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Rotten excesses of L.A.’s political aristocrats

Is it just me or is the behavior of what passes for the political aristocracy of L.A. beginning to look a like it did during the last days of the French royalty and the Russian tsars? Take for example the … Continue reading

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Why not the best for L.A. kids?

By Doug Dowie Correspondent Sometimes the answer to your most vexing problem is sitting right in front you.   There is no question that L.A. has been plagued by gang violence for decades. And the debate over how to deal … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: D.A. Cooley goes soft on Jessica’s Law — deal cut to ignore retroactivity enforced by other prosecutors against sexual predators

By THOM SENZEE (thom@journalist.comi Correspondent   Unlike other prosecutors in California and the position of the state Attorney General, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley refused to apply tough provisions of Jessica’s Law retroactively against sexually violent predators (SVP). … Continue reading

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Michigan is looking better all the time

Editor’s Note: I welcome contributions to this blog from everyone. It’s about the experience of L.A. in all its richness and diversity. Many people have worked long and hard to make L.A. a better city and the better we understand … Continue reading

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It was meant to be — Judge James K. Hahn

Thataway Jimmy. I know it will sound sarcastic after the rough time I’ve given Jim Hahn for so long but I genuinely mean it. Congratulations on your decision to become a judge. From my days in the early 1980s at … Continue reading

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Confessions of a duffer … and why the city can’t pay its bills

To be perfectly honest, I am a golf fanatic. For years now, I wake up at the crack of dawn every Monday and Tuesday and dial into the L.A. city golf reservation system with one phone in my left hand … Continue reading

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The tail that wags the City Hall dog: 80 % of dogs unlicensed

The evidence is now unequivocal: Civil disobedience works in L.A. Not only does City Hall give away the public treasury to employees, contractors, developers and other special interests but it can’t even get up to 80 percent of dog owners to pay … Continue reading

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AB 212 and the small and funny world of Felipe Fuentes

It’s a small world isn’t it, small and funny and fine — at least for people in the tight little circles of influence where opportunity to reward friends and punish enemies abounds. Take the case of Northeast San Fernando Valley Assemblyman Felipe … Continue reading

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A voice in the crowd…a cry in the darkness

I’m just a voice in the crowd. I can’t say I never thought I was more than that but then I’ve never been happier or freer than I am at this moment. At this point in my life I can … Continue reading

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L.A.’s Scandal Central: The Department of Water and Power

The news about L.A. just gets worse and worse. Gangsters are running wild in the San Fernando Valley and so are racists and anti-Semites; the political wannabes have so corrupted the electoral process, a Republican might even stand a chance; the … Continue reading

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