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Scenario for Dictatorship: Los Angeles of, by and for the Special Interests

For months now the people behind Antonio Villaraigosa — men like Ari Swiller and Keith Brackpool who have huge investments in water and power development companies — have been raising millions in campaign funds for the mayor and the political machine he heads.

They are part of the inner circle of strategists and operatives who see themselves on the brink of controlling every city office, every city department, every aspect of the political machinery of power in Los Angeles — Mayor Villaraigosa, City Attorney Jack Weiss, Controller Wendy Greuel and an obedient City Council and bureaucracy..

And are drooling at the prospect of looting the city treasury, the sales taxes targeted for transportation projects and the Department of Water and Power with all its billions of dollars in ratepayer money

They have shed themselves of obstacles like Nick Patsaouras, the head of the DWP Commission who got so fed up with what he saw he decided to run for City Controller to be the watchdog on the public’s money. And Jane Usher, the head of the Planning Commission who tried to stop billboard blight and densification without a plan or the infrastructure to support more people without making the nation’s worst traffic congession worse and running out of water and power without massive new investments funded by even higher rates and taxes. Even MTA head Roger Snoble has seen enough of this and is moving on.

All that’s left in the way of the dictatorship of special interests is you the people. And most of you act like it’s somebody else problem so you don’t have to pay attention, as if you your elected leaders and the civic leadership to look after their interests and the well-being of the city as a whole.

But there are thousands of ordinary citizens who volunteered their time and energy for years for no other reaason than a sense of public service and they are under attack, their very right to speak out against the government at stake.

The petition filed in Superior Court by the lawyer for the mayor, a
majority of the City Council, the Democratic Party establishment and
union leaders seeks to intimidate the community’s right to even have a
voice by sticking them with huge court and attorney fees — their own
and the power structure’s — over a couple of words in dispute in a
ballot argument.

The plaintiff against the people is Barack
Obama’s California campaign manager, lobbyist Mitchell Schwartz who has
no hesitation working for environmental causes good and bad, or
corporations that want a piece of the City Hall pie.

It’s not
like City Hall isn’t already almost completely under the control of
special interests. It has been for a long time but not like this, not
without even the pretense of public interest, or public debate.

council is so docile its votes are almost always unanimous and they
admit over and over they pay little attention to the details of even
major issues like whether the exorbitant trash fee hikes they impose
actually go for hiring more cops or whether $42 million should be spend
for an elephant exhibit at the zoo or whether they can afford
sweetheart union contracts or blighting the city with digital

When the mayor and the powerful DWP union boss Brian
D’Arcy say jump aboard an ill-conceived and unplanned solar energy
scheme, they snap to attention — not questions asked, no curiousity
about how a plan that comes out of the IBEW at the last-minute without
study, without going through neighborhood councils or the DWP
commission. jump aboard.

Even when when they are showed a list
of things wrong with it, they take no notice or in the case of Council
President Eric Garcetti conceal it from the public and fail to read the
26-page report documenting why it’s a terrible plan, a report prepared
for the DWP by the consulting firm that has looked over all its
operations for many months and found them wanting.

does not have the managerial skill to put in a solar energy
installation program that nearly doubles the U.S. electricity
production from the sun. The solar plan is “extremely risky” and likely
to require sharply higher electricity rates and fall far short of its
goals. That’s what the consultant reported among many other problems.

himself admits that rather than being a $3.6 billion boost to the
sagging L.A. economy, most of the money will go to China because that’s
only place we can buy all those solar panels.

In fact, the
claims made by the mayor and those supporting this measure are far more
false and misleading than anything opponents have proposed for the
ballot. Of course, you would have to know the facts which for the most
part are still secret know only to the insiders.

This will not
clean the air and save lives. This will not make a significant boost to
the economy. It will not achieve the goal it has set for solar energy
– in fact, it’s the DWP that has prevented L.A. from embracing solar
technology for a decade. And importing solar panels from China and
giving their ownership and maintenance to the DWP and all the jobs
created to the highly paid DWP union will not put L.A. on the map as a
solar technology research, development and manufacturing center for
solar power.

It’s all lies. It’s all a ripoff for narrow special
interests. It’s all about getting absolute control over this city and
getting rich doing it, and if it destroys the city, tough luck.

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17 Responses to Scenario for Dictatorship: Los Angeles of, by and for the Special Interests

  1. Walter Moore says:

    Ron –
    You slay me!
    You complain and complain and complain. But you won’t lift a finger to help elect an honest, qualified citizen, namely, yours truly, replace Villaraigosa.
    Instead, you simultaneously claim both that the people are impotent to do anything but “take it,” because the special interest groups are intimidating, yet you also purport to be leading a massive uprising of people fed up with City Hall.
    Enough already!
    Get with the program. Join the team. Tell people to vote for me, to get yard signs and bumper stickers, and to contribute to my campaign.
    Whining won’t get it done. You have to TAKE ACTION. You have to REPLACE these career politicians who cater to special interests, not just gripe about them.
    You don’t have to agree with me on every single issue. But you’d have to be blind or just crazy stubborn to believe it’s better to sit by and let Villaraigosa win than to fight to elect the ONLY other Mayoral candidate who has raised enough money to qualify for matching funds.
    Walter Moore
    Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles

  2. anonymous says:

    Ron, the people you speak of need to be indicted and convicted on RICO charges! They belong in prison…it’s the only way to clean up the city! Los Angeles mafia legislators make Chicago mobsters look like saints.
    I wonder if there are any whistleblowers out there who are willing to wear a wire and record some private sessions with the crooks and liars in City Hall. Blago got caught because of a tape recording. Why can’t we catch the LA gangsters in the act? It doesn’t seem that difficult, really. Just a few ‘bugs’ in their offices, homes, and cars, lol!
    And to Walter Moore..don’t worry, Walter, you will be getting all the anti-Villar votes. You are the only alternative to the status quo…and being an AMERICAN is a definite PLUS! It will be a breath of fresh air if you win!

  3. Another Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope you will run against Mitch Englander for CD12 when Smith retires. We need you in City Hall. There are enough people out there who know Mitch is a pompous jerk who is in it for the prestige rather than the people which means you have a real shot. (The funny part being that he thinks City Council is prestigious!)
    If you are interested in doing so, please run a real campaign and not some Quixotic Walter Moore-type candidacy where you keep having to justify to voters that you aren’t some joke.
    Another Concerned L.A. Citizen

  4. Anonymous says:

    Walter Moore: Hasn’t your firm (Richard Hamlin Attorneys) represented the billboard industry (specifically, Eller Media) in disputes with the city of LA and the CRA? Doesn’t that make you a just another special interest lawyer?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You continue to lose support every time you open your mouth. Tone it down a bit, sir. Perhaps Mr. Kaye and others do not feel the same way about you, as you feel about yourself. Forgive us. Yeah, we expect a candidate to be confident and think they are the most qualified and better than the other guy. But you have to understand, you have not yet been elected the single and final decision maker for everyone else. Don’t you see how bad you are looking?

  6. Walter Moore says:

    Right. I’m losing support.
    That’s why more contributions come in, and more bumper stickers and yard signs go out.
    Meanwhile “anonymous” — perhaps one of Villaraigosa’s 95 staffers? after all, what else do 95 staffers have to do all day? — suggests I’d do better if I would just refrain from urging people to take action.
    And yet, Villaraigosa, for the first time in his career, has turned down matching funds. Why leave $700,000 on the table? Because of the one string attached: he would have to debate me.
    But enough quibbling with the probable staffers, who won’t even disclose their identities. Ron, you need to channel that frustration into ACTION. Lawsuits and dreams of RICO prosecutions — “solutions” typically urged by people who have not passed the bar — are not going to fix the City.
    The only practical remedy is at the ballot: replace the career politicians.

  7. Walter Moore says:

    P.S. Re: “They have shed themselves of obstacles like Nick Patsaouras, the head of the DWP Commission who got so fed up with what he saw he decided to run for City Controller to be the watchdog on the public’s money.”
    Ron –
    Do you have any idea how much of taxpayers’ money, and on what terms, Patsouras’s construction firm has received through the CRA?
    Sometimes foxes volunteer to guard the henhouse.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘”solutions” typically urged by people who have not passed the bar — are not going to fix the City.’
    Walter thinks the city is run by an autocrat. He thinks his law degree means that his ideas are better than yours. Do you see how he mocks the ideas of the public? Does it look to you that Walter Moore would be any better at accepting public input than any other politician? King Walter for autocrat.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is a man named David Hernandez who is a real participant in this battle with City Hall.
    His family has been here for generations. And he has qualified for the ballot. Why don’t you debate David, Walter? Then we would be able to see what both of you are made of. Villar is not the only one running for Mayor you know and you
    can be a real pain at times. I am wondering whether you want some of that do-re-mi that floats through the city coffers. There I said it
    out loud and I am glad.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t the local Repulican party endorsed Walter? I know why. He has them fuming and they won’t touch him. The decision has already been made. He will not be getting their endorsement.

  11. Anonymous says:

    PATSAOURAS IS A JOKE! He is a downtown insider and he is very close to Antonio.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You’ve got my vote, Walter. While I’m not exactly sure what the previous commenters are talking about, you’ve clearly got your head on much straighter than the creepy idiot now in the Mayor’s office.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Answer the question, Walter: Doesn’t your firm’s representation of the billboard companies make you just another special interest lawyer?

  14. Petra Fried in the City says:

    Mr. Moore,
    “Slay bells ring…. Are you listenin’?”
    I don’t vote for crybabies, so you don’t have my vote. Sounds like Kaye thinks the same.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cat got your tongue Walter? Why no response to the billboard lawyer question?

  16. Skip Michael says:

    Mr. Kaye
    The best way to stop a movement, especially a corrupt movement, is to offer a better solution to the people in such a way that it makes since and can be implemented by the people. For you people that are looking for a political solution pay attention because this is your counter attack.
    Advocate solar energy, but not “centrally” produced solar energy. Each home and business should produce its own energy, thus cutting the “transmission lines” to the producer. It is the transmission lines that cost money and are the thing that holds the people hostage to DWP and any other power producer.
    If you are interested in how put forth this argument and campaign send me an e-mail.

  17. Jenny says:

    It seems to me that all of you are allowing yourselves to be distracted and divided, thus more easily defeated. Get united and get strong. Villaragosa needs to be defeated, but you won’t defeat him and his crime machine by bickering like a bunch of old fools.. you only serve his purposes by doing so.

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