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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah


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  1. anonymous says:

    Here’s wishing you and your loved ones the best of Holidays!
    May all your dreams and aspirations come true in the New Year!

  2. david r2b says:

    There comes a time in everyone’s life that awaking occurs: I was born in
    Downey, California, raised in Woodland Hills, Eagle Scout at 15, graduated
    from Taft High School in 1964 (I’m dating myself), 1st Lieutenant with the
    101st Airborne, had an Infantry Platoon during the Tet Offensive in and
    around the City of Hue, then a decade and a half of finding myself, then
    joining the City of LA as a Plumbers Apprentice and finally finding myself
    working at an incredible location called LAX, then realizing a Woman I’d met
    in 1970 was the person I love, then cruising along living/working until
    retirement would show me the door.
    Whooooooa, THEN in 2006 I read an article in the LA Weekly that talked about
    a situation called Proposition R. A City ballot voting item to improve
    “ethics, ethics, ethics” in the City and OH by the way, the City Council
    would like an increase in how many 4 year terms they can serve, from two to
    three. I’m sitting at the kitchen table not believing what I’m reading.
    You can’t put two separate/unrelated items on the same voting
    instrument….can you? I rushed to my Library and looked at my copy of the
    State of California’s Constitution….sure enough, you can’t. Section 8
    item (d) states, and I quote: “an initiative measure embracing more than
    one subject may not be submitted to the electors or have any effect”. Only
    nineteen words, but it seemed pretty clear to me. YOU CAN’T do that. But
    soon after that a Judge DY said it was OK. From then on I was alerted, what
    are my elected officials trying to do. So I started paying attention,
    started watching Cable Station 35 Sunday mornings and reading articles
    pertaining to the Council and the actions they were taking.
    Soon after that there was Proposition S, great, I was going to get a 10%
    discount on my phone tax, even though the tax had never been Citizen
    approved. But if I vote for the discount, I’ve now approved a prior illegal
    tax. In the mean time trash fees have been increased several times for the
    purpose of hiring more Police Officers, the Council Safety Committee shelved
    an opportunity to discuss and deal with violent gang members, particularly
    those that are here illegally, while spending tens of millions of $ to help
    the only elephant at the Zoo, while the Autry is trying to assist the
    Southwest Museum by exhibiting all of their estimated $1 Billion worth of
    stuff for them, then maybe the Billboard Companies while making a $100K plus
    per year on the each super digital will generously agree to pay more than
    their $100.00 per year City fee, which will maybe help keep our LAUSD
    students in books although by waving for twenty years a hotel bed tax for
    special friends would result in the loss of a couple of hundred million $ to
    assist the funding of the budget.
    And now the DWP Solar Power energy deal, without Public or even the DWP
    Commission debate. Couldn’t the Council have encouraged a broad City wide
    debate, using some Neighborhood Councils impute, etc. so everyone would
    understand what was happening? Moving Prop B from the March to the June
    ballot would only be a three month delay. That’s not too long to wait. Did
    our City Council feel that the Public wouldn’t be interested, or wouldn’t
    care? Or maybe they really didn’t want us to know the real ramifications of
    the Project? Everyone wants to be green but shouldn’t we purchase the solar
    panels from California Companies and not China? I’m also sure that Licensed
    Electricians, other than DWP’s IBEW could help do the work. Why not spread
    the work around for everyone?
    Eventually, a lot of folks when they wake up will feel slapped in the face
    when they realize what’s been happening to them. Mine was Prop R, will
    theirs be Prop B? Or will the awakening come too late?
    During this Holiday Season most of us are very thankful for what we have,
    but remember there seems to be an element that would enjoy taking a lot of
    that away for their own personal embetterment, to perpetuate their power and
    control, to benefit a few. My fellow Citizens of Los Angeles, PLEASE start
    paying attention and question things when they don’t seem correct. Make one
    of your New Year Resolutions to start, yes I know we’re all busy, yes we all
    have jobs, careers and family responsibilities, BUT….. we all have another
    responsibility, to protect our City from anything that wants or could
    jeopardize it.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Dave 4LA says:

    Thank You for your leadership and dedication. We will need every ounce of it in 2009. See you in court on January 8th. What a way to start out a new year; in the trenches.
    David Hernandez
    Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing what you do so very well,
    use your resources to get at the truth of what is happening to our city, Ron. I appreciate you.

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