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The ultimate back room deal: LAUSD’s new $7 billion bond provides money for everyone but the kids and teachers

Waterless toilets and solar panels bought from friends of Antonio … $1 billion for the incompetent internet technology division … $1 billion for schools already built with previous bond money … $450 million to get charter school operators to keep … Continue reading

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Antonio takes a dim view of L.A. Harbor’s sweetheart contracts with P.R. firm

Remember those $1.3 million in public relations contracts the L.A. Harbor Commission approved to promote clean air efforts at the port? Well, with the prudence of King Solomon, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — released while he’s on his faraway hideaway vacation … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

Air quality regulators thwarted in effort to make air pollution worse in L.A. Basin It’s good to know that the public interest is protected by public agencies staffed by high-minded public servants. Unfortunately, it’s not true very often and clearly … Continue reading

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Something you need to read and think about

This will probably get me in trouble with the New York Times because I’m reproducing this OpEd piece whole. It’s by a friend of mine, a cop I know well enough to say I respect a great deal. He’s George … Continue reading

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My funny life in a three-minute video

Here’s the video they played of my life at the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley’s “Valley of the Stars Gala” on July 26. It was made by Randy Witt and captures the full irony and humor, I hope, … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

Nothing but old (local) news in the incredibly shrinking (local) newspapers City Hall’s ban on new fast-food restaurants will mean denizens of the downtown district will have to make do with the few thousand outlets already there. Problem solved. The … Continue reading

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Are you better off after eight years of these people? Is L.A. better off?

If the power structure of Los Angeles had not foisted Measure R on gullible voters, these six City Council members — Zine, Alarcon, Garcetti, Weiss, Perry and Hahn — would be termed out of office and we would be having … Continue reading

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EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!!! See it for yourself … Strong Earthquake hits L.A. but $300 million City Hall restoration saves City Council

SHAKEN BUT UNDETERRED COUNCIL APPROVES MASSIVE TRASH FEE HIKE Here’s the video of what happened when the quake hit Even by the standards of the do-nothing LA. City Council with all its blustering and self-congratulations and burlesque theater, Tuesday’s session … Continue reading

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Qauake hit at 11:45 a.m. and reported to measure about 5.8 on the Richter Scale, which is quite strong but probably not deadly. It lasted about 30 seconds with strong rolls that intensified and was centered in the Chino Hills, … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

READER BEWARE: You may get nauseous as the following items run together in your mind and cause an episode of vertigo A proposal to increase trash fees by 30 percent, which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says is necessary to balance the … Continue reading

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