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Menace on the Streets: Not Gangs or Potholes, L.A. Cracks Down on Cactus on People’s Lawns

In the name of “public safety,” the City of Los Angeles has cited Alan Krieger and his wife Sandy Saks with prosecution as criminals for daring to have a drought-resistant front yard including their tree lawn. I know you’re thinking … Continue reading

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Lesson in Grassroots Democracy: Council District 5

And the winner is … David T. Vahedi. The 60 or so representatives of dozens of groups that are part of the Coalition of Homeowner Associations-Council District 5 came to a near-unanimous verdict that Vahedi, an attorney and former state … Continue reading

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Save Griffith Park: Activists Win Key Support for Protections Against Development

It’s hard to believe that the City of Los Angeles has designated 900 places for preservation as cultural-historical monuments and it’s taken this long and this much effort from so many to get the city’s greatest asset, Griffith Park, within … Continue reading

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Priming the Pump for Poverty Programs

So how does an out-of-state company that gets paid $32 million under a three-year contract with L.A. County to help welfare recipients get jobs win a contract renewal when it fails to meet five of its eight goals? This is … Continue reading

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A Few Hours of Democracy in L.A. — Signs of Life among the Living Dead

For a few hours Wednesday afternoon, the Los Angeles City Council actually acted like a legislative body debating issues of great public importance as if they represented democracy in action — instead of a conspiracy to hoodwink the people and … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Rape Kits Backlog

In an orgy of self-congratulations and abdication of responsibility, City Council members agreed Wednesday that the LAPD’s crime lab needs more money to eliminate over the next 30 months the 7,000 backlog of rape kits that have gone untested for … Continue reading

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UNFORGETTABLE: “When I put my word to it, you can take it to the bank.”

That’s what Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Tuesday at a hurriedly called press conference that he had miraculously found nearly $1 million to pay for testing of semen stored in the nearly 7,000 rape kits that have piled up because City … Continue reading

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Beverly Hills for Sale: No Offers Refused

The price certainly won’t be cheap but the brand is pure gold — Beverly Hills 90210. Feeling a lot like the woebegone residents of Los Angeles whose leaders have sold out the city and its people, the community is fighting … Continue reading

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The Fear Factor: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Editor’s Note: I wrote this article for the October edition of Nina Royal’s North Valley Reporter which is now available. For too long the politically conscious people of Los Angeles have projected their own good hearts and good intentions onto … Continue reading

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NEWS FLASH: Nick Patsaouras Will Run for City Controller

Nick Patsaouras, president of the DWP Board of Commissioners and a long-time watchdog on public spending, disclosed Monday that he will run for City Controller in the March 3 primary. Patsaouras, who played a key role in the Villaragosa Administration … Continue reading

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