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Thus Spake Brian D’Arcy: Nahai’s Kiss of Death

“Truthfulness (is) the highest virtue; this means the opposite of the cowardice of the “idealist” who flees from reality…” — Friedrich Nietzsche.

Sounding a lot like the German philosopher who believed God is dead and man as supermen must reign supreme, union boss Brian D’Arcy darcy1.jpghas suddenly emerged from the world of backroom dealings and stepped onto the public stage to assume his rightful place of power and prominence in the limelight of City Hall.

It’s been a long time coming.

D’Arcy, head of IBEW Local 18, has reigned supreme at the Department of Water and Power for years. He is armed with sweetheart contracts that give him more power than the utility’s general manager and so much money from his 8,000 members that he could spend $1 million in the recent primary to elect Wendy Greuel as City Controller and back his self-serving Measure B solar plan — a power grab that was beaten by the lowly mortals who call themselves community activists.

The newly visible union boss talks today with David Zahniser in the Times, heaping scorn on Neighborhood Councils as “dysfunction-palooza,” environmentalists as profiteers on clean energy and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s push for 20 percent renewable energy by next year as what sounds like the costly boondoggle it is.

” ‘Environmental leadership’ isn’t meeting some artificial deadline by
any means necessary,” he said. “Environmental leadership is actually
creating economic development while cleaning the air where you live,
putting people to work and linking the environment to it. That’s not
really what’s going on, if you ask me.”

D’Arcy — who fought every clean energy initiative proposed for the last decade and even warned they might bankrupt the DWP — suddenly reversed his ground 13 months ago when he announced his rooftop solar plan owned, installed and maintained by the utility.

It was a proposal largely put together in private discussions with various interests but not the DWP itself and made it on the ballot without going through Neighborhood Councils, the DWP Commission or any type of meaningful study, analysis or public discussion.

Although he spent heavily and campaigned publicly for Measure B, D’Arcy takes no responsibility for its defeat, and pointedly attacks DWP General Manager David Nahai, presumably hoping his close ally Raman Raj, the utility’s No. 2 man, will take over the top post.

“Even after the election, D’Arcy continues to speak out, using his dry
wit to skewer not only . . . Nahai, but
the utility’s efforts to secure solar power in the Mojave Desert and
geothermal energy in the Salton Sea,” Zahniser writes.

At times I found myself agreeing with D’Arcy and offer him faint praise as a political bully, saying: “Whatever D’Arcy wants, D’Arcy gets, and that’s because they’re so weak
and easily intimidated. I give him high ratings for doing
his job. I’d give them miserable ratings for not doing theirs.”: .

D’Arcy falsely accuses me of seeking to privatize the DWP like the mayor wants to do with the LA Zoo when the goal is to get the most clean energy at the lowest price in the shortest time.

In contrast, D’Arcy’s goal remains a monopoly on all energy-related jobs for his union no matter what it costs the public or how long it takes to end DWP’s reliance on the dirtiest coal-burning power plants in the country.

So he remains committed to using his clout to get his rooftop solar plan enacted despite voters’ rejection of it.

His position sets the stage for a showdown at City Hall that will reveal whether our officials have any political will at all or any respect for the public and whether the environmental leadership’s goal is clean energy or lucrative personal deals.

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19 Responses to Thus Spake Brian D’Arcy: Nahai’s Kiss of Death

  1. Anonymous says:

    We ought to quit “bailing” this D’Arcy fellow out with high, higher, highest rates. We did not elect him. I think union bosses have become the despots in our society – from auto workers to teachers to the DWP and to the bureaucracy, as well. Now we are all working so that the Union Bosses get rich. Thanks, Ron, for letting us know what really is going on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Environmental leadership is actually creating economic development while cleaning the air where you live,…” — Brian D’Arcy
    Brian should know that significant reliance on in-basin solar will require the additional use of natural gas (fossil fuel) peaker units. Thus Measure B would add to in basin air pollution, not “clean the air where you live”. D’Arcy is masterful in not telling the American Lung Association of this little detail so as to get their support. Good for Zahniser and the No on Measure B advocates for finally bringing D’Arcy out of the shadows.

  3. meterman says:

    Reprint of articles posted by Meterman on regarding Brian D’Arcy
    12-12-2007 The award for the best city manipulator goes to Brian D’Arcy for 2007.
    He is business manager for IBEW Local 18 Los Angeles who represents 8000 LADWP workers. He has managed to get the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Los Angeles City Council to cave in to his union demands. Now he is working over LADWP the same agency his union members work for. This once again proves the unions really run this city.
    This year IBEW Local 18 made LADWP employees the highest paid city workers. The average employee salary became $79,000 per year. These high salaries come right off the top of the LADWP collected ratepayers money. This has caused a shortage of funds for rebuilding the infrastructure of our water and power system. This has caused severe rate increases for water and power.
    The unions demands have made it very difficult and almost impossible for LADWP to rid themselves of employees that are not doing their jobs, who sit around all day and do nothing while they collect high salaries and wait for retirement too collect huge pensions. Much of the work supposed to be done in house by LADWP employees is sub contracted at higher prices because our city agency workers do not know how to do the jobs and are not getting the necessary education.
    The problems with LADWP are not all credited to the union. The city civil service system has held back the hiring of new employees because of antiquated requirements. The backlog is vast and the majority applications are turned away. This problem needs to be addressed now.
    Mr. D’Arcy has mailed all of us his propaganda video Crisis-LADWP. He has spent millions of his union members dues, and Working California Non-Profit, to produce this video telling us that it’s LADWP fault that the infrastructure is failing and not providing the safe and reliable water and power to all Los Angeles residents. This video is really spin control and shifting the blame from his union control of gouging all of the residents of Los Angeles to pay for high salaries through rate increases to making the executives of LADWP wake up and take care of business.
    It’s time we refuse to be abused. Don’t just vote for union endorsed candidates next municipal elections. Learn why the unions back these individuals. Our politicians should work for the citizens of this great city and not the unions.
    12-28-08 The award for the best city manipulator goes to IBEW local 18 General Manager Brian D’Arcy for 2008.
    Once again Brain D’arcy General Manager IBEW local 18 DWP employees union wins the great manipulator of the year award for 2008 by coming up with a half baked Los Angeles solar plan cooked in a back room at city hall. This plan benefits only DWP and makes Mayor Villaraigosa look good in the eyes of the uneducated. They are trying to fool the public. Ratepayers will get 12% or more increases and pay dearly if it passes.

  4. Phred says:

    Why is it that every photograph of Brian D’Arcy I have ever seen shows his face in shadows?

  5. david r2b says:

    As a side light, here is a copy of the letter I mailed to the Sierra Club when they asked for my Vote regarding their Board of Directors. In the news business there’s a saying: “if it bleeds it leads”, for the save the enviornment businesses it’s: “if it green we have to have it”.
    Everyone, please contact your favorite enviorment organization and tell them to investigate before recommending. I don’t know but I wonder, how many bad to poor things have been passed to “save our environment” nation wide that are of poor quality? I bet you many Citizens and communities have been screwed frequently as the result of recieving supportive recommentations from organizations that have not done their due-diligence or are receiving funding from those who will benefit.
    PS: I’m still waiting to hear back from Mark Gold of “Heal the Bay”.
    30 Mar 09
    Board of Directors – Sierra Club:
    Please be advised that we are not voting at all for any of the folks that are running for Office. Ahhh and the reason why. On the 3rd of March, here in Los Angeles, we had an election in which both elected offices and propositions were being addressed.
    Amongst the propositions was Prop B: “Solar Energy & Green Jobs”. Sounds good doesn’t it? We all want to be green and to get people back to work. However, there was something else happening here that the Sierra Club failed to do. Due diligence should be part of your job before recommending/supporting a ballot-voting instrument.
    The ballot proposition was placed on the ballot with unethical procedures because it was basically, to put it in street terms: “a power grab” by a powerful local labor union to control the solar energy business here in Los Angeles. Our City Council is very beholding to the local unions and the citizens come second. In this case the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) that basically runs the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power here in Los Angeles, bypassed the DWP Commission and went directly to the City Council for approval to put it on the Ballot. The Prop offered no real costs estimates and had no real plan offered other than the IBEW would install 400 MG of solar energy in the next time frame. The IBEW did not present their only consulting company’s evaluation/report because it was not favorable. Also, in the small print, the Prop literally prevented the other three electrical unions in the region, from doing any of the work. The IBEW asked the Citizens of LA to approve a monopoly.
    The Sierra Club has a wonderful mission: to save the environment, however you also have a responsibility to the humans that live on the planet. Inasmuch as saving the environment and politics are now so intertwined, you should FIRST evaluate how the environment programs are being administered to guarantee that the people are not being ripped off. This was the case with Prop B and you should never have supported it. Just because the wordsmiths, hired at big buck salaries, were good at their job, does not mean that “Solar Energy & Green Jobs” was honest, fair or good for the people.
    If the Sierra Club does not start paying attention, we’ll have to withdraw our membership. There are many other organizations that would gladly accept our participation.

  6. Jack Humphreville says:

    Brian D’Arcy has done a marvelous job for IBEW # 18 and its members.
    Union dues are estimated to be more than $15 million which feeds the campaign coffers of our city pols and pays for his phat salary and benefits.
    Question: who makes more: Brian D’Arcy or David Nahai?
    DWP workers are paid $200-250 million more than comparable workers at the city and other regional utilities. This is masked because DWP is tax exempt, has lots of coal fired power, and has failed to invest $7-10 billion in infrastructure, retirement programs and IT.
    So good for D’Arcy and his City Hall cronies, but not so good for the Rate Payers and Angelenos.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Mayor has tenacles polluting the local Sierra Club. These morons think the Mayor is environmentally conscious. Nope, just a calculated politician using environmentalism as a way to enrich his developer and union BOSSES. The Mayor is a puppet. Watch him dance for D-Arcy and Broad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If we had scrupulous and honest management which includes the Mayor & Council in the city, we would not need unions. Solve the first problem and we can get rid of the unions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The problem with city hall, mayor, is that their is NO leaders or checks and balances with city council. But the same people wo voted for them are the people who complain the most.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The problem at city hall, mayor, is that their is NO leadership or checks and balances with council. It appears the people who voted for these elected officials are the same people who complain the most.

  11. Chris Rowe says:

    “Brian should know that significant reliance on in-basin solar will require the additional use of natural gas (fossil fuel) peaker units.”
    I was looking at my “Gas Company” bills for 2008 while preparing my income taxes. Since I have them set up on “Level Pay”, I had not really paid any attention to the rate increases. Then I called tonight to ask – why did my Level Pay jump from $48 a month to $127 a month for about 6 months. And I was told that was because natural gas went from $.67 a unit to $1.43 a unit.
    Please tell me who has the time to read the fine print in the inserts and attend hearings when issues like this come up?
    So this is similar to what “Measure B” will do – we will have overall rate increases that will be significantly higher as we wean ourselves from fossil fuels.
    The latest of these issues is the LADWP water rate changes. The Tier 1 program will decrease what amount of water you use in the First Tier to get those who are already conserving to conserve more.
    The Second and Third Tiers may triple your rates for the volume of water that you consume over the First Tier. And once again, those rate increases have not been taken to the LADWP MOU Committee or the Neighborhood Councils. The “word” on conservation is going out with inserts in bags with free compact flourescent bulbs. But again, who will read the literature in the nice little LADWP bag?
    We need more people to attend the City Council meetings to speak out. The City Council knows the majority of people who attend those meetings by name because they are the same people over and over again that fight for the rights of the people.
    There are hundreds of people who are willing to make calls for a political campaign. Why not go down to City Council and go on the record about how you feel about the City raising all of your utility rates on a regular basis without really informing you.
    Why don’t they ask that on a ballot initiative – do you want your utility rates to go up dramatically because of water, solar, geothermal, or wind energy?
    Let’s see the voting numbers then.

  12. Jim Hilfenhaus says:

    Hum a little tune from “Dam Yankees”- “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets and little boy, Lola wants you” Now substitute Brian for Lola and LA City Council for little boy and you have the theme music for power in LA.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh look at Hilfenhaus humming, “Dam(n) Yankees”.
    I guess if only your union had gotten the contract, it would all be good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    If everyone simply stopped paying their DWP bill (like I did), then we would send a strong message that they would be forced to take notice of. It is the only way to take back the power. As long as we continue paying the rate increases, we will be powerless to do anything about them.

  15. Charles cottonlipp says:

    this guy is the biggest corporate criminal asshole in California. You will answer to God himself you crook. Believe the truth and you can still be saved. Go ahead and laugh

  16. Charles cottonlipp says:

    this guy is the biggest corporate criminal asshole in California. You will answer to God himself you crook. Believe the truth and you can still be saved. Go ahead and laugh

  17. charles cottonlipp says:

    You are obvioulsy ignorant to the only Truth. Birds of a feather flock together dont they Mr.Darcy. Vengence is mine saith The Lord. Thanks for being a Yesman for evil.

  18. Charles cottonlipp says:

    this guy is the biggest corporate criminal asshole in California. You will answer to God himself you crook. Believe the truth and you can still be saved. Go ahead and laugh

  19. Anonymous says:

    This guy is the biggest corporate criminal asshole in California. You will answer to God himself you crook. Believe in The Truth and you can still be saved. Go ahead and laugh. Vengence is mine. guess who said that sir, God. Get ready friend.

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