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And the Antonio sells L.A. contest winner is…

I promised five double-doubles to the person who comes closest to guessing how much money the mayor raised at the end of the June 30 reporting period and if my info is correct Ethel B. gets the In-N-Out prize — regular, with onions or animal style.

The tip I’ve heard is Villaraigosa hauled in somewhere between $1.6 million and $!.7 million to scare off as many challengers as possible. God knows what that will cost taxpayers although my rule of thumb is L.A. politicians come cheap so the bill for making special interests happy could be spectacular.

If I’m right, Ethel B. gets the prize with a guess of $1.65 million…though we’ll have to test her crystal ball for possible doping. Congratulations Ethel, bon appetit!

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2 Responses to And the Antonio sells L.A. contest winner is…

  1. Mirthala says:

    I want a recount!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the thief (steal from the middle class and give to the rich), Los Angeles Mayor Mugabe Jr., is getting big payola numbers to bankroll his campaign from his “constituents”? Sure, he is. He and his enforcer, Chief Sitting Bull(Sh*t) Bratton, selectively enforces the law (Special Order 40) to their advantage, by bringing in illegal alien, illegal voters to rig the election in their favor. This is what to expect. Check the voter rolls!!! Something is amiss.

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