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Right under Antonio’s radar, Airport officials are hiring PR firms

It’s hard to believe how this could be happening after all the headlines and trials and mayoral directives but it’s true — the give away of public money to public relations firms for jobs that city workers are paid to do or don’t need to be done is still going on.

Last month, it was the L.A. Harbor officials who got caught red-handed ignoring the mayor’s order and agreeing to hire two PR firms for $1.6 million to tell truckers new rules were coming to cut down on pollution.

Now, with documents I obtained under the California Public Records Act, we learn that Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has been doing the same thing dating back to 2005 when Antonio Villaraigosa came to power and kept in place Jim Hahn’s directive that ended the use — and abuse — of PR contracts that were nothing but payoffs for “other” services rendered.

Amazingly, the contracts I obtained — and there may well be others in a subsequent release of documents — show they were awarded without competitive bidding by keeping the deals just below the legal limit that would have required making them public at the time.

When things are done to keep the public from knowing what’s going on, I like to use the word secrecy. It makes it sort of sinister and it’s accurate.

Now I don’t know whether these deals were a secret from the mayor or his staff but if I supported a ban on something that was
useless and tainted by scandal in the past I’d be mad as hell to find
out my orders were being disobeyed by people who work at my pleasure.

Of course, if I did know about it or didn’t really care, I might do as
the mayor did with the Harbor contracts when they became exposed to the
light of public knowledge — I’d cut the initial payoff back to say
$350,000 and look for
opportunities to extend or expand it.

And under those circumstances, I certainly wouldn’t hold anyone responsible for defying my orders.

Maybe when the mayor gets back from Denver or campaigning in New Hampshire or raising money somewhere, he’ll have a different view of these LAWA contracts.

The first contract signed on Dec. 15, 2005, provided for hiring the PR
firm Saeshe Inc. 1055 W. 7th St., for $99,000 — $1,000 below the
bidding limit — for 12 months of work on a passenger communication
program targeted to international travelers who speak Mandarin,
Cantonese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Spanish and Armenian.

involved figuring out a way to let these passengers know how to get a
taxi or shuttle and things like connecting to hotels in ethnic areas
such as Courtyard by Marriott in Baldwin Park  to provide “in-bound
travelers from various countries who are not familiar with LAX…with
in-language travel tips.”

The second contract went to the
well-connected Rogers Group, which was up for $750,000 of the harbor
deal until publicity embarassed the mayor to the point he snuffed the
deal — sort of.

The LAWA contract worth $98,760 to Rogers –
$1,240 under the limit — was to “make travelers aware of what to
expect and what they can do to minimize inconvenience” due to
construction projects at Tom Bradley International and other terminals,
according to the May 26, 2006 proposal.

Hard work as that might be, fees were limited to $385 an hour for Rogers’  top executive down to $75 an hour for support staff.

that contract running out last year, LAWA began the process of
extending it. But it took a while perhaps because of leadership changes
so it wasn’t until Jan. 14 of this year that Roberta Silverman, the
executive vice president of Rogers, sent a memo seeking to increase the
contract to $150,000 — which surely was a coincidence since that was
the new limit for avoiding public scrutiny.

“Due to the fact
that printed materials for our communication program — specifically
in-terminal signage — must now be produced by an outside vendor, we
are seeking to increase the not-to-exceed total from $99,000 to
$150,000,” Silverman wrote. “Previously, Sign Shop was able to produce
the signage, but is no longer able to do this work.”

The next
day the proposal was amended but it still took until June 4 to sign the
deal. And a month later the Harbor tried to expand the city’s subsidy
of the public relations industry that has proven so helpful for so long
to politicians in need of funds for their campaigns and other

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4 Responses to Right under Antonio’s radar, Airport officials are hiring PR firms

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute. Laura Chick approved the Fleishman Hillard payments for years before she was “outraged,” which coincidentally coincided with her decision to back Antonio over Hahn. Are you saying she’s been signing checks to Rogers for three years with no complaint? What changed? When she was pillorying Fleishman Hillard, she said no city department should ever have outside PR services. Maybe somebody should audit the Controller.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute! All of this did not start with
    Villar. I remember 10-15 years ago when the DWP
    had a “promotion” to tout water-sensitive gardens. I entered, won an honorable mention and received an invitation for my husband and me
    to a wonderful luncheon at the huge dining room for professors at one of our prestigious universities, cannot remember right now which one.
    I do remember saying to my husband “Isn’t it odd that the DWP would do a pr event for all of the “winners” who just happened to be commercial firms in the landscaping business?” Especially since the DWP is the source of our water supply?
    And I remember thanking my neighbors at one of our get-togethers for treating us to lunch. The
    DWP never followed up with another ad telling who the winners were – I looked to see if I were listed as “HM”. I can verify all of this because somewhere in my files is my “award” certificate.
    BTW I hate to see someone obviously in city circles constantly writing to put down Laura
    Chick for doing her job. Why isn’t she playing ball? Because she is a rarity in public service, she is one of the honest ones. She was “one of us citizens” before she got elected. I remind you that all of us
    know how to manage a budget and how to keep costs down. So we are ALL “eligible” and “experienced” to serve in the roll of public servant.
    Yes, there is no entitlement here. We are dealing with dishonest public servants. We need to vote them out in 2009. We need to win Measure R and relieve half the city council of further service, and stop paying them all of the perks: cars, per diem, gas and oil, salary. They need to be summarily fired. I don’t think
    it would matter if all of them were fired because the bureaucracy are the ones actually
    doing any work.
    Theodora Howell
    West Hills

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great reporting.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is no more than the dirt he has allowed to go on in the housing authority city of la. he is responsesible for the mis use thru the commissioners he selects to watch that rudy the rat (montiel) director of the HACLA

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