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Bruno, the L.A Watchdog: Does City Hall Know What It’s Doing

By Bruno
L.A.’s Watchdog

Having consumed several bowls of water last night, I Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bruno4.JPGspent a long time on the old Dog Trainer this morning, every skimpy section, and was struck by one glaring fact: These guys we select to run the city don’t know what they’re talking about!

Consider these three headlines:

·    Commercial operations to close at Palmdale Regional Airport

·    L.A. port’s clean-truck program running on empty

·    A mass transit dilemma: Ridership up, funds down

Even in dog years, I’m not that old, but it seems like only yesterday our public officials were touting all these programs. It almost makes you believe they’re fallible.

Opening Palmdale Airport to commercial traffic was going to help fix crowding at LAX and United Airlines even set up a small operation, but it soon became apparent travelers weren’t crazy about traveling all the way to Palmdale to travel to San Francisco. With security and everything, you could drive there faster.

And surprise! The money to fund the clean-truck program at the port isn’t there and the businessmen who thought they would get it to buy the clean trucks are left holding the bag.

Then there’s the infamous Subway to the Sea and other transit improvements our elected officials said were vital to keep us moving when they were campaigning for Measure R to raise our taxes yet again. Now the MTA is talking about cutting service and raising fares.


Keep all this in mind when many of these same officials tell you Measure B, their beloved Solar Initiative, will save the environment and cost you almost nothing.

Well, not all our officials.  Last week, at a public hearing, DWP GM David Nahai, actually said he was waiting for a new report (the last one, well, sucked) to get the facts on Measure B – and he runs the department!

I guess Nahai didn’t read the oped piece in the Daily News by former DWP GM David Freeman, who, in addition to bragging about what a great job he did running the department before he was fired by Richard Riordan, claims that Measure B would damn near save the universe.

Confusing? Too confusing to vote for Measure B? You make up your mind.  I’m just a dog, but I’m wondering if I can believe anything any of them say anymore.


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4 Responses to Bruno, the L.A Watchdog: Does City Hall Know What It’s Doing

  1. Kate says:

    Even old dogs can learn new tricks… but I don’t think old politicians have the brains for it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like your ‘WOOF!’ Bruno.
    And, I agree, the job these “Pros????” are doing sucks.
    Looking at the copy of the ballot at Smart I see 5, yes 5, Charter Amendments for us to vote on and we have absolutely no information on any of them including Measure B.
    Remind the folks not to vote until they know what they are voting on as a Charter Amendment – that is long-lasting stuff to be saddled with.
    I understand the information is not available until AFTER YOU SEND IN YOUR VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT. BRUNO – DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT, PUHLEASE.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No On Measure B.

  4. G. Shepherd says:

    Grrrrrr! You said it, Bruno!
    And here’s a copy of a letter to the editor in today’s Daily News about Freeman’s paid ad for Measure B.
    Measure B rip-off
    “Sun can offer L.A. a world of benefits” (Opinionated, Jan. 25):
    Who is David Freeman? A representative of the Chinese government or a union rep for DWP employees? He sure sounds like both rolled into one. Three profound reasons to vote no on Measure B are China has the exclusive contract to supply the solar panels at the highest cost. It was a one-bid contract with the DWP being the sole bidder, and City Council members didn’t bother to read the measure before voting to put it on the March ballot. Measure B is as much of a taxpayer/consumer rip-off as Measure R and the phony phone tax were.
    West Hills
    Your friend,

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