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The Election Nobody Was Supposed to Care About

EDITOR’S NOTE: Join the Political Ad Truth Squad. It’s nearly election day and it’s getting real, news developments, charges and ads and ads and ads. Post your comments on the messages you’re seeing on TV and in the mail and email lto links to videos and other material that you see as defining the closing days of the campaign.

The blitz is on — for an election nobody was supposed to care about.

The City Hall political machine was supposed to have their way with us. But in the final week of the election that nobody was supposed to care, we find the shoo-in insiders campaigning for their lives or at least their political careers.

The mayor himself who could wind up with sunburn from Measure B is racing around town in a bus trying to drum up votes so he doesn’t wind up with less than 60 percent of vote when he’s challenged only by the likes of Walter Moore, Zuma Dogg and David Hernandez.

Wendy Greuel is so afraid she might lose to city watchdog Nick Patsaouras that she just gave her campaign $110,000 of her own money and compromised her integrity and ability to actually do the job of City Controller by taking $200,000 from the IBEW. You might remember Greuel sponsored Measure B, championed it through City Council at breakneck speed without knowing anything about it except that it gave the IBEW a monopoly on all the jobs of a $3 billion solar program.

And when you talk about desperate, there’s nobody like Jack Weiss. Here’s a guy who never actually gets anything done and annoys even the people who like him and he’s spending day and night dialing for campaign dollars so he can fill our TV screens and mailboxes with attack ads aimed at Michael Amerian, an assistant City Attorney who Weiss wants to boss around all day when he’s formally crowned the City Attorney.

Why Amerian? Because Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich is going to come in first and Amerian is running ahead of Weiss, which would leave him out of the runoff and leave the mayor and police chief without anyone to uncork and pour fine bottles of wine for them.

Who would have thought when back room deals were being cut, when environmental groups were being seduced with cheap promises and business and labor intimidated, that the dominant issue in the election nobody was supposed to care about would be solar energy, the one thing we can all agree on?

The Big Mistake in a campaign that is nothing but one Big Lie after another was the decision to sue the Solar 8 over the No on Measure B ballot argument.

It brought hundreds of community activists together like never before. City Attorney candidate Noel Weiss rode to the rescue of the Solar 8 and the judge laughed the big shots out of court, saying Measure B was so vague and contradictory and the process so flawed you could say just about anything you wanted about it and not be lying or misleading.

Their intimidation gave us a focus and the more we learned about Measure B, the more we understood how it is nothing but a blank check for higher rates and dirty deals, nothing but pie-in-the-sky promises from the DWP, IBEW and City Hall that have failed to deliver on one promise after another for clean energy and good jobs.

Now business and labor and every community group in the city that has taken a stand are opposed to Measure B.

This is the election nobody was supposed to care about. If you don’t care,  you get what you deserve. If you do care, then this is the election where you can make a difference.

Protest the re-election of Antonio Villaraigosa by voting for any other candidate.

Deny Jack Weiss a place in the runoff for City Attorney.

Elect Patsaouras who has the courage, the experience and the passion to live up to the tradition of public service that Controller Laura Chick has established.

And understand this even if you disagree with me on everything else: Defeat Measure B and you change the entire political dynamic of LA. You will open the doors and windows of City Hall to transparency, you will give the people a seat at the table of power, you will guarantee that political games and personal agendas take a back seat to the public interest.

Those are new rules of the game articulated by the President of the United States. Those are our rights as Americans.

Do you care enough to vote?

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9 Responses to The Election Nobody Was Supposed to Care About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another spin from the Kaye, Kaye and Kaye fantasy poll. Seems to me the opposite is true: that after a brief Anyone but an Incumbent honeymoon, as people are finding out more about who the minor candidates in all the races are, they’re looking at them with a much more critical, negative eye.
    You still manage to say with a straight face that zuma dogg, pot religion=pastor Rubin (after their publicity fiasco backfired and made ALL the candidates figures of fun) Hernandez and the rest are lighting fear? They’ve all made this election a lot more colorful than otherwise, that’s a fact.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So if Weiss comes out first on Tuesday, what will Ron do? When Wendy wins with over 65% of the vote, what happens? And when Measure B passes, will Ron take his ball/blog home?

  3. Anonymous says:

    TO 7:11, don’t know what Ron will do, but if the election comes to pass as you speculate, it will be a very dark day for the future of this once great city.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Angelenos complain and continue to reelect these same ineffective politicos over and over which is why the politicos do as he/she pleases with no accountability to their constituents. Don’t be fooled by the colorful fliers and twenty second media sound bites during elections. Vote these LA Politicos out of office on March 3, 2009.
    Measure A: NO
    Measure B: NO
    Measure E: NO

  5. Rabble rabble says:

    Finally someone is talking about that damn A…rabble rabble rabble im angry…rabble rabble its change our charter china china mexico backroom deals rabble rabble…wait what is A again?
    Oh screw it this city is awful and we have to stop everyone with experience and talent from winning because i am mad about digital billboards!

  6. One who knows says:

    Spinners in the house, Trujillo, Smith, Skelton

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