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Clinton delegate attacks Obama fan Laura Chick

Editor’s Note: This item comes unadulturated from the Associated Press at the Democratic National Convention.

rent asunder _ over chairs, football


– There wasn’t blood on the floor of the Democratic National Convention
on Tuesday night, but there was a deep scratch, and maybe some bruising.

Chick, the controller for the city of Los Angeles,
was sitting with California
delegates when she grabbed an Associated Press reporter’s arm.

man just took my chair, knocked into me, look at this!” she said, showing
a bright red nick on her arm, and then pointing to her ankle, which she said he
had stepped on.

The man
in question, who would not identify himself, said: “I am a Clinton delegate and these
Obama delegates are mistreating us,” prompting groans and eye rolls from
those seated around him.

Chick was
furious but said she will handle it.

he does it again, I’ll kick his” rear end, she said.


love to talk about how great their own states are, but they will admit, when
pressed, which are the worst states.

allowed that California
was best, of course. But when asked which state was worst, pondered a minute
and said: “Alabama,
I guess, I just have this feeling that there is lingering prejudices there, but
maybe that’s totally unfair on my part.”

the Ohio
delegates easily picked out the worst state.

“Oh, Michigan,
definitely. It’s a good thing they didn’t seat us near them,” said Rick
Neal of Columbus, Ohio, citing the great rivalry between the
two states’ premier college football programs.

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6 Responses to Clinton delegate attacks Obama fan Laura Chick

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does it surprise anyone that after being assaulted Laura would run to a reporter? And do you think she was still upset, or just stupid, when she identified her least favorite state? “Alabama, I guess, I just have this feeling that there is lingering prejudices there, but maybe that’s totally unfair on my part.”
    Not sure? Read her blog on My Fox La. It sounds like a 6th grade book report.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why talk about that slimy politician Laura Chick when you can comment on the slimy new editor, Gracias Garcia of the LA Daily News. She canned another editor to further her yellow journalism promotion of liberalism, lesbians, and Mexican La Raza.
    Subtract another Daily News editor
    5:20 PM Tuesday
    This time it is City Editor Judi Erickson who decided the grass is greener outside the Dean Singleton newspaper universe. Memo from Editor Carolina Garcia:

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Just to tote up the bill so far for 2008: Editor Ron Kaye, Managing Editor Melissa Lalum, Assistant ME George Foulsham, Editor of the Editorial Page Chris Weinkopf, columnist Bridget Johnson, education reporter Naush Boghossian, Washington reporter Lisa Friedman, feature writer Brent Hopkins, music critic Fred Shuster, Glendale reporter Alex Dobuzinskis, web editor Josh Kleinbaum, cityside reporters Val Kuklenski and Rick Coca, Kings beat reporter Matthew Kredell, sports writers Matt McHale, Billy Witz and Heather Gripp, and many others whose names I did not confirm. And it’s still early in the year. To be fair, there have been some hires mixed in with the departures.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gracias Garcia’s new editors purposely distorting the news
    from an email by Naush Boghossian…
    Hi, XXXX.
    I’m fully aware of what Prop. 39 states. I certainly did not write it
    that way and will check up on it. The editing process is a very
    interesting one.
    Thank you.
    there’s more.

  5. Sandy Sand says:

    Anyone notice Mayor V. sitting directly behind Bill Clinton whenever the camera was on Bill before, during and after Hillary’s speech?
    I wonder how much that choice seat cost us LAians.
    The two things I loved the most, and I wish I could be a mirror on the wall to see his reaction if anyone ever has the nerve to tell V. that 99-percent of the time he was videocast from the chin down. That’s the only time his smarmy smile is wiped from his face.
    Then there was the poignant moment when childlike V. played knock-knock on Bill’s right shoulder.
    Leaning way forward, V. gave that distinguished shoulder three hard raps, which said, “Yoo-hoo. I’m here right behind you. Acknowledge me!”
    And acknowledge him Bill did, for all of about 21 seconds before shining him on. I never saw Bill turn back again for further chit-chat with our un-illustrious mayor.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gracias Garcia just announced that Beth Barrett is leaving too, so the exodus is growing ever greater.
    Personally, I thought the way she got the Mirthala story — by admitting she flew to Phoenix to spy on the guest list and try to interview mourners at her mother’s funeral, and then called Corinna’s mother and got her to fess up in an unguarded moment (NOT kosher to do with an old lady unless you make it clear who you are, why you’re asking and what you’ll do with the
    info) — was low. She also did not need to publish names of DWP employees to make the point about excessive salary and perks — and in fact, that point got lost in the mix of low-wage employees, when there are still upto 200 getting free cars plus exhorbitant salaries over 150K.
    But I’m very concerned about the blatant way this new editor is turning the Daily News into a Latino paper, even changing the stories of reporters who don’t suit her political bias (like that Naush ref. above re: 39); there was a strong bias before as well, but it wasn’t ethno-centric. What’s happening here sounds truly xenophobic, and why people worry when Latinos seize power. Too bad she’s giving them justification for worry (like Alarcon, Reyes, Cedillo, Nunez and company on the political scene).

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