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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

READER BEWARE: You may get nauseous as the following items run together in your mind and cause an episode of vertigo

A proposal to increase trash
fees by 30 percent, which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says is necessary
to balance the city’s budget, will go before the Los Angeles City
Council today.

Los Angeles Unified School District officials are
considering asking voters to approve a $7 billion bond measure in
November, more than twice as big as previously discussed and nearly
half of it set aside for unspecified future projects.

While still opposing pressure to get tough on illegal immigrant gang members, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Monday proposed
hiring six contractors at $500,000 each to manage gang-prevention programs in the city’s
hardest-hit areas – a move designed to reinvent L.A.’s gang strategy,
but one sure to upset nonprofits that had relied on city contracts for

The California legislature took time out from the state budget crisis
to pass a bill giving California pet owners the right to set up a
legally enforceable trust to care for dogs, cats, horses or other animal 

The City Council is scheduled to consider a moratorium today on new fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles.The proposal by Councilwoman Jan Perry would cover a
32-square-mile area, for one year, with two possible six-month

Home prices in Los Angeles continued their historic decline in May,
falling 24.5% from year-earlier levels, according to the widely watched
Case-Shiller index of home values.

The joint city-county board overseeing the much-delayed, $3-billion
Grand Avenue project established financial penalties Monday that the
developer must pay — $250,000 a month — if ground isn’t broken by February. That works out to one-thousandth of one percent of the cost of the project a year.

L.A. County claims state’s dirtiest beaches for 5 years straight.

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7 Responses to NAKED CITY, a daily news report

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Mayor and City Council continue to violate the rights of citizens to VOTE on tax increases. Too many lawyers have found their way around the rights of citizens by calling taxes “fees.” A tax is a tax is a tax. A fee by any other name is a stinking rose — also known as a tax! Stop this insanity and adopt a logical philosophy about life: fiscal conservancy. Government — at all levels — does not seem to understand that our pockets are empty. There is no there there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the increase in trash fees will pay for Mr. Smith’s trips to Europe to study their methods of trash disposal or recycling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The City Council talking about “people do not know what to recycle” would be silenced if the City Council would stand “green” and DEMAND recycling rather than REQUESTING recycling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now, brain-fart Cardenas is claiming that the City of Los Angeles citizens are now being asked to “pay back” the previous subsidization of trash pickup and disposal. Give me a break!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now, the Council has lost their quorum — in other words those no longer present have taken the chicken little way out of this vote on the increase in trash fees. Greuel is not there because she is acting Mayor during Villaraigosa’s vacation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Quorum of Council is established and the vote for the Amendment is 12 ayes. Motion is passed.
    The vote on the actual Ordinance for increase in fees is 11 ayes, 1 no. Ordinance is carried over for 1 week.

  7. Neighborhoodwatchdog says:

    I would like to know how much the scavengers who steal out of our blue bins are costing us in lost revenues and ultimately in higher trash fees. We have a parade of these folks up and down our streets in our neighbohhood and they take anything that has redemption value.
    Maybe if we have our kids recycle all the CA redemption value stuff with the aluminum cans and just leave the paper for the City, we can pay the City’s increase in fees. Or, just have our kids keep the money as part of their allowance.
    The City was citing Blue Bin Bandits before Vilar became Mayor.

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