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McIntyre’s Election Eve Party to Take Back LA

kabc.jpgKABC’s Doug McIntyre is mad as hell about Antonio’s political machine and he’s not going to take it any more — so let’s party on election eve, March 2.

“Join McIntyre as he rouses the rabble to turn out the vote and the political machine that�s run Los Angeles into the ground!   An election eve TAKE BACK THE CITY rally, LIVE, Monday, March 2nd from 6 � 10PM at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel at LAX!

“It�s time to stop bitchin� and start pitchin� the incumbents out of office!”

It�s Taxpayers vs the Unions! Homeowners vs the Developers! Democracy vs the Big Fix!  Say NO MAS to Illegal Alien Gang Bangers. Say YES to Jamiel�s Law. Say No to Villaraigosa, say YES to a FREE LOS ANGELES!   

Vote as many times as you want!

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8 Responses to McIntyre’s Election Eve Party to Take Back LA

  1. Out the Incumbents says:

    You can vote out the Commander, the City Council President who championed Measure B through the City Council and onto the ballot, Eric Garcetti by voting for his only challenger. If you don’t live in his district, tell you friend, spread the word, and see if you can help with the campaign.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Out the incumbents – which council seat does Garcetti hold now (by number)? I think he is president but which council district is he in?

  3. Support Candidates that Oppose Measure B says:

    That challenger is Gary Slossberg who specifically opposes Measure B, but also the way it was pushed through. To quote Controller Chick the way it was handled “ stinks”
    Just Google “Gary Slossberg” to find his site. Spread the word to people you know who live in District 13: Silverlake, Echo Park, Hollywood.

  4. I am quite the fan of Doug and have had the opportunity to meet him a few times. He’s great and we agree on most things.
    That being said I think the revolution has to be far more broad based. You simply have to change the tone of this rhetoric to bring in more young professionals (renters who don’t care about billboards but care about jobs), immigrants (who want to raise their families and succeed in a positive environment) and others who don’t fall into the usual homeowner-NIMBY-crank crowd (present company excluded). We all have a common enemy – Villaraigosa and the corruption in this city which is challenging economic opportunity and quality of life. Lets tone down the illegal alien, billboard and other divisive issues, realize that LA is not going back to the 50s and that we can have a mega-diverse City (not just racially but in terms of how the city looks and is built and operates) that could really be something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Angelenos complain and continue to reelect these same ineffective politicos over and over which is why the politicos do as he/she pleases with no accountability to their constituents. Don’t be fooled by the colorful fliers and twenty second media sound bites during elections.
    I’m hopeful that the 255,242 Angelenos who voted against Measure R, term extension to council members, will term out and vote against the incumbents on March 3.

  6. AnonymouslyYours says:

    Vote as many times as you want!
    And make sure your dead Uncle Carl votes, too. He does it in Chicago, so why not here?
    Someone’s got to cancel out all the illegal alien votes!

  7. Chris says:

    So we’re not going back to the 1950s, Michael. How about we compromise and go back to 1964? Hell, I’d take the mid 80′s for that matter. This and the last decade have not been good for L.A. But who better than AV to cap off a s***-on-a-stick 20 year bad spell.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The revolution starts by VOTING AGAINST JACK WEISS.
    Here are your options:
    Michael Amerian
    Carmen Trutanich
    David Berger
    Noel Weiss

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