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Bastille Day Rally on Video: Ron’s remarks

A lot of people shared their issues and viewpoints at Saving L.A. Project’s July 14th Bastille Day rally. Here’s videos of part of my remarks.

Videos by Michael Cohen

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4 Responses to Bastille Day Rally on Video: Ron’s remarks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a few minutes and listen to the Olney interview of the mayor, then watch this video. Who sounds like the strongest leader? If Antonio promises to “roll up his sleeves” once more, I think I’ll shoot myself. Interesting that some blog commentators praised Olney for being tough. In reality, he let the mayor get away with murder during the interview. Maybe he didn’t see the obvious follow-up questions he failed to ask, or maybe he was just being merciful. Either way, the guy who runs this city should be forced to explain himself before he’s given a second term. This interview does, however, make clear why our mayor is scouring the country for campaign contributions to keep challengers out of the race. You can only promise to “roll up your sleeves” and tackle the job for so long, before somebody asks what exactly you’ve accomplished for the people who put you in office. The mayor wants to avoid that debate. You should demand it.

  2. Homer says:

    Neighborhood Councils should follow Ron Kaye’s vision by their insisting that the Mayor and City Council allow neighorhood councils to fullfill their responsibilites under Article IX of the city charter. Neighborhood councils should hold the city elected public servants feet to the fire when the city does not give adequate resources and time for the neighborhood councils to review and advise on proposed ballot measures, tax increases and other significant city actions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We wanted to come to your rally at City Hall and we planned to take the subway from the valley. We were surprised and frustrated to find there was not one legal parking place available at Universal or N. Hollywood. The City Council and Metro have been plugging away at getting citizens to use public transportation, but did they plan on citizens using public transportation? Planning for success does not seem to be a part of their thinking……….Is there a plan now to expand the public parking? How and When?
    If you look at problems in the City of Los Angeles, that one would not even make the list.
    LA needs some serious saving. I hope you will awaken and motivate the citizens and the politicians to do what is best for this City, before it’s too late. Plan for success Ron because we definitely need a replacement for big time failure.

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