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UPDATE Public Be Damned: Taxi Parking Measure Stalled

EDITOR’S NOTE: The City Council’s rush to please lobbyist Ken Spiker Jr., who represents taxicab operators and billboard companies, by giving taxis an exemption from the ban on long-term parking on residential streets has stalled thanks to community opposition. Here’s the email:

Subj: Taxi Parking in Residential

The Department of Transportation, whichThumbnail image for 232123123.jpg opposed this last September, now says next week’s hearing was canceled and has not be rescheduled.

This is to inform you that this item will not be heard at the May 6
Special Meeting  of the Transportation Committee.  This will give
you more time to schedule discussion of this proposal by your NC and/or your
Transportation Subcommittee.

The next regular meeting of the
Transportation Committee is scheduled for May 13; this item may appear on
the May 13 agenda.  I will let you know if this item will be considered
by the Transportation Committee on May 13 as the agenda for that meeting
takes shape.

Yours in public service,
Carolyn Jackson, Senior
Management Analyst
Department of Transportation, Office of the General

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One Response to UPDATE Public Be Damned: Taxi Parking Measure Stalled

  1. Albert Saur says:

    Cabs parking for a long time is one problem, one that I do not experience in my neighborhood. I live across the street from El Camino High School. Another problem about taxicabs is the city ordinance that forbids them from picking up passengers while roving. In most other large cities, one can see an empty cab moving in the street nearby, hail it, and get in and go to one’s destination. Here one has to phone for a cab and wait perhaps half an hour.
    Is there some safety reason for not allowing roving cabs to pick up passengers?

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