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The Home Depot Challenge

By Ellen Vukovich

Reader and Sherman Oaks activist

Here’s my prediction — a full-scale EIR will be ordered as a compromise. What’s another year to Home Depot?

By this time, Wendy Greuel will probably be our next Laura Chick – City Controller. That means the new Council Member will declare that there is nothing he/she can do to “stop” the project because Home Depot has worked with the (Sunland-Tujunga) community and mitigated its impacts to an “insignificant” level as per the EIR.

And, the last thing this City will jeopardize is its working relationship (read that as collecting more sales taxes, etc.) from Home Depot when facing its record bugetary shortfalls coupled with losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

My suggestion is that all residents of Council District 2 unite and find a candidate for Wendy’s seat that will do their bidding. That’s the only solution to all of the “Home Depots.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about Ron Kayes?

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