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And the Antonio sells L.A. contest winner is…

I promised five double-doubles to the person who comes closest to guessing how much money the mayor raised at the end of the June 30 reporting period and if my info is correct Ethel B. gets the In-N-Out prize — … Continue reading

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Home Depot Update: City treats activists like criminals

I don’t make this stuff up: No Home Depot activists finally got their chance Monday to examine 1,000 pages of city documents in the long-running controversy but the city’s Dispute Resolution Program facilitator had them searched when they arrived and … Continue reading

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Media, politics and the conspiracy of consciousness

You got to feel for Walter Moore. Maybe he should just call himself “Wally” and dress up and act like Rodney Dangerfield who plays an obnoxious talk show host in a 1997 movie that at least got some reviews.Whatever your … Continue reading

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Join the Saving L.A. Protest on Bastille Day

(This article was written for Nina Royal’s North Valley Reporter and published in the current issue distributed this weekend.) All across Los Angeles, thousands of people — many of whom I’ve gotten to know over the years — have been … Continue reading

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Beating DWP’s dead horse: New report again claims “all” water met “all” safety standards

The recent DWP public relations stunt to drop 400,000 black plastic balls on a reservoir in Silver Lake led me to take a closer look at the utility’s 2006 annual water quality report which claimed “all’ water everyone in L.A. … Continue reading

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Bastille Day protest leader finds the bottleneck of the week

Hooray for urban cyclist Stephen Box who’s the lead organizer for the July 14 Bastille Day protest at City Hall. He won this week’s L.A. Times’ Bottleneck Blog contest by submitting this photo and report on a Hollywood traffic hazard … Continue reading

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Take Back L.A. — Demand A Great City

That’s the slogan we’ve come up with for the Bastille Day rally at City Hall at noon July 14. It is meant to launch a new era in L.A., to give birth to a democratic movement that empowers the people … Continue reading

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Why rats — vermin and human — are so happy in L.A.

Think about this: The city has $8 billion to spend every year but it somehow can’t provide even basic services. That’s more money than City Hall has had in history, yet there is a $400 million deficit that has been … Continue reading

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Oops, there goes the rest of your income tax rebate — Antonio joins the orchestrated chorus for transportation tax hike

Buoyed by polling data that shows just how gullible the public is, the mayor has jumped into the well-orchestrated campaign to build momentum for a third half-cent sales tax to support public transit projects. We’ve seen what a great job … Continue reading

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WATER WASTERS UPDATE: Nahai is the king

Thanks to David Coffin of the blog here’s some facts about your city leaders — the people who blithely jackup your DWP rates and want you to drink recycled toilet water — you don’t want to miss: Coffin reports: The annual … Continue reading

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