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Bruno, the L.A Watchdog: “I Weep for L.A.”

By Bruno
L.A.’s Watchdog

Judging from some the reaction I get from my fans, Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bruno4.JPGsome of you think I’m one mean, sarcastic son of a bitch. You’re partly right, that’s for sure. And maybe they’re all right sometimes. I do take canine liberties.

But this morning as I walked over to the Dog Trainer to, well, train, I read only two stories. Then I wandered to a quiet corner and wept — for you humans and the city you try to make home.

Less than a mile from our house, at an old bowling alley on a busy corner,  James Shamp, the father of two who served four years in the US Army, was shot to death last month because he was black. He worked there and was taking out the garbage.

On another page, columnist Patt Morrison reminded me that Antonio has no intention of debating his opponents in his bid re-election.

Something’s terribly wrong.

According to an unusually well-written story, the kind The Trainer does infrequently these dog days:

At the Canoga Park Bowl, everyone knew James Shamp.

His job was to clean, but he did so much more. Bowlers described him as a comedian and their loyal cheerleader. He greeted regulars with a big handshake followed by a succession of jokes that would continue through their games.

“He was the black Chevy Chase,” said Robert Battle, a member of the Equally Offensive bowling team. .

Three days before Christmas, Shamp was taking out some trash to the dumpsters behind the bowling alley when a car pulled up. According to police, a group of Latino gang members approached and shot Shamp, 48, in the chest. Friends heard the shots and ran outside, where they found Shamp lying face down. He died at a hospital.

Los Angeles police detectives and prosecutors allege the gang members targeted Shamp because he was African American. The three suspects were each charged last week with one count of murder and conspiracy to commit a crime because of race.

The schools fail at educating your children and 10 bucks says the scumbags that killed James Shamp dropped out in 10th grade, if they went at all.

And the mayor won’t debate.

Your streets are choked with traffic and taking your son to
baseball practice or your daughter to dance class – or just getting to the
bloody super market — becomes an exercise in frustration.


And the mayor won’t debate.


Simple billboards, which were always ugly, but at least
common, have now become light shows that can probably be seen from outer space
and keep you awake at night.


And the mayor won’t debate.


In the name of the environment, the mayor conspires with a
union to foist upon you a solar plan in a plot that puts the the Sopranos to


And the mayor won’t debate.


What’s wrong with you people?  Have you become so lazy and stupid that
you’re going to let this happen?  I mean,
he’s going to win. Can’t he at least try to explain why?


James Shamp used to help the bowling alley’s comedian
performer, Jay Cramer, who uses a wheelchair, set up a ramp each night before
he performed. He doesn’t anymore.


And the mayor won’t debate.


Mary Mannon, who knew James Shamp, said he called the woman
bowlers “Mamas,” and would greet her with “Mary had a little lamb.”


“I just want to hear him say ‘mama’ one last
time,” Mannon said. “I want to hear him say ‘Mary had a little lamb.’


And the mayor won’t debate.


With a tear for all of you,



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6 Responses to Bruno, the L.A Watchdog: “I Weep for L.A.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the Mayor owes us an explanation of why he thinks he should be Mayor, and I suppose he thinks he’s doing that with the update papers he issues. He has gone to NC-organized meetings at City Hall, and that’s where he should explain in person.
    But I don’t see he needs to give people like Zuma Dogg and some of the other crackers the visibility of being on the same stage with him. You know they’re going to just go wacko and spend their whole time attacking him — since they know they don’t have a prayer of getting elected, they’ll do anything for attention and notoriety.
    Walter’s the most reasonable of the bunch, but he doesn’t stand a chance either, has used up all his money, and his only real issue is Jamiel’s Law and illegal immigration, both of which have been addressed ad nauseum by the Mayor, Chief and others on Council, so that there’s no need to stand there and do it again.
    Sorry but if I were him I wouldn’t give the others the PR either, there’s no benefit in it. And we might be missing a spectacle, but that’s it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think if Mayor Antonio wishes to be Mayor and with the little time he spends doing the people’s business because he is so busy with his own, he is just asking for a defeat. It doesn’t matter who you vote for but two viable candidates are Moore and Hernandez and if between them they get more votes than the Mayor, there will be a run-off and that is what I hope will happen. We cannot go on with the ho-hum attitudes that are prevalent in City Hall while they fee, tax and take advantage of their having been elected. We need honest, reliable people who will do their best to make this a safe and important city rather than some old port whose time is over. People like that deserve our respect and cooperation. This gang does not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah Bruno, take heart. Who says L.A. is broke. The CC is getting $194 Millon from the DWP. WHoopie, free money!!!
    L.A. City Council Meeting Agenda
    FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2009
    ITEM NO. (71) – Motion Required
    09-0087 COMMUNICATION FROM THE BOARD OF WATER AND POWER COMISSIONERS and ORDINANCE FIRST CONSIDERATION relative to the transfer of surplus money from the Power Revenue Fund of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to the City’s Reserve Fund during Fiscal Year (FY) 2008-09. Recommendations for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR: 1. CONCUR with the Board of Water and Power Commissioners’ action on January 6, 2009, Resolution No. 009-150, authorizing the transfer of $194,692,700 from the Power Revenue Fund to the City during FY 2008-09. 2. PRESENT and ADOPT the accompanying ORDINANCE authorizing the transfer of $194,692,700 from the Power Revenue Fund of the LADWP to the City’s Reserve Fund. (Energy and Environment and Budget and Finance Committees waived consideration of the above matter)

  4. G. Shepherd says:

    Yeah. And my mom says that if you ask our political animal police chief about ethnic cleansing by gangs and illegal gang members, he’ll tell you you’re nutz-0, and if you don’t like it and the way he does things to move.
    And she said if you ask the mayor the same thing, he’ll have a hissy fit and say, “I find your comments offensive.”
    Of course, Tonio won’t debate. He can’t debate. He’s worse off than a three-legged dog; he doesn’t have even one leg to stand on. And he’s full of worse crap than what you and I leave on on a walk in the park that your dad and my mom have to scoop up.
    Your friend,

  5. Baby says:

    Thank you for keeping James story alive. He was an amazing person, everything you described and more.

  6. SKiperring a boat has constantly been a dream of mine, enjoyed reading your weblog.

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