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Measure B, the Aftermath: Nahai’s Super Ego and the Role of Fall Guy

In a city that worships at the Temple of Ego,nahaibb2.JPG DWP GM David Nahai is a shining superstar — if a giant image of him flashing these days on digital billboards along Sunset Boulevard qualifies for entry into the Pantheon of Super Egos.

Not that Nahai’s credentials in this regard aren’t already impeccable. He’s plastered his image all over the DWP building, on every publication it produces, even in the bag of two CFL light bulbs he spent $3.5 million of our money to give us in expectation of our undying gratitude.

Last summer, the man who lectures us on conservation and hikes our rates every month while the blackouts get more frequent nahaibb1.JPGand the water less plentiful got caught with his own home power and water consumption at levels two or three times that of the normal person.

Now, the billboards at North Kings Road and Sunset show him as he thinks of himself — a larger than life figure who is ready to humbly serve the city’s peasants as the next mayor, if Antonio doesn’t fire him first for the humiliating defeat of Measure B.

Nahai, needless to say, is unrepentant and unmoved by the will of the people, saying he has long favored the DWP owning, installing and maintaining rooftop solar units for all of us. Of course, he never did anything about it until the mayor for his own political advantage decided it was a good thing.

So he slapped together a plan for three times as much solar as Measure B provided, and feigned objectivity as he ran all over town peddling his myth.

Now he wants to move forward as if the blank check for solar that voters denied him was sitting on his desk and ready to be squandered.

“This is not a time for finger-pointing,” he told the Times. “It is a time to
move forward. And as I said, this was not a vote against solar, nor was
it a vote against city-owned solar. The misgivings had to do with other

Far be it for me to suggest Nahai tells lies when he’s not flattering himself — I leave that to his staff — but the fact is that voters rejected the propoal for a DWP monopoly on solar. This is not your grandfather’s DWP when it was run by professionals instead of politicians and egotists like Nahai and greedy power-hungry union bosses like the IBEW’s Brian D’Arcy.

Unfortunately for Nahai, D’Arcy is the leading finger-pointer, blaming the DWP GM for Measure B’s defeat.

As the man who bankrolled Measure B with nearly $1 million of his union members’ money, D’Arcy seems to think Nahai is the perfect candidate for the role of fall guy.

He accused Nahai of placing too much
emphasis on feed-in tariffs, which would give the revenue from solar installations to the home and business owners who buy the units. D’Arcy’s problem with that is it would actually stimulate business, really create thousands of jobs and get a lot of skilled trades workers out of the unemployment line.

“He is not a friend of Measure B, and the department as it relates to Mr. Nahai was not a proponent of Measure B,” D’Arcy said.

There is some truth in what D’Arcy said for a change. The department was not a supporter of Measure B because it was a fraud that could never deliver on its promises and the department is not a friend of Nahai’s.

A man without a friend in Brian D’Arcy is a man without a friend in the mayor’s office. Perhaps the news of that will take that ingratiating grin off of Nahai’s face.

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9 Responses to Measure B, the Aftermath: Nahai’s Super Ego and the Role of Fall Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    And among D’Arcy’s favored is Wendy Greuel, recepient of a last minute $250,000 campaign contribution. Who better to give that to than the one charged with auditing Measure B and DWP? Poor Wendy, caught between her self-image of independence and the almighty campaign dollar and union call centers and employees voting for their paychecks. Wonder if Wendy could redeem herself a bit by giving back the money?

  2. sheila says:

    hmmmm. So implementing no program, setting no rate, formalizing no process, setting no start date, and in fact doing nothing at all to establish feed in tariffs is “placing too much emphasis on feed in tariffs?” the guy couldn’t have done less for FITs if he had remained silent! he capitalized on the public fervor for FITs by pretending they were planning on implementing them, but did NOTHING else – it’s been months and months – this program has been working ridiculously well in 45 countries for years and just launched in Florida – what are they waiting for???.
    LA’s ratepayers will be SO ripped off by Green Path North and by DWP ownership of Big Solar, Big Wind and other boondoggles – can’t people see that? if people here don’t demand AB 811 funding and generous feed in tariffs, i can’t tell you how much you will all regret it. do you want democracy or do you want corporatocracy in municipal-utility-clothing?
    Oh and i will never forget sniveling scaredy-cat Nahai who demanded that 10 Sheriffs protect him from the quiet, seated people of the Joshua Tree area who had decided NOT to be the next Owens Valley for DWP. He has been insisting that their entire process was “open and transparent” while constantly hiding, lying, shifting and obfuscating their Green Path plans which would force thousands of families from their homes for an unneeded power line. The guy at one point shouted at people, who were suggesting that LA might want to deal with its McMansions in LA,in his pompous fake accent “I don’t have to talk to you. You are lucky I even came here at all.”
    Tacky, narcissistic, lying, wimpy, sneaky. You name it, Nahai’s your guy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Clever, Ron – you’re trying to set D’Arcy against Nahai by claiming he’s against Nahai as the “good guy,” while Nahai is against the union and “no friend of the department” he is GM of. You try to set Nahai against the Mayor too, while making D’Arcy whom you’ve slammed until now as selfish and thinking only about his union to the detrimiment of taxpayers, as the “good guy.” What political office did you say you’re gearing up for, Ron?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 1:01 pm.
    All opinions are valid. Since your opinion is valid, so is everyone’s including Ron’s. Being snide is not opinion, it is being unpleasant.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To 1:01. Guess you didn’t get the Working Californians memo:
    “D’Arcy accused DWP General Manager H. David Nahai of placing too much emphasis on feed-in tariffs, which he described as a giveaway to big business, and too little on the ballot proposal.”
    “He is not a friend of Measure B, and the department as it relates to Mr. Nahai was not a proponent of Measure B,” D’Arcy said.
    “Nahai said that, as a public official, he could not campaign for Measure B in the weeks leading up to the election.”
    On that last sentence, many who have heard Mr. Nahai’s presentations would argue that he did, indeed, cross that ethical line, and there was more than one discussion with the City Ethics Commission precisely about that. Nahai is still D’Arcy’s boy–he only failed at getting the few thousand votes needed to declare a mandate for legalized monopoly, and theft of the public trust.
    D’Arcy has started his campaign to get Measure B implemented in form dispite the election loss. The public be damned. The Neighbor Councils be damned. The ratepayers be damned. After all, D’Arcy is the puppet master of L.A., and Nahai, the DWP Commissioners, the Council members, and the Mayor will do as he pleases, or lose their jobs. Is it any wonder Laura Chick, who didn’t have a job to protect, was such an honest and outspoken critic of DWP and Measure B?
    Brilliant, Brian, but there comes a point where you will kill the goose that’s been laying your union’s and the politicians’ golden eggs. We are at the tipping point. Time for you to back off, for the public good.

  6. anonymous says:

    We are dealing with some of the biggest egos in town. Nahai, D’Arcy, and Tony V have such huge egos that they could individually black out any LCD billboard. You know every time somebody is honored with a Man of the Year award something bad happens to them.
    Nahai lied to the stakeholders and ratepayers on transparency not allowing a ratepayer advocate to look over DWP expenditures for rebuilding our electric and water infrastructure. He cannot be trusted. He broke the law going against the city ethics commission by campaigning for Measure B. He is a vampire who only knows how to suck the blood out of the ratepayers. He should be shown the door and have it hit his ass on the way out.
    D’Arcy is a true s—t disturber who has gotten away with bulling and fraud. The stakeholders and rayepayers should thank him for putting the defeat of Measure B on Nahai. Maybe this will get Tony V to show Nahai the exit door. The ethics commission should look into his campaign donations because there are improprieties taking place. This guy needs to be taken down a peg and the defeat of Measure B is just the beginning. His own union members do not like him because he does not stand up for them when they have a legit problem.
    Tony V will be an absent Mayor during the next four years. Oh you will see him at the photo ops and emergencies but he will be up north campaigning for State Governor. He will propose more billion dollar plans but the stakeholders are now wiser after his rush to ballot on Measure B.

  7. Nahai and the mayor went to Germany, not to see how well feed-in-tariffs work, but to see how they could best deter them. Nahai a supporter of FIT? WIth proponents like him, who needs opponents?
    LADWP can get their 1300 MW solar much cheaper, faster, and easier than new power lines, big solar fields in the desert, and scams like Measure B. All Nahai needs to do is:
    1) Get the “Mr Green” mayor to do what other cites in CA are doing and fund AB 811 loan programs. This will jumpstart solar installs in LA like never before, at no additional cost to ratepayers, since the costs will be paid by home and business owners.
    2) Pay FIT’s to consumers who install solar systems. These FIT’s will not cost the ratepayers any more than proposed new transmission lines (no longer needed), and the renewable energy surcharges that are inevitable once LADWP instead begins purchasing expensive Big Solar electrons from utility scale project owners.
    This is about ownership. LADWP wants to own all the solar installs in LA, and all the transmission lines needed to bring in the solar from the desert. Why should LA ratepayers and tax payers be forced to accept this? LA consumers wnat to participate, not be left out.
    If Germany with Alaska like solar resources can do it with FITs, LA can do it better with almost twice the solar potential. C’mon Mr Nahai.

  8. Who paid for this bill board advertisement?

  9. Chris says:

    I hope that’s Photoshop job.

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