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UPDATE: Brian D’Arcy

A reader supplies this tidbit about Brian D’Arcy’s attitude toward public scrutiny that turned up in the PA Consulting charter-mandated IEA study of DWP operations and programs over the last  five years — a report that General Manager David Nahai has refused to show any interest in.

In Appendix A of the DWP IEA study there is a list of 72 individuals that were interviewed by the PA consultants in preparing their report.  Some Individuals were interviewed more than once.

Included on the list is David Nahai; all the LADWP Commissioners; all
the Directors of every DWP Department; Julie Butcher of the
SEIU; Richard Slawson, Labor Union leader with the Building and
Contractors Union. Just about everyone within DWP that has leadership
responsibility except for one individual: Brian D’Arcy.

Check out this footnote on page 4-185 of the DWP IEA study.

“Despite our best efforts we have been unable to interview Brian
D’Arcy, the Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers -Local 18

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  1. i miss my guitar! Naputol pa kasi yung string. haha, Piano nalang tuloy muna :)

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