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The blood is on City Hall’s hands the next time an illegal immigrant gangster kills someone

Editor’s Note: The  City Council refused to take up the issue of the city’s failure to enforce the law against illegal immigrant gangbangers  for months and now says it will hold a hearing in October. If you want this issue addressed now, you should call, write or email your council member. Click here for the information you need to have your voice heard.

The long-standing constitutional limit on free speech is you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. The corollary to that is you have a moral imperative to warn people if you know there is an imminent danger.

That’s why we all must stand up now and demand City Hall do something about enforcing the law against known criminals who are in this country illegally.

Enforcing the LAPD’s Special Order 40 as it’s written is all that has to be done. As it is, the only provision consistently enforced is the don’t ask, don’t tell language that is used to effectively look the other way at all questions of immigration status.

It’s been more than five months since the senseless murder of high school athlete Jamiel Shaw Jr. allegedly by an illegal immigrant gangbanger released from jail the day before without the Sheriff’s Department holding him for deportation. Outside of domestic disputes, gangs are involved in most of the murders in L.A. and a significant portion of them could be stopped and the  terrorism that holds so many neighborhoods in the grip of fear reduced.

Yet, Councilman Jack Weiss — the man who has all but shined the mayor’s shoes for the last four years to get his support to be the city’s No.1 law enforcement officials — has refused to hold public hearings on Jamiel’s Law and the whole issue of criminal aliens.

Under presssure from last week’s protest at his Westside office organized by KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre, Weiss ran to Chief Bill Bratton to ask what he should do.

Bratton told him to wait two months when he’ll have a policy on gangs ready just in time to influence voters to support the proposed parcel tax — the single most regressive tax there is.

Obedient as always, Weiss agreed and the mayor and City Council are on side with him.

There will be blood on the streets between now and October from violence by illegal immigrant criminals and the blood will be — already is — on their hands.

The least anyone can do it is to email or call you own council office and demand that immediate hearings be held and the council put on record on the issue: Do they support illegal immigrant criminals living in our city or are they going to do something about it?

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7 Responses to The blood is on City Hall’s hands the next time an illegal immigrant gangster kills someone

  1. Anonymous says:

    And I used to actually hope that you’d shine a light of truth and balanced reporting on city issues — yet you’re an echo for the ignorant rantings of Jon and Ken of KFI, Doug McIntyre, and Walter Moore, whose childishly written Jamiel’s Law is so utterly unconstitutional that conservative lawyer/talk-show host Larry Elder even told him so on air. (While Moore whined that no it’s not — it’s just not being passed because the city officials and City Attorney “are bad people.”).
    Fact is, except in Moore and McInture/Jonken’s “minds” (and Zine’s, whose paparazzi motion and his motion on this are also just thrown together without consulting any legal opinion) there are a number of issues to consider, starting with legal issues of constitutionality, and not using the cops in ways that ARE unconstitutional. If you want them to go upto anyone who “looks like” they might a gang member, Ron — a brown or black youth in baggy pants, maybe — you’re asking to embroil the city in major ACLU/Mexican AMerica LEgal Defense Fund (MALDEF) challenges, and every attorney believes they’ll win. To avoid that, you’d have cops/sheriffs/ etc. ask ALL persons to produce ID without cause, turning the cops into the KGB. If you think that through, you wouldn’t want that, either.
    Even if you now think that SO40 doesn’t need to be scrapped (implicitly realizing that Jamiel’s Law and Zine’s motion would be thrown out as unconstitutional) and just clarified to say cops can turn illegal gangbangers over to the feds, there are many other issues like: HOW would they confirm that a suspect is illegal, when your hero DA Cooley’s office claims it can’t even after having months to look into each convict’s status while he’s in jail? The feds can’t even stop re-entering and formerly deported illegals at the border, since they don’t have a national database with fingerprints, etc. (Yes, I totally agree this is a scandal and truly incompetent– but there it is.)
    What Weiss’s office has told you and everyone is that he needs to hear from Bratton how he’s planning to “clarify” SO40, as he’s said he will all along — as someone who doesn’t like to be challenged or push, I do imagine you’re right that Weiss has tread gingerly with him til now, but has gotten a deadline out of him. Then Bratton does need to vet his change of policy with the Police Commission — a body he dislikes dealing with, so I’m sure it’s not an “excuse” as you claim; under the Consent Decree especially, it’s procedure.
    Weiss has announced he’s inviting ICE and wants to discuss the issue from all angles — federal, local AND county. You continue to refuse to acknowledge that your hero DA Steve Cooley is in charge of felonies/ felons/ and working with Baca’s prison system to identify and refer illegal felons to appropriate agencies. They failed to even try to do this, despite having Espinoza in their possession for months — just believed he was born in the US and let him out.
    (Whether Cooley will even attend or send someone, or shun this gathering like he did Bratton’s GANG SUMMIT a few months ago — attended by all other law enforcement bodies — remains to be seen. With your blessing and support, Cooley’s playing the blame-Bratton game and avoiding responsibility or accountability.)
    Since the whole Council and City go on a 2-week vacation next week until after Labor Day, this gives Weiss’s committee less than a month to set things up after coordinating with all other agencies. So your nonstop incitement of McIntyre’s Mobs and the heartbreakingly unfortunate but unsophisticated Shaw family, is just mean-spirited and not worthy of a man with your training in separating facts from emotion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 2:06 PM: it’s clear that you have a very particular and keen interest in Jamiel’s law and its supporters. With all the problems in L.A. there are to be worried about, what is it about this one tiny slice of civic life that animates you so?

  3. Walter Moore says:

    Hey, Anonymous:
    I’m licensed to practice law; have been since 1984; graduated with honors from Georgetown Law; and was an Editor of the Georgetown Law Journal. But hey, maybe I missed one day of class in Constitutional Law I or II. So remind me, will you? Which amendment says foreigners have a right to kill our children?

  4. Walter Moore says:

    P.S. Enforcing Special Order 40 as it is written is NOT all that has to be done. Special Order 40, and, more importantly, the provisions of the LAPD Manual adopted pursuant thereto, prevents police from cooperating with ICE until AFTER an illegal alien gang member is arrested for violating some crime OTHER THAN the federal immigration laws.
    We don’t give bank robbers, counterfeiters, and kidnappers a “pass” merely because they violate federal laws. Neither should we put illegal alien gang bangers above the law.

  5. anonymous says:

    Thank you Ron for saying what needs to be said.
    And 2:06: The laws prohibiting illegal immigration are already on the books. And if anyone in our city or county government had any interest in enforcing them even at their most basic level, many of these murders wouldn’t be happening.
    Guess we’ll just have to see how the “it’s not my department/jurisdiction” line plays during the next election.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sheriff Baca has been summoned to appear before the Board of Supervisors tomorrow morning to explain why his dept. (in conjunction with the DA’s) lets out thousands of illegal felons every year and back onto the streets. A very good start.
    This should seem obvious, but turning an intentional blind eye to jurisdictions, to who’s responsible for what while screaming at someone else for political reasons or out of sheer ignorance, is not only morally wrong (coming from those who try to claim the high road on morality) but scary. As are erosions of our civil liberties and agitating to turn the cops into the gestapo, just when Bratton’s managed to create many more positive relationships between the cops and every community. I’m sure it’s not the Shaws’ intent to overturn that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There are current L.A. City laws that apply to gangbangers, illegal alien or otherwise, BEFORE they break the law. This is due to the fact that they are a risk to the welfare and safety of our society. The laws include the gang injunction laws and gang renter eviction laws. It is not unreasonable for a city to strongly enforce laws against gangbangers. The police need to enforce immigration laws applied to gangbangers. SUPPORT JAMIEL’S LAW!!!

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