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EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!!! See it for yourself … Strong Earthquake hits L.A. but $300 million City Hall restoration saves City Council


Here’s the video of what happened when the quake hit

Even by the standards of the do-nothing LA. City Council with all its blustering and self-congratulations and burlesque theater, Tuesday’s session was pretty amusing.

It started late in a nearly empty chamber with a few sad souls lamenting as usual the big shots’ lack of respect for the little people and then turned comic as the house the taxpayers rebuilt for $300 million rolled on its $100 million quake-proof rollers. Finally, it descended into farce as the council voted to squeeze tens of millions of dollars out of the citizenry to conceal their incompetence.

And in the end, it was tragedy. All that money to protect themselves and then a lecture from the bantamweight City Controller on how their wicked ways had endangered the lives of four million people.

The vote was 11-1 to jack up trash fees for homeowners to $36 a month with even the so-called conservative Chatsworth Councilman Greig Smith insulting his constituents intelligence by claiming they lived off the poor for 50 years, stealing the money out of their pockets with free garbage pickup.

Only Dennis Ziine was confident enough to cast an easy lone no vote, offering obscure logic on why he wasn’t going along with everyone else even though the city — having squandered the biggest increase in revenue in its history — can’t pay its bills without breaking the social contract dating back to Sam Yorty.

Then, God spoke and shattered the indefatigable self-assurance he earned as a traffic cop.

“There goes the earthquake. Earthquake. Earthquake. Earthquake. Earthquake. We got an earthquake. Still happening. The building is rolling…You’re all safe in here so don’t leave the building…”

It seemed fitting that not too much later, after the vote, Controller Laura Chick rolled in to the Council Chamber to make an urgent report on her latest audit finding that the mayor, council and bureaucrats have failed miserably as managers and keepers of the public trust in the most important of all their functions, emergency preparedness.

Think about it next time you fall into the sway of these people: They spent your money to protect themselves with the most advanced technology in the world and left all of you to fend for yourselves when quakes, brushfires, mudslides or other calamities hit as they so often do.

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9 Responses to EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!!! See it for yourself … Strong Earthquake hits L.A. but $300 million City Hall restoration saves City Council

  1. Anonymous says:

    earthquake! earthquake! we got an earthquake!
    reminds me of dick and jane- indicted! indicted!
    sucks to be in an earthquake

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG, They are hysterical people. They are leading our city!!!!? I can’t believe they didn’t stop immediately and access the situation before continuing like nothing happened. They didn’t even check with Emergency Management Services first! They are concerned that the rest of the city is emergency trained when they didn’t even think about doing the list step of assessment of their constituents, only that they are safely in their building!.. And Cardenas, what a joke, his kids are watching TV so all’s right with the city!! What about the rest of the people and possible damage in their communities! I’m disgusted!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess we all should’ve stuck to the original plan and brought a bag of trash to the Bastille Day event… Now I’m thinking about mailing a few rotten apple cores wrapped in used coffee grounds to my councilman’s office each week as a continuing protest…

  4. Doug says:

    We got an earthquake people. We got an earthquake. Stay where you are. Don’t go outside. We’re safe in here. If you go outside, someone may ask what we’re all doing in here. We’re spending money people, we’re spending taxpayer money.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My gosh, your readers are imbeciles. There is truly no hope for this city. The City Council is again fleecing the people and the morons of Los Angeles have nothing to say other than stupid remarks concerning the earthquake. How depressing.

  6. anon says:

    When a really big one hits, watch as locals are forced to stand in line behind illegals for food, water and medicine. Your city is such a house of cards it is not to be believed–the mayor will lead in the face of crisis? Or Rocky? My God–these bozos will be in charge once the big one hits? are you kidding me???? time to pack up, folks

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did it occur to one person on that City Council to make inquiries about their constituents? No! Surprised? Well, I can’t imagine why. They have been showing you what they think of you, little peon, for years.
    Are you awakened now? Or will it take a 9.4 magnitude to get your attention or theirs for that matter?
    Join the Save LA Project. Come to the meeting on Saturday. Organize to replace these ingrates with people who care and that includes the City Attorney as well.

  8. Sandy S says:

    Zine’s an idjut and it was fun listening to his moronic repetition of it’s an earthquake!
    Fun, too, was watching the bloated council members jiggle to the shaking and immediately ban building fast food restaurants in South L.A. for a year for ‘their own good.’
    Take a look in the mirror, Jan and all the rest of you before telling us where, when, what and how to eat.
    Insulting arrogance thy name is City Council.

  9. By The Way says:

    Where was our galavanting-globe-trottering mayor so Wendy Greuel had to be his spokesmouth at the post-quake press conference?
    Ooops. I forgot he’s on “vacation.”
    He doesn’t seem to like hanging around town much, especially when his illegal alien constituency in rioting in the park for rights they don’t merit, or something like an earthquake happens.
    What a photo opportunity Tonio missed. He could have been there telling us what a swell job the city is doing for earthquake and disaster preparedness. Not!

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