Read This and Weep: The City of L.A. Is Worse Than a Slumlord

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, through his in-house attorney, accused the federal  housing authorities of a “capricious” and politically-motivated decision to end a contract with the city that helped provide healthcare centers at housing projects, summer job programs for at-risk youths and housing and services for poor people.

“The hasty decision to implement this dramatic policy change in the last days of a presidential administration raises serious questions about the motivation behind the change,” said Thomas Saenz, counsel to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He added that given the city’s current financial circumstances, it would be “extremely hard if not impossible” to make up the nearly $8 million in lost funds.

So the city filed a lawsuit Monday.

That in any case is how the L.A. Times tells the story, noting at the end that “also on Monday, in an unrelated move, HUD’s inspector general released a report that said nearly two-thirds of the apartment units inspected by auditors in its Section 8 program did not meet minimum standards.”

In fact, the city isn’t suing to make sure the poor get badly needed services. The $8 million was for administrative overhead and the city is seeking a temporary restraining order because HACLA, the Housing Authority of the City of L.A., desperately needs the money because it’s in such a mess financially.

And worse, much worse, the Inspector General report is as damning a document as you’ll every read with photos, charts and tables showing just what kind of slum housing conditions the city is responsible for.

To see if HACLA boss Rudy Montiel — undoubtedly America’s highest paid public servant with an income from serving the poor of more than $400,000 — had improved after two bad years of audits, HUD came back and looked at 68 statistically selected units and found 43 did not meet minimum federal housing standards.

And they weren’t just a little below standard. The 43 units had 318 deficiencies — one with 39 deficiencies alone. And there’s aren’t small things. They are the stuff of slums and slumlords, filthy and unsafe conditions, plumbing in disrepair, lack of security and on and on.

In all 134 of those deficiencies existed before HACLA inspectors did their last inspections which were so poor they found only four of the 134 deficiencies.

HUD warns that the city stands to lose $65 million unless it brings these units up to standard and fixing its inspection program. Just a couple of months ago, HUD demanded the HACLA pay back more than $27 million for its incompetence.

Montiel dismisses the HUD findings without really engaging them but he seems to have the mayor’s ear. 

Instead of being sickened to find out that HACLA allows landlords to get away with slum conditions, Villaraigosa goes into court with accusations that HUD’s attack on this long controversial agency and its controversial leader is a Republican dirty trick.

Does he think President-elect Barack Obama will tolerate slum conditions on property owned, operated or overseen by the City of Los Angeles when a Republican administration won’t?

Does he actually know what’s going on in the housing agency he is responsible for or what the conditions are in these units or what the report says or where the nearly $400 million HUD funnels through HACLA every year goes?

All over Los Angeles, residents complain about the city’s failure to enforce housing laws, how it tolerates slum conditions and overcrowding and substandard conditions and how there aren’t anywhere near enough Building and Safety inspectors to make a dent in the problem.

That’s a terrible thing but it’s nothing compared to the city housing programs themselves, funded by the taxpayers to help the poor, providing nothing but slum conditions in two-thirds of the units.

I’m not sure which is worse: The mayor not knowing what a poor job HACLA is doing when he talks so much about helping the poor or that he does know and chooses for whatever reasons to cover up HACLA’s failures.

What I do know for sure is that a city that allows these conditions to persist year after year is worse than a slumlord. And if the mayor and the leadership of the city won’t do anything about it, then maybe it’s up to the feds to start digging into who’s profiting on these federal dollars at the expense of the poor.

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  1. LA Times and that article is the biggest bunch of…
    The Mayor and Montiel- The Pres and CEO of HACLA or whatever he is this week to prop up his ego, probably screwed up again and were not so innocent causing the funds to be lost.
    With the $27 million Montiel “inappropriately” spent and probably does not have it to put it give back where it belongs. The HUD OIG is finally doing their job with proper audits. City Controller Chick never had the guts to audit HACLA.
    He has wasted millions on outside attorneys to go after past employees such as Lucille Loyce, many of whom were not guilty. How many millions did he spend to get the $528K judgement. I’ll bet Montiel is proud.
    If you look at some of the buildings Montiel oversees from the LOMOD, they should not pass inspection!
    How many city employees are making $500,000K per year!?!?

  2. Ohhh, won’t Mayor Raigo be happy to hear that!!!
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    “Now, we can finally move on to sending pee-water to L.A. residents”, sez Mayor Raigo.

  3. See, here in space we really do understand densification (as Prez Bushy sez it). You Angelenos just don’t get it… see what you’re missing?
    Toilet to Tap
    Yip-pee! Astros Turn Urine Into Drinking Water
    Updated 3:51 AM PST, Tue, Nov 25, 2008
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    See, the news media get’s it. (Yip-pee!)

  4. To be fair, have you ever seen what the tenants do to these apartments? I own apartments and the stuff I see is absolutely shameful. Some of these people are animals and live like animals.

  5. Not to take away from David’s comments, that does not make the City one bit less responsible for what is reported by Ron.
    Tony- a member of the financial advisory team called to Chicago by President-elect Obama- should have stayed a bit more on city business than just 11% on the job and maybe he could have supervised matters better. If the supervisory duties were delegated, which they most certainly have to be while he is absent, he would have had reports to read on the progress and the problem areas to tend to.
    He really is all about raking in more money than assuring that benefits are provided to the residents. What would his ACLU friends think about these continuing sub-standard conditions and about the mis-management so blatantly obvious here? Would they have sued the city to enforce rights of tenants if Tony were not the mayor? Would any politically affiliated group do that and risk embarrassment befalling their pal or his administration. I think not.
    The reason that Tony has to get others to articulate the position for him instead of doing it himself is because they most likely are the ones who are familiar with it and he is not. He would just muddy it up and really not have a grasp of the problems since he spends so much time chasing money for his own political gain.
    Here we see what happens with a government that let’s very basic matters fester until they reach crisis. The reject taking responsibility for the foul-up. And THEN, they take the tactic of blaming the FEDERAL government for the problem, when that government has been warning them all along the way about the deficiencies remaining uncorrected.
    Our Metro Rail tragedy was caused, apparently, by inattention to a critical item with immediate and deadly consequences. While this does not match that in loss of life, there still is a quality of life for many residents associated with the neglect that happened with the city’s housing department.
    How many other items of neglect are continuing because of bad supervision and improper or no supervision, waiting to arise later in crisis proportions? I imagine the number to be many by the history that the city has, often reaching the pages of the L.A. Times, and the L.A. Times does not find all of the ills (and I suspect, does not WANT to see more).
    Tony, you blew it, stop complaining and get things fixed. Stop worrying about your next office and have your delegates train you to understand what you might have seen if you were not hitting the airports so regularly.

  6. What medical services is he talking about in the developments. Just face it these two (boy villar and Rudy Pootie) are in bed with each other and so are the key commissioners. He is going to destroy the last resort housing for the poor that is why he deliberately failed the inspection, he managed to secure a big salary and a big parachute when he leaves …..all on the backs of the poor in need and and the poor tax payers. Should he make more money than the president they both are public servants. Take a deep dig in this guys past. Ask El Paso what he did to their agency and their officials there before he skipped out of town. Villa is an embarassment to his race and the demo party no one can be so dumb to think we don’t smell a rat like Rudy. PS Jessica you need to find a job where the lack of fairness and integrity does not matter. Good luck employees of HACLA I hear hes threatening job cuts and lay offs so he can blame HUD for causing it.

  7. You show your stupid hatred or perhaps it’s just that most of you are uninformed, when you discuss the mayor being out of town and/or trying to get money for “his own political gain”.
    One of you goes to every blog in Los Angeles repeating that “AV has only been in/out of town 11% of the [whatever you babble about]”. You’re probably one of the grand total of the 50-75 regular poster/bloggers who go to any and every blog in LA to voice their opinions and I guess several of you anonymous mayor-bashers are some of the current challengers who are running against the mayor. (as if) You haven’t really written of that many things he’s done wrong specifically. I have never read specific examples anyway. It’s more of a generic bitching.
    Isn’t he supposed to be out there getting federal money for the city that he governs? How can you fault him for that? Shouldn’t the mayor, and why don’t you want your mayor – to be at every major and minor event in the city and country that he can possibly attend? Just so you can complain.
    If he wasn’t out there enough – you would all be complaining about that – a la Hahn. Since he is out there – you are all complaining that he’s an attention whore.
    I think you’re a bunch of whiners who can’t be taken seriously because you don’t have worthwhile discussions or reasoning behind your illogic ranting.
    The mayor is going to win. I think it would be prudent for all of us to start working with him now. You always get more done when politicians are on their way out, so this is your time. I’ll give you that. I just wish more of you understood what it is really like at City Hall and how the city operates as opposed to jumping on the bandwagons of the crazy rumors you hear.

  8. 3:38 SHUT UP

  9. Well Mr 3:58 you are an anonymous ass kissing supporter of his which is fine. How ever you must go from site to site reading what the bloggers write. That way you can correct us and let us know that we don’t understand AV. I guess his wife didn’t understand him also. (poor little thing).

  10. Well Mr or Ms. 3:58 you are an anonymous ass kissing supporter of his which is fine. How ever you must go from site to site reading what the bloggers write. That way you can correct us and let us know that we don’t understand AV. I guess his wife didn’t understand him also. (poor little thing).

  11. 3:58 a.m.- Of course we are making up all this criticism of Tony.
    The 11% time-on-city-business is the finding of LA WEEKLY’s investigation- check that for “lies” about the mayor.
    The millions he’s collected for HIS campaign? He’s done so well as mayor, I suppose all that money is going to be spread among the believers who must be all the city’s voters, since he doesn’t need that to sell himself via multimedia as everyone is convinced he’s doing a bang-up job (no pun intended).
    Why don’t you see mayors of other cities doing what Tony does, trotting out before the cameras, traveling out of the city to drum up big bucks for HIS OWN campaign, being OUT of the city so routinely? Because what Tony does is NOT normal mayoral work. He IS the attention whore, he can’t handle his own press releases, he can’t write them and he has trouble just reciting them; He has no real familiarity with local issues, and he is making the city residents pay for all his ambition and lack of skilful management.
    About the “List” of what he HAS claimed to do? Short memories tend to plague Tony’s supporters. There was list that was publicized that gave you what “accomplishments” Tony had achieved in office. It was itself very criticized and you should give it a look for what HE thinks are “accomplishments” and what HE takes credit for.
    If there’s a case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” going on here, your views show that plainly. There is no hatred of Tony- at least on my part- just some presentation of what actions and results are really happening. Some people call those kinds of thing “facts.”
    If Tony were such a good mayor, what would be the harm to debate Walter Moore. I have some differences with what Moore presents, but he does find lots of the cracks in the dam that have come to light. The fear of a debate is one of Tony’s longtime characteristics. He had even had instructions given to his security people and aides that he be seated near an exit so he can leave easily.
    Tony is going to do a “Jose Huizar” move to explain refusing any pre-election debate opportunities by challengers. He’s as contemptuous of voters’ intelligence as is Jose, hiding from criticism and keeping his good record a secret- maybe so no one will copy him? Is that the reason? It sounds like the mayor has your vote and I think maybe his re-election connects to your job security. But that still doesn’t change the lackluster record in terms of moving the city ahead. Tony is a phony.
    Here’s another really “crazy” rumor- Tony cheated on his wife, and it was a T.V. reporter who covered his activities, too. Did you know he said that “L.A.’s the safest it’s been since the 1950’s?” He’s also crowned himself “The Pothole King.”
    Whining? Is that what you call opposition to such a corrupt and predatory style of management where the residents are the victims in terms of increased charges and reduced and poor quality of services? Some of the newspapers are beginning to finally whine and it’s about time. Is it that you haven’t had time to read newspapers and hear other news reports? Or do you intentionally avoid things that do not clearly praise the mayor?
    Sorry, but while I don’t hate Tony, I can’t wait to see him lose to about ANYONE- because ANYONE could do a better job as mayor, yes, the 11% mayor, that’s him.

  12. to 3:58
    this is AV promise from his web site in regards to the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles:
    “Public Housing: The City of Los Angeles operates one of the largest public housing authorities in the country. Remarkably, all of its governing board members are appointed by the Mayor, which presents an incredible opportunity for leadership and reform. Unfortunately, on Mayor Hahn’s watch many of our public housing developments remain rife with crime and devoid of effective social services that move people from dependency to self-sufficiency. The fact is many other cities are better than us at providing safe public housing with dignity, coordinating job training and social services and leveraging available federal, state and county resources.
    I will provide the leadership to conduct a top-to-bottom review of our Housing Agency’s operations. I will evaluate our success at moving residents from public housing to self-sufficiency and ensure that best-practices used successfully by other cities are implemented to achieve measurable results for our tenants.
    I will continue to advocate at the federal level for additional Section 8 Housing funds, a critical federal program that provides necessary housing resources to the poor.
    On Mayor Hahn’s watch, full-time police patrols in our public housing developments were discontinued for over a year, and until recently were only temporarily restored. As Mayor, I will ensure that our police department has the resources it needs to adequately police the City’s public housing developments and protect its residents.”
    Now lets get some facts straight, AV increased the housing fund, how? he got the commitment of HACLA for $10,000,000 in section 8 vouchers, that is it, HUD did not give any additional voucher money, HACLA just took a chunk of its resources and allocated them to the housing fund, in fact depriving those on the section 8 waiting list so the mayor could say that he increased the fund.
    A few weeks ago, four families that moved into Imperial Courts had all their belongings burned in their trucks, all Hispanic. Back in the 90’s lawsuits were filed vs.HACLA to pay attention to racial discrimination. This was as a result of a family that was burned alive in their unit at Jordan Downs. As a result, the Blue Ribbon Committee was created (Mercedez Marquez head of LAHD was part of it)in which they successfully integrated Jordan Downs, Imperial Courts and Nickerson Gardens. Ramona Gardens was not successful in this effort. As of today, the crime at the developments is high. Hispanics are prayed upon their intent to move into any of the developments. Many would argue that is a good reason to tear down and rebuild, however that is not the solution, for many years management’s enforcement of rules, strict lease requirements, working with resident groups and working with LAPD, made those communities a better place. Since Montiel took over, Nickerson Gardens accumulated an excess of 200 units vacant in a 1000 unit project. Why would AV allow for such a problem for LAPD? How can you track what happens in 200 vacant units? Now they are a focus of prostitution, drug sales, gruesome dogfights, homeless people that take over the units, so how should existing residents react. What do you think families with small children, poor, living around those conditions should do????
    So 3:58, print this blog and discuss it with your boss, BTW when is going to run? ooops! its taken. Maybe AV needs to resurrect his website for 2005 and remove the Asian content on it. What an insult, so next time you ask that we start working with him, maybe you out to ask yourself if he should start working for us!

  13. Mr Montiel should start slashing his own $400,000 salary to save jobs. It’s outrageous that in times like these, he gets such a big chunk of HUD funding. The Agency will run better without him, he is not there most of the time anyway. All his cronies should go down with him. He is a thief and thieves need to be exiled back to Texas.

  14. Today’s LA Times reports D.A. opens inquiry on Alatorre.
    They report looking into connections with Airport and Harbor Commissions. Is the D.A. reticent to follow the trail at the Housing Authority, City of LA?
    Wonder if they would find more there than the other two agencies combined?

  15. The debacle with the Section 8 inspections, the hundreds of vacant public housing units and the misappropriation of $27 million dollars all occurred on Rudy’s watch. He can’t blame the previous administration. It shows his incompetence and his disengagement with the HACLA. Everyone knows he is never there.
    Now he is laying off the hard working,low paid employees. The employees will bear the brunt of his incompetence.

  16. Anon 3:24 pm
    On MARCH 3, 2009 they can retaliate if they are voters by voting against Villar the Villain.
    There is no guarantee that they will get their jobs back, but he deserves nothing from any of us, he is a poor mayor and an egotistical man.

  17. Mr. Kaye as one of the last hopes of a true fourth estate, I beg of you to expose the following items that appear in court filings/records etc and I hope current and past HACLA staff will contribute in your blog:
    1. HACLA has gotten away with millions of dollars of crimes and waste of dollars because of the corrupt HUD Aministration Officials in DC who now do business with Montiel and the Mayor…the HUD Office of Inspector General Criminal Investigators who have failed to investigate much less prosecute hundreds of fraud cases given to them.
    2. Expose that HUD OIG officials and US Attorney officals have failed to investigate any of the corruption or whistlblower complaints by former or current HACLA employees–even though they were provided direct evidence even two weeks ago. Also expose that the HUD OIG Criminal officials forced the local DA to drop their investigation of fraud and criminal obstruction of Montiel (linked to Alatorre and Mayor) by having US Attorney pull rank to protect Congresswoman Waters.(i.e payoff of Jordan Down Developers and neighborhood reps).
    3. By doing nothing for 18 months the HUD OIG and US Attorneys allowed Victor Taracena and most of his family to move to central america and open a construction company using the housing authority money they stole.
    4. Expose Montiel’s housing and tax credit business’ in El Paso that he failed to claim in his Los Angeles ethics filings such as UCI Home Builders/Developers , Montiel Brothers Construction and Mercato Construction. Expose why the FBI is lookiing at Montiel as part of their large public official corrption investigations in El Paso. Was there land provided to Montiel by a tax credit developer for his home building comapny? For his family’s own home…Look at El Paso public tax and business records from 2002-2007.

  18. 9:40
    you share good sound facts I hope you are not an employee; you know he’s on a hunt for all and any of you that go against him.
    RON you got the power Please please help.
    can’t depend on Ted or Jessica (LA SLIMES)

  19. Hi Ron,
    I rather have to agree with the Mayor’s staff on this one. This elimination of funding, on the surface, sure does look “capricious”.
    I say that based on this brief amount of evidence I found on the Citizens Against Government Waste website,
    You say that it’s OK for the Feds to cut funding to L.A.’s poor because L.A. is not a good money manager.
    However, here are some real examples of how the Feds spend our tax dollars on projects that either should and could be paid for by the states, or by the patrons of these services and venues.
    If these venues get money, how can the Feds be justified in cutting off the funding for L.A.’s poor?
    They can’t be. There is no moral or fiscal justification for it. L.A. needs a better system to manage the poor—that wouldn’t surprise me —but that STILL doesn’t justify taking their money. Taking their funds sure isn’t going to solve the problem.
    Here are just a few examples of questionable pork projects we pay for instead of caring for the poor, sick and homeless. [My comment are in brackets.]:
    $393,760 by Senate appropriator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and House appropriator Tom Latham (R-Iowa) for the City National Bank Building. The privately-owned building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is currently undergoing renovations for the creation of a hotel consisting of 26 guest rooms. [It’s privately owned….why are the Feds repairing it????]
    $246,100 by Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee member Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) for the Grand Opera House in Dell Rapids. In 2006, the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls noted that after an upcoming fundraiser, the building was going to be renovated to be a bar and restaurant. [Hmmm…shall the Feds fix up a bar or shall they help L.A.’s poor? Wow, tough moral call isn’t it?]
    $246,100 by Sens. Joe Biden (D-Del.) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.) for the Grand Opera House in Wilmington. On June 25, 2007, the Opera House announced its 2007-2008 season, featuring performances from artists such as comedian Lewis Black and rock and roll legends David Crosby and Graham Nash. Ticket prices, not tax dollars, should be raised to pay for additional work on the facility.
    [ I agree. When you have to choose between saving theaters and saving people, people should come first.]
    $246,100 by Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee Ranking Member Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), and House appropriator Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) for the Idaho sage grouse. According to a February 26, 2008 Associated Press report, “Federal officials will again start gathering information to help determine whether the sage grouse should receive full or partial protection under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the new review Tuesday, two months after a federal judge in Idaho condemned the agency for botching its initial study.” [I am sure I would love the sage grouse if I ever met one. However, why aren’t state funds paying for this?]
    $196,880 by House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee member John Doolittle (R-Calif.) for the Oroville Historic State Theater. According to the theater’s website, “The Historic State Theater of Oroville is located at 1489 Myers Street, in Downtown Historical Oroville, and is available for Plays, Bands, Movies, Fashion Shows, Musicals, and even Pageants and Meetings.” Along with your tax dollars.
    [Again, people should come before buildings. If the theater can’t make it right now maybe it has to open a weekend swap meet?]
    $172,270 by Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Ill.) for the Scottish Rite Temple in Bloomington. The Temple was originally constructed in 1921 as a ballroom and theatre. However, in 2000, it was in need of preservative construction; as a result the City Council of Bloomington approved a ?-cent sales tax increase to fund the project. This sales tax increase was extended in 2003 until 2025 to ensure funding (apparently not sufficient) for the Temple. [What is a Scottish Rite? Is this another historic building? Could the building be delayed for a year or could the state take out a loan against future sales tax revenue?]
    $98,440 by House appropriator Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) and Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) for the Philadelphia Art Museum. At the end of 2004 (the latest available), the Philadelphia Art Museum had net assets in excess of $300 million.[ Why can’t the museum sell a painting? Just one. This is what we do when we’re in trouble—we sell our stuff. Why can’t a museum do the same?]
    $42,672,000 for 25 projects by Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), including: $4,875,000 for the University of Mississippi for Phase II of the National Center for Natural Products Research; $487,000 for workforce training in Marine Composite at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg; $975,000 for Mississippi State University for digital conversion at the Wise Center-Broadcast Facility; and $195,000 for an international study abroad program at Tougaloo College, which has an endowment of $4.7 million. ______________________________________________________________
    I am sure the university needs these projects, and job training is certainly a wise use of tax dollars. However, how does Congress come to the conclusion that some state universities need and will get these vast amounts of money and others will not?
    Plus, when you look at the poverty statistics for L.A. ,found below, you’ll see that this $8,000,000 has been ripped away from lots of kids.
    What’s that old saying? “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Nothing could be more true of this decision by the Feds.
    And why is it that the ONLY way to have moral righteousness brought about in L.A. is by suing someone? How completely messed up is that? People won’t simply do the right thing anymore. No, now you have to force them to do good with a freakin’ lawyer. It’s disgusting. Why can’t the people of high moral character have their resumes moved to the TOP of the pile when the government makes hiring decisions?

  20. dear spiffy
    i appreciate your opinion but this situations deserves more of a strong hand accross the board.
    this will not hurt the poor no more than it will if we do nothing probably a lot less.

  21. dear spiffy
    i don’t know who you really are but you cannot justify the good and bad of it all ….stiff action is required. take over removal what ever save the people,,,,,

  22. Arnold the Governator told the press again last week that California is already sending $40 Billion more to the feds annually than we get back, seriously exacerbating balancing the budget — when a lot of our social and economic problems are caused by federal inaction or ineptitude, that makes it even worse. Whatever the state and local pols are guilty of in mismanagement is no excuse, and anyone who lives here and roots for this sort of “punishment” just to spite the Mayor and the other Democrats (many of who I could do without myself) is just perverse.
    The money that Calif. does get is disproportionately given to relatively obscure projects in smaller Republican-dominated towns, along the lines of those Spiffy highlights. There are many, many more. And take just how the feds distributed the billions in anti-terror funds this year: L A got less than Texas cities like Houston, distributed not with logic or based on true security priorities but as Bratton noted, “spread around like manure” to favor the Administration’s Republican friends. You people aren’t going to force a Republican administration California or L A however much you’d like to, and now that we’ve got Obama coming in soon, the Mayor and even moderate Republican Arnold have a strong connection to him and anyone remotely logical would think that is a good thing, to be cultivated for our benefit — but no, you people are out there screaming at the Mayor for finally being about to hopefully bring more of our OWN tax money home, and for doing his job in hobnobbing with the people who can make that happen. (When he’s in L A, you just want him to go away and deride his every move as a photo-op.)
    I may wish we had a moderate Republican or Democrat without any ethnic or extreme liberal agenda myself, but the fact is, this is our situation and for Ron and you people to want to “punish” L A and Calif. by having other states take our money, is perverse and downright demented. It’s this kind of “logic” of bitter cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your face that motivates you people on every local level as well, against every elected official, to where this action motivated by sheer blind hatred that becomes the problem.

  23. Spiffy,
    Are you sure you don’t work for Montiel, Villaraigosa or a Councilmember?
    Because others are doing wrong is absolutly no excuse for how HACLA has been run by Montiel!
    What you wrote sounds like its ok for children to do tit for tat.
    I would suggest that if he and the Mayor ran HACLA properly, and other funds were not wasted , there is already enough funds to do more of the tasks at hand.
    For example, put in a formal request as to how much he wasted on ALL outside legal fees over the last four years. From what I have seen both in the budget and I believe additional funds were shifted possibly in excess of $20 Million!!
    How about all of the extra money he maybe collection on all of his new Section 8 Vouchered small sites. If that is true, its a great way to create a slush fund. Also, if its true, where is all of that money going?
    He already has at least one staff attorney as well as at least one City Attorney. I have also heard that he may have two to three ADDITIONAL City Attorney’s assigned to HACLA? Does anybody know if that is true? To me that says major incompetance.

  24. According to HACLA staff up to 3 Ass City Attorneys have been stationed at HACLA to assume positions such as Director of Internal Control/Investigations and Chief Finance Officer even thoguh none of these attorneys have any administrative experience. According to these same staff and union members Montiel, Degaldillo, the HACLA Board and the Mayor agreed to do this after the latest federal audits and District Attorney lobbying investigation came to light this past week. The reason is so critical internal investigations and financial records and computer records will not be accessible to any external investigators because the Mayor and Montiel want to use attorney client privelege to cover everything up. LA Slimes have known this for weeks and as usual they report nothing but excuses for Mayor and Montiel. Laura Chick knows this as well since city contracts and city attorney is involved but she has done nothing either.
    I hear more whistleblower lawsuits are coming and lawsuits by laid off employees —–

  25. A fine example of HACLA gross negligence can be seen at 14614-14618 Vanowen Street with adjacent SE corner lot at Vanownen and Tobias Avenue.
    This location has been “in the system” at least 15 years while the neighborhood has endured a gypsy psychic/prostitute parlor, an auto chop-shop car repair racket, a drop house for illegal aliens, drug traffik, mountains of trash, and most recently current occupant conducts quasi-vodoo-santeria exorcisms in backyeard with a campfire while chanting and swinging a rooster over her head.
    Just imagine, all this in our “world class city”!
    Next time you are in the area, take a good look.

  26. To Anon:
    I said it once and I’ll say it again. Here is one way the city can clean up its act:
    “Why can’t the people of high moral character have their resumes moved to the TOP of the pile when the government makes hiring decisions?”
    Also please notice that I posted pork projects sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats. There is a lot of waste in gov’t, on both sides of the aisle. There is also still too much corruption on both sides of the aisle.
    How can the city clean it up? They should stop hiring people based on who they know and start hiring them for who they are and their expertise.
    Also, if the politicians are serious about cutting the budget, they should take cuts in pay too.

  27. A big part of the problem with HACLA is hidden from public view. The administrators of the Section 8 Program are not trained in modern mgmt procedures and have no inclination or desire to run a cost-effective program.(They are silent partners with Montiel) The Mayor & Montiel are currently touting their Homeless Program, which is riddled with crooks- people who are not qualified for vouchers as they are lying about their income and situation. This is also true of the regular Section 8 voucher program because the housing staff that processes the new applicants is not trained in how to detect or recognize unqualified applicants. Ask any landlord or property manager who has dealt with the obvious criminals who have received Rudy’s vouchers by lying. There are thousands of people in Section 8 who are currently violating HUD/HACLA procedures and who should be prosecuted for fraud and required to pay back the money they have stolen from taxpayers.The Board of Housing Cmmissioners apparently do not have the knowledge or interest of how to ask the right questions of Montiel-they just rubber-stamp his decisions, and the taxpayers keep taking it you know where!

  28. Rudolf Montiel has a good gig, if he could make this salary in private industry, and he would still be with private industry. He obviously did not have what it take to make it in private industry! Meanwhile, he continued to promote Hispanic agenda at the LA Housing Authority, promoting unqualified Hispanic over more educated and experienced African American employees at the housing Authority. Isabel Araiza, Robert Ayala, and Beatrice Trujillo are Hispanic managers with no college degree whereas, but African American employees with more education and experience are passed over. Now they promoted Hispanic young guy with no experience; however, he at least has a college degree but what put in that position because he knew a senior staff Hispanic employees at the agency. Eric Brown, Janice Hahn or Bernard Parks please we need your help now!

  29. Hello I was reading your comments about HACLA, you forgot to mention the Non-profit organization own by Ken Simmons and HACLA called LALOMOD, who has a HUD contract of over 740 buildings, gets about $35 millions a month from HUD to pay for all low income families, gets a commission for the job done, and who knows where all that money goes. At least I can tell you some of employees at LALOMOD break federal laws, labor department laws, and commit fraud and nobody does anything.

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