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So long LAUSD, we’ll hardly miss you — charters breaking up failing district one school at a time

Even as Los Angeles Unified keeps hiring more bureaucrats and fewer teachers – and the disparity in their pay keeps widening — the massive school district is disintegrating under an assault from the charter school movement. On Wednesday, ICEF Public … Continue reading

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Antonio speaks loudly but carries little stick to L.A.’s anti-bailout members of Congress

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa displayed his usual political chutzpah after the House rejected the $700 Wall Street bailout plan by blustering for Congress to “put politics aside and get back to work for the American people.”It’s hard to beat … Continue reading

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Viral bankruptcy: Today it’s Congress, Tomorrow the nation…and all I can think about is me, me, me

My congressman Brad Sherman voted “no” on the bill to keep America from falling into another Great Depression. I think he’s got the right idea so I’m going to vote “no” on Brad Sherman come election day in hopes it … Continue reading

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UPDATE: MTA kills $4.2 million marketing campaign for Measure R tax hike

Acting in the face of growing controversy in political circles and from the community, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, acting as MTA board chairman, has decided to end the planned $4.2 million “informational” marketing campaign the agency launched with public funds for … Continue reading

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One of 1,000 reasons neighborhoods deserve respect: Chatsworth

What galls me most of all about the utter contempt with which L.A.’s political and civic elite treats the neighborhoods and the people of the city is that we miss the opportunity to mobilize our human resources for the greater … Continue reading

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Fewer teachers, more bureaucrats — That’s the LAUSD solution to our failing public schools

Hard as this may be to believe, given all the lip service paid to fixing our failing schools, LAUSD’s “bureaucracy ballooned by nearly 20 percent from 2001 to 2007. Over the same period, 500 teaching positions were cut and enrollment … Continue reading

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Like a dream come true: Solving L.A. traffic and transit problems for $25 a year each

Even before the governor signed legislation allowing the MTA to put its $40 billion tax hike on the November ballot, mailboxes at homes all over Los Angeles County — all 3.87 million of them – were filled with beautiful and … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

Who the hell do you people think you are questioning the mayor of Los Angeles…this isn’t some small town out in the desert somewhere An interesting study by UCLA Law Professor Gary Blasi casts doubt about whether the mayor’s highly-touted … Continue reading

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URGENT UPDATE: Appeals Court upholds Prop. R as legal

There’s only one way to go now: Ask the Supreme Court to hold an emergency session to rule before the November candidates deadline on whether the fundamental constitutional protection against deceit in state legislation and ballot initiatives applies to the … Continue reading

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Whodunit Chapter Seven: Who’s killing my neighborhood?

The wheels of justice turn slowly and awkwardly at best and that’s little consolation to the victims of lawless behavior. It all seemed so simple those many months ago when when my neighbors found out the foreclosed home nearby was … Continue reading

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