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WATER WASTERS UPDATE: Nahai is the king

Thanks to David Coffin of the blog here’s
some facts about your city leaders — the people who blithely jackup your DWP
rates and want you to drink recycled toilet water — you don’t want to

Coffin reports: The annual average per person water consumption of LADWP customers is 56,576 gallons
per year or 163,000 gallons for the average 3 person household.

  • H. David Nahai (DWP General Manager) -
    (a staggering 310% times more
    than my household!!)
  • Rocky Delgadillo (City attorney) – 423,368 gallons 
  • Mayor Villaraigosa – 386,716 gallons 
  • Jack Weiss – 254,320 gallons  
  • Bill Rosendahl – 230,384 gallons
  • Tony Cardenas – 219,912 gallons
  • Greig Smith – 219,164 gallons 
  • Dennis Zine – 194,480 gallons 
  • Wendy Gruel – 190,740 gallons
  • Jose Huizar – 142,120 gallons 
  • Eric Garcetti – 88,264 gallons
  • Janice Hahn – 83,776 gallons
  • Bernard Parks – 35,156 gallons

Thanks David, you’ve put their hypocrisy into perspective

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3 Responses to WATER WASTERS UPDATE: Nahai is the king

  1. AnonymouslyYours says:

    It didn’t specifically say, but comparing the usage, I’d guess it’s gallons per year.
    Parks is the lowest with 35,156 gallons, and Nahai the highest with 434,220 gallons.
    Either the Nahais are squeaky clean, or we can’t stand downwind from the Parkes.

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