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Home Depot Update: City treats activists like criminals

I don’t make this stuff up: No Home Depot activists finally got their chance Monday to examine 1,000 pages of city documents in the long-running controversy but the city’s Dispute Resolution Program facilitator had them searched when they arrived and kept cops around in case they turned violent.

“You just can’t be too careful these days,” the facilitator told the two activists.
“And will Home Depot be searched and guarded when they show up for their appointment?”

“Absolutely,” he assured us.

You can read the full story for yourself at the  No Home Depot website.

All I know is that it’s no way to treat the people of this city for standing up for their basic civil rights.

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14 Responses to Home Depot Update: City treats activists like criminals

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! What is this City turning into?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What an ordeal for them to go through! Why are our neighbors and those who volunteer to help make our communities better being treated this way?

  3. Alex A says:

    The No2Homedepot people are like modern day heros.
    They volunteer their time to make this community a better place for us all. They should be treated with respect!

  4. carol T . says:

    Well, well, another attempt by Home Depot to intimidate the towns people who oppose their opening a Store in S-Tujunga. This is a made for tv movie if I every read one.
    Don’t know that I want to be the one to say ,” what else are these Home Depot people capable of ?”
    but my goodness they are the most greedy , vindictive, lying, cry-babies ever !
    The money at stake in THEIR game must be of staggering proportions.
    whew !

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is all about their facade of a public image,
    created by these PR firms – who are just in it for
    a buck or thousands.
    People will supposedly accept HD closing stores by
    choice as a “good business decision”, but it is a
    completely different image if a town prevents them
    from opening in the first place.
    We have all seen this game before, ususally it is
    called “qien es mas macho?”.
    All I have to say, is HD your currently less
    popular than George W. and that ain’t easy either!

  6. AnonymouslyYours says:

    Two? Two activist?
    What did they think two people were going to do?
    They must have a Fed’s search-granny-and-the-twin-grandbabies before letting them on the plane complex.

  7. Anonymous says:

    OK, but who won the double-doubles???? I’m hungry.

  8. Diogenes says:

    “the city’s Dispute Resolution Program facilitator had them searched when they arrived and kept cops around in case they turned violent.”
    More frightening than this being about Home Depot, it is about a city agency, sounds like “police state” tactics, and smells of corruption.
    Mayor Villaraigosa, friend of Home Depot, your city is out of control or under control. Which is it?

  9. Stuart says:

    Harrrrr! Now that’s funny. Being Avis has dealt with a ton of angry phone calls and contemptuous emails – I would be sure to search NHDC folks before entering the building too. After all you are responsible for your own perception. However … this is standard security protocol that has been in place ever since Oklahoma and NYC World Trade Center disasters. It happens in every courthouse too. So don’t take it too personally, it’s not a police state, it’s not a conspiracy or lack of respect, but you might want to work on the intolerance and level of contempt, as well as how LA City and others perceive this “No Home Depot Campaign”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Consensus Planning and Redgate’s strategy is to paint NHDC as a violent gang of extremist bullies engaging in intimidation of the community and HD surrogates. Fiona SAYS she gets death threats. Did she file a police report or turn them over to the police? I doubt it because I don’t believe she really got threats from NHDC. But it is possible to stage a false flag operation and HD, which is known to operate with a quasi-military corporate culture, certainly has the private security apparatus to do so. (Remember, their “GDP” would rank them between Peru and the Ukraine if they were a country.) HD and L&W have tight connections to the “Homeland Security” (talk about double-speak!) establishment in the persons of Tom Ridge, Philip Perry, Michael Chertoff . . . google it and see for yourself.

  11. Stuck in the 3RD world says:

    This is absolutely reprehensible! The use of Gestapo type tactics when citizens come to review public documents? I am sure the Home Depot execs and reps will not undergo this humiliating treatment. Sunland Tujunga residents were treated as if they were hooligans and terrorists!
    The excuse is a crock. I attended the full length of the Sunland Tujunga dialog and there were certainly no scuffles, in fact we were proud of the community’s demeanor. The majority of the attendees coould be considered senior citizens that hardly engage in that type of behavior.
    Since our Mayor is fund-raising with all the Home Depot employees such as Latham & Watkins, Dakota Communications, and on and on, we know he has sold us out long ago. When he was first elected he rode in the local 4th of July parade and also chanted ” No Home Depot”. Since then he is no where to be found in support of the community, BOUGHT & PAID FOR BY HOME DEPOT, LATHAM & WATKINS, DAKOTA COMMUNICATIONS, and who knows who else!

  12. LittleSaw says:

    Of the hundreds of comments received by the Dispute Resolution folks, only 20 were in favor of Home Depot — and 4 of those from the same person!! Home Depot talks about the hundreds of supporters that they have here. Where are they?
    Why aren’t they weighing in? Why don’t we ever see or hear from them?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, now we know – the HD supporters are the dozen or so HD employees who live in the Crescenta Valley. The rest of the 80,000 of us who no longer have a general merchandise store in our own community are asking “Where’s Wendy?” We are sick of what’s it’s costing us now to drive out of town to shop for necessities. Is the CD2 strategy to “wash their hands” and let the Mayor’s Business Team take care of it? How ’bout it, Dale? Got leadership?

  14. Anonymous says:

    What about the personal lawsuit HD filed against Wendy Greuel? I haven’t heard a word about it. Facing personal financial ruin might make me avoid the issue for a bit too…

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