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My funny life in a three-minute video

Here’s the video they played of my life at the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley’s “Valley of the Stars Gala” on July 26. It was made by Randy Witt and captures the full irony and humor, I hope, of my search for meaning and happiness.

And get some uplift from the video about actress Sally Field, the real star of the Valley of the Stars Gala

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2 Responses to My funny life in a three-minute video

  1. Anonymous says:

    Randy did a great job celebrating a great life!
    One of your many friends, Teddy

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well-done tributes to both you and Sally Field. So you were a genuine rabble-rouser in your day, huh?
    And Sally at 60 still seems like a girl to me and many of us — how does Gidget, the Flying Nun, and Norma Rae ever truly grow up? As the mom on Brothers and Sisters, she seems more like the whiny and borderline neurotic old-leftie matriarch to a bunch of grounded kids who have to look after HER — but she’s so cute still, it’s hard to believe she’s actually a “senior citizen” and so are many of her viewers.
    I’m glad she never became a flaming leftist activist in real life, though, like Ed Asner — that other sitcom icon mentioned in your DN video, who went to the Daily News to research his role as Mary’s editor. (Anyone who doesn’t know who Mary was, or remembers the Flying Nun, is too young to appreciate all of this fully. I was a kid when these shows were big, but they were among those shows whole families enjoyed together In the pre- “Jackass” the show and movies days.)

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