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Jane Usher Out as Planning Commission Head

UPDATE: You can read Jane Usher’s letter of resignation by clicking here Jane UsherResignation.pdf

It doesn’t pay to stand up for a greater Los Angeles — not with City Hall committed to a poorer, denserj, more congested and uglier Los Angeles.

Just ask Nick Patsaouras who spent most of his adult life as an unpaid public servant, a watchdog on public spending and public policy who, as head of the Department of Water and Power Board, ran afoul of City Hall’s corrupt political culture by trying stand up for ratepayers. He finally quit and is running for City Controller.

Now you can ask attorney Jane Ellison-Usher 030306.jpgwho is resigning today as head of the Planning Commission after running afoul of those same forces that have done such disservice to the city.

Usher has done many courageous acts such as proposing 14 bold principles last year for a better city under
the title “Do Real Planning.”

She created a row in March with an email saying the city’s efforts to give housing developers carte blanche to roll back zoning laws was “fatally flawed” and would lead to lawsuits, which it has.

And she recently pushed through proposal for a six-month moratorium on those hideous digital billboards that are blighting the city’s neighborhoods.

Such acts of leadership, such passion for a better city are clearly unacceptable to the mayor, the council and the special interests who pull their strings.

Thanks, Ms. Usher, for trying to change L.A.

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12 Responses to Jane Usher Out as Planning Commission Head

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Olympic West – Pico East
    Increased TRASH fees
    Increase DWP rates
    More taxes – phone tax
    Proposition R – TERM EXTENSION

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are freakin kidding me.
    How transparent can Villar-retardo be?

  4. Chris says:

    Just don’t be surprised if Monica Garcia’s brother-in-law is brought in as a replacement.

  5. ellen vukovich says:

    I hope others realize what a hit this is against those who dare to stand up to the status quo. Numerous times, community members who have appeared before Usher have noted her willingness to listen, question and show her understanding of the bigger land use issues at play. While she might not have always agreed with a speaker/appellant, etc., those who lost at least came away knowing that she gave them a fair shot before making up her mind.
    Frankly, I was wondering when the ax would fall once she had circulated that great email advising community members/activists to challenge the city about the recent housing proposals/laws.
    An important voice has been silenced; however, I hope with her legal accumen, she will seriously consider coming over to the light side (we know whose in the dark) and help activists in Los Angeles defend their turf starting with Sunland/Tunjunga’s Home Depo battles, going to the MCA Universal Working group, the Billboard ban group and others who have been laboring long knowing full well that they don’t have the behind the scenes access and information that someone like Jane Usher possesses.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can’t make it in L.A. if you swim against the political tide, and we are the poorer for it.
    Look at the way the city council has left Laura Chick hanging out to dry with regards to the City Attorney’s office and the lawsuit. People talk a big game about transparency and when it comes time to put up, they shut up. That’s when the figure pointing comes into play.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “As we prepare for your second term of service to the City as our Mayor, please also accept my
    resignation from the Commission, effective at the close of the Commission meeting on
    December 11, 2008. ”
    WTF is she talking about? His continued reign of terror is a given?

  8. anonymous says:

    I certainly hope that Ms. Usher took a nice, long, hot shower after resigning her position in the snake pit known as L.A. City Planning.
    My question is about John Perez, Tony Villar’s cousin. When Perez ran for Fabian Nunez’s old Assembly seat in Feb., his chief rival was a Nunez aide, Ricardo Lara. Villar muscled Lara out of the Assembly race so that his cousin, John Perez, would be elected. You guessed it, Villar gave Lara a cushy job in City Planning! Perez won the election, and now all is fine and dandy.
    Why isn’t Villar guilty of nepotism and bribery? Is he any different than the Il Governor who tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat???
    LA is more corrupt than Chicago!!!

  9. Neighborhoodwatchbear says:

    How can the community contact Jane Usher if they would like her to speak at a Neighborhood Association, Homeowner’s Association, Neighborhood Council or Neighborhood Watch meeting?
    I think the community needs to hear what she has to say as far as dealing with developers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    City Council spent $5 Million to place Proposition S, phone tax, on ballot, but neglected to fund $100,000.00 for an attorney to represent Controller Chick.

  11. anonymous says:

    LA City Council spent $5 Million to place Proposition S, phone tax, on ballot, but neglected to fund $100,000.00 for an attorney to represent Controller Chick.

  12. Anonymous says:

    People like Jane Usher are a rarity. They risk personal for the civic good. Just in what world does this community live in. They keep electing the same councilmembers and Mayor who fool them each time & then demand nothing from them, as they collect moneys from developers which screw their lives. When the development comes they are too powerless to do anything, other then be a supplicant in front of the AHs they elected. Pay now or pay later. Hold the people who get your vote accountable.

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