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Bruno, the LA Watchdog: Psychoanlyzing Antonio

I might be naive, but I thought when Ron left the Daily News (we refer to his departure as a “retirement” around the house), he’d be spending a lot more time with me throwing balls, walking around the block scaring neighbors, harassing the postman. You know, dog stuff.
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But I was wrong.

The guy first discovered blogging, which was OK because he could do it in the kitchen in his underwear and throw me bones while he was throwing bombs at the power elite who run the city.

Then he started running around town.  First, it was some rally in front of City Hall, a somewhat bizarre event where everyone was supposed to bring a bag of garbage. The Dog Trainer actually covered it!  It must have gone to his head, because now he’s actually going inside City Hall..

And yesterday, he tells me took his new Our LA reporter Chelsea Cody around City Hall to show her the reports and dropped by a news conference where the mayor refused to answer questions about his love life. At the end, he invited the two of them into his office!

This worries me a lot. Only days ago Ron compared the guy to Jimmy Walker, the crooked playboy mayor of New York.  And you might remember a few weeks ago Antonio snuck up behind the guy who feeds me and gave him what some called a hug.  I saw the video and it sure looked like a chokehold to me. Now he’s inviting him into the inner sanctum?  Dangerous, if you ask me, without me there for protection.

I understand at one point our mayor pointed to his window to his childhood neighborhood of City Terrace and said, “I always remember noticing City Hall. It dominated the skyline,” adding that never thought he’d ever go to City Hall – let alone sit in the mayor’s office.

That triggered a memory. In a May 2005 Dog Trainer profile by celebrity-politics maven Tina Daunt, Antonio had his driver take them to City Terrace.

“The road rises, dips and then curves again, cutting unnervingly close to the precipice of a dangerous urban hillside. It’s an easy place to get lost, a place where the streets seem to circle to nowhere.

Villaraigosa knows exactly where he’s going. A few more turns and the top of the hill finally is in sight. The candidate tells his driver to stop for a minute. On a clear day, the power center of the country’s second-largest metropolis glimmers in the distance. As a boy, he would often ride his bicycle to this spot on the western slope of City Terrace. The view offered a measure of beauty — and possibility — from the vantage point of a tough neighborhood.

“I always remember noticing City Hall,” he said. “It dominated the skyline.”

Leaping Labradors! The same line.  Does he have a script?  How many times has he pointed out that window and uttered that same dramatic line?

Thumbnail image for billy_bud2.JPGIn that same profile, Antonio told Daunt that his favorite childhood book was “Billy Budd,” Melville’s incredibly ambiguous classic about a hopeless naïve young sailor who ends up getting hung.

I remember howling my head off when I first  read it.  Remember, Antonio once had “Born to Raise Hell” tattooed on his arm and runs an evil political machine if you believe what the hopelessly naïve Ron writes.  Maybe Billy Budd and memories of City Terrace are clues to hizzoner’s personality.

But what do I know. I’m just a blue-collar dog from the Valley.  You figure it out.


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3 Responses to Bruno, the LA Watchdog: Psychoanlyzing Antonio

  1. Anonymous says:

    “…and dropped by a news conference where the mayor refused to answer questions about his love life.”
    There goes Ron again, keepin’ it professional…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just like the opening scene of Citizen Kane, on his deathbed, Antonio will utter the words “Billy Budd”.
    Unlike the rest of the movie Citizen Kane, no one will bother to investigate the meaning of the phrase uttered by Antonio.
    When you are a loser Mayor who cannot deliver on the promises you make, you fall into obscurity.

  3. JalenR says:

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