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Green Revolution vs. Community Empowerment — Why Are They at Odds?

Ever since Measure B on solar energy got ramrodded onto the ballot last November, I’ve grappled with the question why the environmental movement prefers to cut deals with politicians rather than muster greater support from a public that embraces the … Continue reading

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Dropping Like Flies, Fighting Like Dogs, Passions Like Pit Bulls — Is City Hall Still Indestructible?

One day the head of the Police Commission resigns “unexpectedly” one day to spend more time in his private law practice. Two days later, Fire Chief Douglas Barry “abruptly” hangs it up at age 55 after two years in his … Continue reading

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On Billboards, Busted Budgets and Bad Leadership

Just like that in 26 seconds without further adieu or debate, the City Council last week grabbed another $27 million out of the money we pay for electricity and put it into the treasury to help mask years of reckless … Continue reading

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The Parent Revolution Comes to the LAUSD

A funny thing happened when Ben Austin was on his way to reforming LAUSD from within — his paid petitioners to qualify him for the school board ballot for the Westside got screwed up and he didn’t get enough signatures. … Continue reading

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CD5 Election Snafu: Will We Ever Know Who Really Won?

The evidence is mounting that county election officials messed up the Council District 5 runoff election between Paul Koretz and David “Ty” Vahedi so badly that the issue will inevitably end up in court and a re-vote might be needed. … Continue reading

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Bruno Remembers Those Who Serve — Semper Fi!

By BrunoL.A.’s Watchdog I’m back and I’m barking.Ron tells me I’ve been missed.  That’s flattering, but I’ve been reading his blog in my dog house and figured one guy ranting at the top of his lungs was enough.  You didn’t … Continue reading

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Jane Usher Speaks Out: Taking Back City Hall from the Corrupt Political Machine

Jane Usher spent three years as president of the city Planning Commission trying to end pay-to-play development deals and bring intelligent growth to LA. She fought for rules that would protect the quality of life in neighborhoods, to stop the … Continue reading

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Wendy Watch: Is the New City Controller Right in Calling the Budget “Fiscally Responsible”

Many commentators have called the city budget approved this week a work of fiction based on false revenue and cost assumptions, and warned it will lead to drastic cuts in city services and could force LA into bankruptcy within a … Continue reading

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Happy Days Are Here Again…The Worst Is Over — Maybe

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Obama Adminstration is jawboning signs of economic stability as hopeful indications that recovery is just around the cornerPersonally, I think things will get worse before they get better but here’s a report from the Realtors at yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Trutanich: “We took over the city . . . We’re going to change the way politics is played”

Carmen Trutanich’s followers partied election night away at the Universal Hilton while the mayor and his good friend poor Jack Weiss huddled in a back room (appropriately) at Canter’s Deli secluded from their glum financiers and called it an early … Continue reading

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