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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

Nothing but old (local) news in the incredibly shrinking (local) newspapers
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City Hall’s ban on new fast-food restaurants will mean denizens of the downtown district will have to make do with the few thousand outlets already there. Problem solved.

The Times remains preoccupied with the Century City stabbing murder of Pamela Fayed. Watch out if someone gets killed in Beverly Hills — the last 700 reporters and editors will be all over the story.

Kevin Roderick
, the Zell-obsessed media maven and ex-Timesman, admits he was duped by the Craig’s List ad for laid-off journalists willing to work for free for the supposedly well-financed greatest newspaper ever that supposedly would launch in L.A. soon. That said. Roderick has links to the show he did on the Times this week and the one Warren Olney did on KCRW and there’s no doubt the top pro of public radio got whipped on this one.

Forgive my obvious bias but the one bright spot was KABC morning talk show host Doug McIntyre’s afterthoughts in a Daily News Oped piece on the Saving L.A. Project’s Bastille Day rally at City Hall. “The real villain is apathy,” McIntyre wrote, and he’s hoping that some sparks from the rally will ignite the people and we’ll actually do something “like crushing gangs, electing
public servants who actually serve the public, stop treating taxpayers
as marks to be rolled, create schools that produce citizens of this
country, and stop allowing corporations to dictate the character of our

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2 Responses to NAKED CITY, a daily news report

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you can watch what’s going on in LA right now and not be outraged, you’re probably in a coma. “Naked City” is a good headline, but you could easily use “The Death of LA.” I’ll reiterate would I’ve said in the past on this site, the city is run by politicians in a circle jerk to sustain each other’s power. There is no opposition. See you at Ron’s meeting Saturday. It’s our last hope.

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