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Naked City: Dirty Deals and

The Operators Behind MTA’s Rail Car Deal

Beth Barrett in the LA Weekly goes behind the scenes of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s back room maneuvering to keep a $300 million deal for new rail cars in the hands of the Italian firm AnsaldoBreda that failed to fulfill the terms of its earlier contract.

The firm missed deadline after deadline and when it delivered its cars they were 6,000 pounds too heavy with seats too narrow and might not be operable on all the region’s light rail lines.

MTA management wanted to open up bidding on a new batch of cars to all comers but the Italians cut deals with billionaire Stephen Bing, the county Federation of Labor and LA’s mayor with promises of opening a factory downtown

“The case is a vivid example of how politicians, firms and unions are
grabbing for tens of billions of dollars expected to flow from the new
Measure R sales-tax increase,” Barrett writes. “The Italians have hired Chris Lehane, a
political spinmeister and former aide to President Bill Clinton, as the
firm’s media handler.”

Desperate Jack Weiss Sells Out to Developers

Mayor Sam’s Michael Higby takes apart Jack Weiss’ ordinance approved Wednesday by the City Council that virtually turns over the city to developers.

The measure, going far beyond a new state law, extends the life of developers’ entitlements on property by a year. The intent was to recognize the impact on development of the economic crisis and limit the extension to projects actually in the works.

But Weiss, who will do anything for the moneyed people so he can win the City Attorney’s race, went far beyond the state law in winning a blanket extension.

Higby writes: “Shouldn’t there be an analysis of how many and which projects will be
impacted by this ordinance? One would think that certain projects
should not be given a longer life for related entitlements, and that
the projects that do get an extra year for related entitlements should
have to pay a hefty fee for it. Don’t we have a budget crisis? Why are
we giving away significant value for NO consideration? The more
egregious the entitlements (or if they’ve already expired or they’re
close to expiration), the higher the fee should be.

Writing Is on the Wall for City Hall Calligraphers

Daniel Heimpel in the LA Weekly pens
a story about City Hall calligraphers who produce beautiful
proclamations — nearly 28,000 of them last fiscal every year — honoring people far and wide
at the whim of the mayor and City Council.

He suggests that with the mayor admitting to a $530 million budget deficit, the scrolls are a $1 million indulgence City Hall cannot afford any longer.

“For years, these same council members failed to fund even one extra
billboard inspector to help the three inspectors long overwhelmed by a
proliferation of thousands of controversial and illegal billboards in
L.A. And $1 million per year would have greatly helped pay for the
testing of rape-incident DNA evidence that has sat, untested, on LAPD
shelves for years.”

For the record, here’s the tally so far this year: Mayor 4,215, Eric Garcetti 1,926Tom LaBonge1,519, Jose Huizar 1,386, Dennis Zine 1,298, Jan Perry 1,134, Ed
Reyes 1,073 and Bernard Parks 1,067.

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27 Responses to Naked City: Dirty Deals and

  1. Reading in Eagle Rock says:

    So if Jack Weiss bends the standards and twists the rules for his own benefit, would that show some ethical deviance from what we want a City Attorney to show?
    That’s not a good example coming from a UCLA SOL grad. The idea is to work withing the law’s dictates, and, although you might NOT violate the letter of the law, ignoring the SPIRIT of the law is part of your duty, especially as a City Attorney hopeful. You need to look out for your client’s best interests (the City of Los Angeles), and doing this sort of thing crosses the line for personal gain.
    You’ve been a politician too long, JACK, and have become comfortable with the trickery.
    Fellow UCLA SOL grad, but Trutanich is the man for the job.

  2. Anonymous says:

    we need to know the truth:

  3. Anonymous says:

    we need to know the truth:

  4. Anon says:

    More Ace Smith lies in the form of a bogus website…..the real link is not the fake one Ace Smith created to defame Trutanich…….a clear example of the underhanded, unethical behavior we have come to expect from clowncilman weiss.
    This is the reason that pretty much all of Los Angeles County law enforcement, rank & file, management and Chiefs are united behind Trutanich….they know what a crooked slime bucket weiss is…..the only law enforcement officer supporting weiss is the paid lackey of mayor villar, (I’m looking for a new job) bratton…pathetic…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Re: check is in the mail.
    What am I talking about? See right hand column. Okay?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is time to cut the salaries of the mayor and councilmembers and other elected city officials, in order to help solve the fiscal woes of the city. Enough with putting it all on the backs of the tax payers. And enough with the shady goings on! Pat.

  7. Daniel says:

    I don’t appreciate it when I’m reading my RKLA comments and have to stumble across comments that have been placed by somebody who works for the Jerk Weiss campaign; yes, I’m talking about 3:28. The website address for Carmen Trutanich is actually with NO “e”; check Google if you don’t believe me. The fact that the Jerk Weiss campaign would stoop so low as to create a fake website to trick voters says a lot about him. Learn more at
    Jerk Weiss should be a lobbyist for special interests, like the developers and advertising companies that he helps. He has been completely incompetent on issues like eliminating the DNA rape kit backlog and cutting the waste at City Hall. His fellow City Council members hate him, too. Look at this video with Zuma Dogg interviewing Councilman Zine (skip to the middle of the video), to see what I mean:
    Councilwoman Hahn has bashed him, too.
    On May 19th, remember “ABW”
    Anybody But Weiss.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Re last poster, I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’m disgusted with Trutanich’s nasty schoolyard mailers and campaign, which isn’t the way to get out “the facts.” And telling us to look at a video that zuma dogg made with Zine as “proof” is typical of this. Sure zuma dogg gets a point in once in a while, but like Alarcon says about him, “even a blind squirrel finds a chestnut once in a while.” Anyone who can look at Zine’s backstabbing, badmouthing in that video as anything more than a reflection of his own lack of decency is truly worth of Zine, Trutanich and Co.
    As for Janice Hahn, she’s passive-aggressive about anyone who supported Antonio over brother, and as the representative of San Pedro where Trutanich now lives, they run in the same circles down there and he’s been trying to get her to join his team for a long time for both these reasons.
    The fact that he’s only got Zine willing to openly endorse him speaks for itself. His claims to get the endorsements of police chiefs of small towns in the county means nothing towards the L A race: those are all under his buddy Steve Cooley’s jurisdiction and seen in that light, are cause for concern about Cooley’s role in this whole thing, openly trying to throw his weight around. Because Nooch has come out of nowhere he doesn’t have much record to scrutinize so he’s been running on Weiss’s, then when Weiss turns around to question his he cries “foul” and victim. He’s quite a ham actor, I’ll grant him that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Daniel, parroting Trutanich’s set line that Bratton is beholden to the Mayor and Weiss and has to do what they tell him is no doubt earning him good relations with Bratton, who loves being called a wimp. And of course being a push-over wimp is what’s earned him his reputation.
    Orlov reports that Jack Weiss got a number of endorsements today from L A law enforcement associations, including from the LAPD Command Staff and various others. The Protective League under Paul Weber claims to represent their rank and file, but is in fact very skewed under Weber, who’s pushing to elect the chief and get someone more in line with his own views in there, maybe himself — the LA Times editorialized that the League was “cynical and corrupt” last week for pushing this agenda. So that’s between him and Bratton, and some cops don’t think it’s a smart move on his part, to put them in the middle. What I heard from my cousin who’s a cop.
    Look, it’s clear that this blog and your SLAP are anti-city hall on every issue anyway, so no one’s going to be persuaded to change sides or choose them — but when the b.s. is getting slung so heavy it turns someone the other way.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It stands to reason that cops, who are generally Republicans, would endorse Trutanich. Any cop who is a Democrat would endorse Weiss and any cop who is a Republican would support Trutanich. It’s irrelevant whether or not it’s a non-partisan race. The real story of interest is how many LAPD cops actually LIVE in the City of Los Angeles! Not enough to vote anybody in any office, so they had better just hope that some city dwellers vote for Trutanich because the cops like him (whether they really do or not).

  11. anonymous says:

    Bummer that the Nuch people didn’t think to purchase all the True, True09, etc blogspots and websites. ‘Guess we should have seen that one coming.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, it was Trutanich Dirty Tricks that bought the Weiss name first, as reported right here on RonKaye, but typical Trutanich — play dirty and cry victim if anyone calls you on it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am not going to vote for JACK WEISS, PERIOD.

  14. Anonymous says:

    No 7:22, what actually stands to reason is that cops know crooks and know when they are being lied to, which is the weiss forte and likely one of the reasons why the LA County Chiefs and most rank and file police associations support Trutanich.
    And by the way, many law enforcement officers, (from many different agencies), actually do live in LA City. You may recall that just a few months ago a Sheriff’s Deputy was murdered in front of his home by gang members….another reason to vote for someone who has personally prosecuted gang members, (regardless of how long ago it occurred). What is important is the experience and understanding gained from dealing with this type of prosecution not any time lapse. Weiss has absolutely no experience in this arena.
    His past performance clearly demonstrates that he is disconnected from those he is supposed to be serving, generally absent during most Council functions and a cold, arrogant individual. It is clear that this style of ding his business would move into the CA office with him if we have the misfortune of seeing him elected.
    Trutanich is the right choice for City Attorney for these reasons and many many others.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It is extremely important for the same network of internet-based communicators to spread the word about the importance of voters getting out on May 19 (or to vote by mail) for Carmen Trutanich. This network defeated Measure B handing Antonio Villaraigosa a stinging defeat.
    Let Jack Weiss send out glossy mailers with him standing next to the Mayor. We can use the underground e-network to motivate and get voters out for Trutanich. Let’s keep sending the Mayor a message that he has lost credibility. But we have to be determined to make it happen.

  16. anonymous says:

    Weiss missed 38 percent of counsel meetings and cancelled 40-something public safety meetings, but claims to be a campaign for public safety. If an average-joe did that in his job he would be fired. That’s exactly what will happen on May 19.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I for one appreciate the fact that Jack Weiss uses his time in council efficiently, and is among the few least likely to gas on and on…and on. He’s used his time wisely to get max. done in that amount, and this is a red herring like all of your nasty little Trutanich sound-bite talking points: if you look at the council as a whole there are quite a few who are absent more often — as long as there’s a quorum to conduct meetings and they have excused absences, they just need to be there when they need to be there.
    Jack Weiss is among the 3 Councilmembers who have issued the fewest expensive caligraphy proclamations, which cost the city $1,000,000 last year and untold amount of council time. While recognizing constituents, businesses and organizations who’ve made worthy contributions to the city is valid and necessary, there are some who abuse it and go on…and on and on… Janice Hahn comes to mind, along with a few others. And he’s also been among those who give out the fewest fee waivers, while some have given out way too many, until recently forced to curb that AND their gasing on…and on and on… Maximizing the taxpayers’ money and everyone’s time has been a key aspect of his council tenure, one which I appreciate.

  18. anonymous says:

    If by “efficient,” you mean “not at work,” then Weiss is reeaaally “efficient.” Now I understand how Weiss can claim to be the champion of the rape kit issue; Weiss cancelled the 40-something Public Safety meetings because he thought that he accomplished everything that the committee needed to accomplish in the remaining 60% of meetings that he actually attended. But the problem with that logic is that the number of untested rape kits trippled under Weiss’ watch. Keep spinning.

  19. Anonymous says:

    4:28: I honestly don’t care what you think or say but the way you people keep twisting even the rape kit issue when there are numerous reports from numerous media and objective sources on his record to the contrary going back to 02, just shows that you people can’t be trusted. You’ll like even about what is plainly documented hoping that if you lie often and loudly enough people will believe you. Standard Trutanich trial op too.

  20. anonymous says:

    You have one thing right: it does not matter what I think or say (or, for that matter what you think or say).
    The facts are the facts. Here they are:
    When Weiss came to office the untested rape kits were at around 2,000. Today, there are about 7,500 untested rape kits. Weiss ran on the issue in 2004, and is trying to run on the issue again. Since 2004, Weiss cancelled 40+ public saftey meetings.
    If you point out which above statement is unTRU, I will gladly take it back. But the black-and-white truth is that those are the facts. If a career politician and his “Ace” consultant spins those facts loud enough and often enough people might actually believe it.
    Not this time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There’s no point in engaging you or arguing with you, you Trutanich people have a pack mentality and like his all-negative childish, school-yard, nasty mailers, you resort to telling the same sound-bite lies over and over again and hope they stick.
    But the fact remains that Trutanich hasn’t done a damn thing about rape kits — being too busy lining his pockets defending rapists, but like with every other public policy issue he’s been on the wrong side of for profit, is running on Weiss’s record since he doesn’t have one. It’s all “you didn’t do this or that as well as I could have, na-na, had I actually lifted a finger to do anything about them which I didn’t.” Like the child who’s been out playing baseball all day while his sister did her essay, and then comes in to pick it apart and say he could have done better IF he had done his own. The sad thing is you pack-followers are all naive enough to fall for his empty ploys.
    Look, you’ve made up your minds not to vote for anyone associated with Villaraigosa whatever he or she says or does, leave it at that. Keep listening to Jon & Ken and McIntyre, I’ll get my news from NPR (though I may listen to the screamers just to see what they’re trying to rile the masses up for or against in the interest of their own ratings and earnings), and ne’er our twain shall meet.

  22. Anonymous says:

    10:17 – I still have to disagree with you about where the cops live. Okay maybe you tracked down one sheriff. I didn’t go verify or disprove your story, but I bet you any money that the LA COUNTY Sheriff doesn’t live within the City of Los Angeles and therefore cannot vote. I bet he lives in the COUNTY. That’s where he works. I would need to see proof that he lives in the City and is eligible to vote in a city election.

  23. Anonymous says:

    1:38 The Sheriff lives in San Marino, I’m not talking about him, he is only one vote, I’m talking about the 10,000 sworn and 8,000 civilian line employees, a number of whom live in LA City and still more, who may not live there but have family members and friends that do and you can bet they are getting an earfull about weiss.
    Your pitiful dismissal of “no cops live in LA City” is desperate BS just like the rest of the info being heaved about by wiess and his minions!
    BTW here’s your verification:

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sorry about that sad story, but I stand by what I said before. MOST LAPD officers do not live within the city of LA. They just don’t.
    And I’d like to respond to 8:04 AM:
    I am not going to vote for CARMEN TRUTANICH, PERIOD.
    I like the way even Janice Hahn who hates anything having to do with the mayor, can’t bring herself to endorse Trutanich. Ick..creepy guy.

  25. No_limits10 says:

    Moreover, all modern business is built on guarantees of standards. ,

  26. No_limits10 says:

    Moreover, all modern business is built on guarantees of standards. ,

  27. No_limits10 says:

    Moreover, all modern business is built on guarantees of standards. ,

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