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Where Do the CD5 Candidates Stand on Measure B

At the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association forum Wednesday for Council District 5 candidates, I asked them where they stand on Measure B.

Adeena Bleich and David Vahedi are opposed. Ron Galperin, Robert Schwartz, Robyn Ritter Simon and Paul Koretz support it.

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5 Responses to Where Do the CD5 Candidates Stand on Measure B

  1. No on Measure B says:

    Dear CD 5 Candidates,
    It is good to see that at lease two candidates are listening to the community. Some of you are involved in the Neighborhood Council system – you should understand what it means to bypass the Neighborhood Council system and the LADWP MOU Committee. If you do not understand the Neighborhood Council system’s role in the City – advisory to the City Council – you should not be running for City Council.
    I am glad to see that my City Council representatives – Smith and Zine – have stepped up to the plate and said: We were not given the PA Consulting Report. We did not have this information when we voted.
    Now that we have all heard what City Controller Chick has said about the full PA Consulting IEA report – I recommend that you read about the LADWP “Comprehensive Solar Plan”.
    Measure B really does two things – it makes a change to the City Charter. And it gives all of the jobs to the IBEW 18 and maybe IBEW 11.
    We will have solar energy, geothermal energy, and even wind power in Los Angeles under the LADWP’s “Comprehensive Solar Plan”. Measure B does nothing to make that process go any faster.
    In fact, it states that the City Council could stop the solar program from moving forward if they thought that the costs are too high. We need to know the estimates first – have some real bids and costs on the table. I know that I cannot even run an event in this city without going through a budget analysis.
    What it potentially does is force the LADWP to buy materials that are from out of the country – possibly China, Germany, or Southeast Asia – silicon based photovoltaic cells that are more expensive to manufacture, and puts the installation of them into the hands of a higher paid union – the IBEW.
    We know that companies such as Sunpower Systems (made in Thailand) are sending their representatives to speak to the City Council and encourage them to support Measure B. Do the City Council members who hear from these solar representatives know where the solar materials are manufactured?
    Measure B could potentially increase the poor air quality in Los Angeles by increasing the materials that are shipped into the Los Angeles Harbor.
    Unless the installed solar systems are offset by a reduction of fossil fuels in Los Angeles by reducing energy expended in factories, ships, trucks to carry the solar materials from the harbor, and even by reducing the number of cars on the road, the air qualitiy in Los Angeles will not improve.
    It would seem that the environmental people of Los Angeles are so fixed on the word SOLAR, that they would be willing to pay anything to get it.
    I calculated the cost to put solar on my own roof today based on 100% of my energy use in September 2008. It would cost me $106,000 to put a system on my roof. I do not know what subsidies I would receive – I can tell you that I could not afford that without heavy incentives.
    We should be working with the federal government to implement alternative energy from the federal stimulus package. We should not, as Measure B states, be looking for investors that will want to make a profit from a City owned utility for this 400 MW plan.
    What we want in Los Angeles is accountablity, to protect the public health, to protect the environment, and to protect the wallets of the LADWP residential customers. Measure B does not do any of these things.
    Vote No on Measure B.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only two candidates for District 5 deserve consideration, Adeena Bleich and David Vahedi. That is because their opponents don’t even have their facts correct. Measure B is unnecessary. LADWP already has a renewable program. Renewables aren’t limited to Solar. Renewables include small hyro, wind, and bio-fuel/bio-mass. The Citizens of LA shouldn’t be locked into one type of renewable (Solar), they should be allowed to have their utility make the best business decision that provides the cleanest, most reliable, and most cost effective means of renewable energy production to the ratepayers. That is what the ratepayers deserve. That is what the voters deserve.

  3. Jimmy Hallow says:

    I used to respect Paul Koretz as an old school Democrat. But his position on Measure B has made me reconsider my opinion. Where are his technical advisors? You can ask any Utility expert or college professor, it is not possible for a large city to have 100%

  4. Cathy says:

    Are these “guys” nuts? Even though the process was wrong, they say (and I paraphrase) we should still support Measure B. Anyone who says this doesn’t deserve your vote. That is because they don’t understand the law and should not be put in the legislative position of a City Councilperson. If the City Council errs such as a mistake in the Brown Act, they are required to start over. Measure B didn’t go through the normal City of LA process of going through the DWP General Manager, through the DWP Commission, and most importantly–it violated DWP legal agreement with Neighborhood Councils under their MOU. Therefore the City Council never should have put this on the ballot. Citizens and voters, never take that from any public office seeker. Demand accountability!

  5. Jackie says:

    Thank you Eric Garcetti for getting Measure B on the ballot and saving the backers of Measure B the cost of signatures: “Council gets ‘secret’ solar report,” LA Times, December 20, 2008. You have repaid the debt to your contributors.

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