beth Barrett: L.A.’s best reporter

Revealed: Antonio’s Mistress GANGS: Terror in the Streets Does the Valley get its FAIR SHARE? Anatomy of malpractice Rodney King: The record against LAPD Rocketdyne Lab contaminated Cranston‘s funny money games Payola to L.A. Prep Star Valley woman to the rescue … Continue reading

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When will they ever learn…

  Scaled down and still unable to arrange financing, Eli Broad’s grandiose vision for L.A. is in deep trouble. The Grand Avenue project was supposed to be the Central Park of L.A., the masterpiece of human ingenuity that was finally … Continue reading

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Your money or your life

Once upon a time I delighted in giving Mike Feuer a hard time. He asked for it by always reminding everybody he went to Harvard and acted like that proved he was smarter than them as if being smart was … Continue reading

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Urban blight and legalized public corruption

It was nearly 25 years ago that then state Attorney General, John Van de Kamp, told me the politicians had written California’s public corruption laws in such a way that only a politician stupid enough to stand up in public — or get caught on … Continue reading

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The Home Depot Challenge

By Ellen Vukovich Reader and Sherman Oaks activist Here’s my prediction — a full-scale EIR will be ordered as a compromise. What’s another year to Home Depot? By this time, Wendy Greuel will probably be our next Laura Chick – … Continue reading

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A lesson in empowerment: Sunland-Tujunga vs. Home Depot

When you get off the 210 Freeway at Sunland Boulevard, you leave the grit and noise of the rest of L.A. and enter what seems like an old California town of well-kept modest homes and small businesses set between mountains . … Continue reading

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Where in L.A. is the 100th monkey?

In college, I majored in anthropology, the study of humankind and how it evolved genetically, culturally and socially — which m ay explain why I’m so attached to the 100th monkey theory of evolution. The idea is that some crazy … Continue reading

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As the sidewalks crumble…Don’t tread on City Hall

Here’s why my mantra for so long has been: I love L.A., phonetically that comes out I luuuuuv L.A. This is a city of light and dark, yin and yang, Hellywood where the lost souls of the world come to work … Continue reading

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Screw the public!

“The easiest thing would be to have the unions work with us to reduce salary increases.”  That’s what Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told the Daily News Tuesday in trying to explain why he wanted to take $90 million out of our … Continue reading

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