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Antonio speaks loudly but carries little stick to L.A.’s anti-bailout members of Congress

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa displayed his usual political chutzpah
after the House rejected the $700 Wall Street bailout plan by
blustering for Congress to “put politics aside and get back to work for
the American people.”
It’s hard to beat Antonio for pure gall for demanding anyone else work harder.  After all, he’s the
mayor who works 11 percent of the time and showboats 89 percent of the

Turning Teddy Roosevelt’s famous dictumteddyr.jpg about speaking
softly and carrying a big stick on its head, the mayor issued a press
statement that was borderline hysterical.:

“The consequences of
doing nothing to fix it would be simply intolerable. The credit market
could collapse. Small businesses would struggle or fail to meet
payroll. Families would be shut out of the housing market, and would
have no ability to get a car loan or student loan for college. On the
City side, tax revenues would plummet and construction projects would
be delayed or canceled. Bonds would become more expensive and pension
contributions would go through the roof.”

The last sentence is
the one he really means. He gave 6 percent pay raises to thousands of
city workers, spent the city $400 million into the red, jacked up
rates, fees and taxes to the breaking point  and desperately needs even
more cash for massive construction projects to appease the special
interests who keep him alive politically.

So you can understand
his panic at the prospects of economic chaos and a long recession — or
worse. His whole re-election campaign was based on raising so much
money that he could scare off all serious challengers and avoid a
runoff in May when the massive budget deficit he created will be
visible for all to see. And now that budget hole is getting worse by
the hour.

But if the mayor carried a big political stick, he
could be the hero and all but single-handedly turn the House of
Representatives around.

That’s because eight of the “no” votes
on the bailout — the people he accuses of “partisan bickering” — are
Los Angeles area Democrats: Xavier Becerra, Grace F. Napolitano,
Lucille Roybal-Allard, Linda T. Sanchez, Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman,
Hilda L. Solis, Diane Watson.

Swing them and the vote is 220 to
213 — just four votes short of what’s needed to pass the bailout. If
the mayor can’t get to work and twist the arms of those eight, what
exactly can he do?

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6 Responses to Antonio speaks loudly but carries little stick to L.A.’s anti-bailout members of Congress

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. anonymous says:

    Ron, I think you are giving Villar way too much power by saying that he could carry a big stick and completely turn the House of Representatives around because of the 8 CA Reps.
    I have absolutely no knowledge of inside politics, but I would be willing to wager that Villar has no credibility with those 8 Reps. In fact, I would think he is an embarassment to the national scene, as much as he is here in LA.
    It’s funny, but everytime I hear Villar taking a stand and mouthing the words that were written and prepared for him by his staff of 1000…I have the feeling that he doesn’t even understand the meaning of those words he is spouting!
    He is so out of his league, and so uneducated…that no one could dare take him seriously! He has no credibility!
    Villar showed his lack of political savvy when he shot his mouth off on the very day that the market was imploding because of the subprime debacle, and said he was going to spend 5Billion on affordable housing!!! He just committed political suicide!!! What an ignoramous!

  3. spiffy says:

    I’ll agree with you on this one—Villaraigosa should not have been urging anyone to sign that version of the bailout bill.
    However, I would sure like to see you take all that energy and do a little investigation of Hank Paulson’s relationship with Goldman-Sachs. You will notice that the Bush Admin. couldn’t care less about Lehman Brothers failing and they were Goldman-Sachs chief competitor. How interesting.
    I would also love to hear your comments on how the DOW fell by 777 on Monday, all the pundits were weeping about how all of us lost a lot of real money on Monday, and now, magically, the DOW has bounced back by half today.
    It’s been nearly three weeks since we were all told that the markets were in IMMEDIATE danger of crashing.
    The Bush Administration is full of liars, crooks, thieves and gambling addicts. Will you ever write about those facts? I’d like to read that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    37,000 citations have been issued and 13,000 cars towed since the inception of the TIGER TEAM enforcement. The cost for each citation is $140.00 which has generated over $5 million dollars. This does not include a towing fee that the city will obtain. How much of this money is being deposited into the General fund?
    On September 30 Mayor Villaraigosa announced that he will add 13 officers to the TIGER TEAM for additional enforcement during rush hours in West LA, San Pedro, and Valley, but no mention of East LA.

  5. Sandy Sand says:

    That man really knows how to put the “chutz” in “pah.” Unbelievable!

  6. Hell to the yihee!! thank you.

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