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Daily News, Green Party Oppose Measure B; Laborers Union Members Confront DWP Officials

As momentum against Measure B continued to grow, the DWP — still claiming its a neutral information source — held a series of forums in the last few days around the city but attracted only a few dozen people, most of them protesters from Laborers Union 300.

The Laborers, like other unions of construction workers, feel the measure is a direct attack on them and their members because it gives a monopoly on solar installations to the DWP and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Meanwhile, the Daily News came out strongly against Measure B on Sunday, saying it’s an unnecessary charter reform and was rushed to the ballot without adequate public discussion or knowledge of the costs.

The editorial said that “frankly, ratepayers have little reason to trust
an agency that has been hiking rates repeatedly in recent years, with
few results to show for the money.

“As well, this particular initiative would write into the
city charter a requirement that all solar work would be done by DWP’s
highly paid unionized workers — despite the fact that they don’t have
the skills to install and maintain solar panels…

What’s more, this measure would give the utility an
airtight excuse when residents start complaining about
higher-than-expected rate increases to cover the costs of the program:
“Hey, you guys voted for it.’”

Like the Daily News, the Times opposed Measure E, a charter amendment that gives City Hall a blank check to give businesses incentives without proper safeguards, but delayed announcing its position on Measure B until Thursday.

It said that despite serious concerns about the use of such charter amendments, Measure B is “a special case requiring extra attention” because of its “complex and controversial” nature.

In deciding to oppose Measure B, the Green Party of LA County noted the growing opposition from labor, business, community organizations, political groups and politicians.

The Green Party cited “violations of Social Justice concerns, of shortcomings in
Ecological Wisdom, of the absence of Grassroots Democracy, of the
imposition of a centralized framework over Decentralization, of
closed-bid rather than Community-Based Economics, of pitting union
against union, instead of Respect for Diversity, of cronyism, not
Personal and Global Responsibility, and misplaced and misguided Future

:D efeat of this top-down, anti-union,
payola underwritten Proposition does not stop solar development within
the City of Los Angeles. Measure B will be defeated and then we will
make a real plan for clean energy and clean government, with a place
for all Stakeholders at the table to refine it and move swiftly ahead.”

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14 Responses to Daily News, Green Party Oppose Measure B; Laborers Union Members Confront DWP Officials

  1. Interested Observer says:

    At the Town Hall solar forum at DWP headquarters yesterday, members of the Laborers Local 300 directly asked the questions about Measure B that have been only lightly touched on by others, and in a moment of candidness or exasperation, the high level DWP staffer said that all work on this project belonged to DWP, and therefore its unions, and that he was “unapologetic” for that. The Laborers’ plea that they are certified and trained in solar installation fell on deaf ears, as the DWP representative spoke highly of a DWP funded jobs and training program for “the community”. The Laborers, who argued that they too are from “the community”, are unionized, and can do the labor portion of the installation work for $10 an hour less than DWP employees were simply dismissed, and that they also are unemployed. There was some logic in hiring the trained unemployed before DWP incurrs the expense of training potential employees who may or may not even make it at the job site.
    My observations: “community” depends upon where you live and who’s using the term; DWP is clearly not neutral when it comes to Measure B. Anyone who watches the video made of this meeting will be hard pressed to disagree with these points.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Election is 9 days away, a reminder when voting on March 3. VOTE FOR CHANGE!
    On October 15, 2008 the Measure B Motion was introduced by Councilmembers Garcettii, Greuel, and Perry. This motion was seconded by Councilmembers Rosendahl, Parks and Hahn.
    On November 4, 2009 City Council voted to place Measure B on ballot.
    ITEM NO. (26) – Motion Required
    CF No. 08-2914
    COMMUNICATION FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY, RESOLUTIONS and ORDINANCE TO BE PRESENTED relative to placing before the voters at the March 3, 2009 Primary Nominating Election a Charter amendment that would authorize the Mayor and the City Council to offer incentives to businesses to retain and attract businesses.
    10 Votes Required
    Richard Alarcon – Yes
    Tony Cardenas – Yes
    Eric Garcetti – Yes
    Wendy Greuel – Yes
    Janice Hahn – Yes
    Jose Huizar – Yes
    Tom LaBonge – Yes
    Bernard Parks – Absent
    Jan Perry – Absent
    Ed Reyes – Yes
    Bill Rosendahl – Absent
    Greig Smith – Absent
    Jack Weiss – Yes
    Herb Wesson – Absent
    Dennis Zine – Yes
    Vote NO on Measure B.
    Vote NO on Measure E.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Correct CF No. 08-2795
    On November 4, 2009 City Council voted to place Measure B on ballot.
    ITEM NO. (25) – Motion Required
    CF NO. 08-2795
    COMMUNICATION FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY, RESOLUTIONS and ORDINANCE TO BE PRESENTED relative to placing before the voters at the March 3, 2009 Primary Nominating Election, the Los Angeles basin solar power, green energy and jobs development program.

  4. Hold Them Accountable says:

    The person the ran Measure B through the City Council was the President of the City Council, Eric Garcetti. He is running for a 3rd term because of another controversial measure that he put on the ballot in 2006, Measure R which extended his term.
    Garcetti hide a report that questioned the cost and risk of Measure B:
    Vote No on Measure B and say Yes to Renewable energy (Small Hydro, Wind, and Solar) which is already in DWP’s plans.
    His single opponent, Gary Slossberg opposed both of these measures.
    Hold Politicians accountable for their actions. Vote on March 3rd
    Google “Gary Slossberg”

  5. Anonymous says:

    L.A.’s New Mayor, Tony Villar
    Patrick Mallon
    Wednesday, June 8, 2005
    Who Is the New Mayor?
    Who Has the New Mayor Run With?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Got to love the hypocrisy on this site-On one hand you say the IBEW union is terrible and that Measure B is a giveaway to them and then on the next post, you are complaining that the laborers union is being shut out of this.
    Why dont you be honest. You guys hate unions and you’d rather the DWP be privately run so that the workers make terrible wages and the profits go to the greedy companies that have higher rates than the DWP and couldnt keep the lights on in 2000.
    The anti measure B crowd is full of;
    -Republicans like Humphreyville
    -Failed business people like Nick Patsouras who has numerous tax leins against him and ran a failed bank ( marathon)
    -NC’s who say no to everything
    -Privatizers who hate seeing an example of a successful public power agency.
    Other deadenders who are the remaining angry white men of yesteryear.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To 11:40 Have you noticed that the ONLY people publicly voicing support in an organized way are the special interests who will financilly or politically benefit from Measure B at the expense of the ratepayers? Have you noticed that NONE of the opponents of Measure B have nothing to gain financilly or politically for spending their time to voice opposition? Do you honestly think Measure B would be on the ballot had their been DWP Commission hearings, or had the City Council done a financial analysis (still not done) of the impact of Measure B? Measure B is “extremely risky” for a simple reason–binding its execution to the Charter, without cost constraints, could easily ruin DWP’s credit ratings, and we ALL will pay a heavy price for that. DWP can well continue on the program already adopted to put solar on City facilities. You don’t need a Charter Change for that. Get real.

  8. To the 11:40 Anonymous, please spell my name properly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Angelenos are fortunate to have an advocate like Mr. Jack Humphreville.
    A YES Vote for Mr. Nick Patsouras, City Controller.
    One of the reasons NCs say No, specifically to Measure B,is because the volunteers are in tune with their communities.
    Vote for CHANGE!

  10. Following the Rules says:

    The Green Party opposes this measure, so it is foolish to try to silence common sense voices by painting anyone who opposes this measure as “right wing.” Many times there are specific political issues where there is an intersection of common interests from persons of diverse sides (A political “odd couple”). I don’t appreciate anti-Union people. I don’t appreciate anyone putting Union members down and more specifically DWP workers. If you listen to presentation by the Controller and PA Consulting, DWP workers were complemented and deservedly so.
    That being said, the fundamental issues of following procedures were completey bypassed–reports were hidden, the plan for this was not put before the DWP Commissioners and yet the DWP staff was there to speak in defense of this plan to City Council. A report was kept from Council members until after the Council voted. I have a real problem with that. In the District 5 debates, Paul Koretz said that the process was flawed, but the measure was good. I completely disagree. We need a transparent government as much as we need transparent markets. Progressives should understand this more than anybody. It is the same principal we hold in opposing government intrusions of our rights with wiretapping and indefinite detentions in Guantanamo.

  11. Craig Wilson says:

    I work for DWP. I have no dog in this fight, Meas B. But common sense tells me you don’t sign a contract to buy a Prius if they tell you verbally, Sign here, we will tell you LATER what the cost is!!! I was born at night, but not LAST NIGHT, MR D’Arcy. If I had a nickel for every DWP employee who hates your guts, I could retire tomorrow with a Yacht and a Rolls! Why is this!?? With Brothers like this who needs an enema!? With friends like this who needs an enema!?? You call it the Brotherhood of electrical workers, but everyone hates your guts, fears you and your thugs, your New York Style gangsters of the IBEW. I’m tired of being threatened by your thugs in the IBEW. I’m 57 now ready to retire soon, so you can’t touch me! Bring it on. Remember Paul Kersey ? Look it up. Death Wish I, II, III. Charles Bronson. It was in all the papers, at a theatre near you. Look it up CW The cost of Meas B may be $80 per yr per household. NO one knows the cost!!! Not me not you not Nick Patasouras, not Mr D Nahai. We do not know the cost.! The solar cells will be made in China! How does that give a US citizen a job? The IBEW workers already have a job!!! There are workers in the US, in LA who need a job!!!

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