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Exclusively on City Pension Millionaires: The $100,000 Club

Go to – the new community-based newnewlapd.jpgnews and information site — to read the who’s who of City Hall’s $100,000 Pension Club.

Today’s exclusive report provides the names of the retired LAPD and Fire Department employees who are getting six-figure pensions under contracts that pay up to 90 percent of their highest salaries.

You can read who they are — all 286 of them — at Coming Tuesday is the list of $100,000 Pension Club members who draw their monthly checks from LACERS, the pension fund for elected officials and most city employees.

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  1. kk says:

    And, then, there is my personal favorite: taking that city pension money and investing in socially “good projects, regardless of their return on investment, e.g., affordable housing.
    I am sure that someone will correct me, but did we see that happen before AV got into office?

  2. Maria says:

    We must have the most corrupt bunch of loonies in our city. We have a Mayor who has been booed at the Laker celebration at the coliseum by more then 85,000. The Mayor was booed again at the LA Dodger game last Tuesday when introduced. The council members are not respected by anyone and the evidence is telling when they attend events or meetings and no one gives a damn. Far from the old days of respect and honor. Media blogs nationwide have fun with LA politicians yet nothing seems to change. Until the people of LA get really angry the politicians will continue to act as the arrogant assholes they are. The best way to get them back is booo boooo booo them when they are anywhere being introduced. The media will report and they will get the message

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although not retired yet, I wonder how much pension Rudolf Montiel from the Housing Authority is in line for?
    Nobody talks about his combined income and benefits of about $500,000 per year.
    Getting paid one salary for running the Housing Authority (and a housing allowance) and another income for running the HUD low mod program while on city time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alright, Maria, even agreeing that the mayor and his cronies are incompetent or tonedeaf or worse, it’s this kind of aimless “go get’ em” attitude that has resulted in what we have now. A bunch of old white guys who portray themselves as some sort of Harley-riding sheriffs come riding into some wild west town to clean it up, headed by a buffoon of a City ATtorney and similar councilman wingman, who have already proved not only more incompetent but too focused on wasting time and money on their personal (and secret) McCarthyist witchhunts instead of devoting that money and energy for the positive programs for our community they promised.
    All that hot air about gang programs, enhancing the environment in fiscally responsible ways, and who can even remember has fallen to the wayside in a shameless display of opportunistic grandstanding which has further embarrassed our city and distracted our leadership with bizarre threats of suing everyone and anyone who doesn’t bow down to whatever demands this clown makes, or for bogus reasons he won’t even state. With the County DA having groomed him and egging him on.
    All while there are people in the know who say that this clown and the DA are corrupt and have given specific examples, that they already have dirt on Rocky keeping him quiet, and they’ve added Baca to their little clique for own mutual purposes. The Baca who comes with lot of his own baggage alleging retaliation against whistle- blowers in the dept., with a lawsuit pending on that, allegations of favoritism to celebrities and now, threatening to close jails if any of his $12 Billion county budget is cut. While he owes his election to the highly paid prison guard’s union, and is joining Cooley in throwing his weight around. He and Cooley are supposed to answer to the County Supervisors but with Knaba and Antonovich suburban Anti-Antonio Republicans n their side, and Molina in a battle against Zev and the alleged “rich westside,” they’ve effectively got no oversight whatsoever.
    So while you’re all engaged in aimless finger- pointing here, THIS is the clique that’s now also believing they’re in charge of the city and can continue to get away with anything they want as long as they play the “blame Antonio and the crooked Democrats” game. We’ve got an even worse and far more united and vindictive clique now, totally tying up local government and wasting our time and money on their antics.
    He’s hiring tons of retired cops, feds and CIA people to investigate our politicians and AEG, the first thing out of his mouth after the inauguration was creating a 200-person police force with cars and the latest gadgest to “police the police” and his alleged bosses, wants his own auditors to follow Wendy around at every step if and when they resolve the audit issue — while NOT ONE positive thing or promise has been implemented or even mentioned since.
    What we NEED as others have said is, to set out a POSITIVE AGENDA that we want our leaders to follow. Let’s START by having that Three Stooges Trutanich immediately implement the POSITIVE changes and promises he made instead of this grandstanding buffoonery, nastiness and waste.
    Ron could start us off by outlining a platform starting with reminding Trutanich of his specific promises that have literally gotten LOST amidst his scapegoating AEG and who knows who and his ludicrous behavior.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Was the analysis of the cost to the pension system of the addition of the early retirees ever done? I remember reading that this was a City requirement, an actuarial analysis of the cost, but never heard any more about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry by 1:21 is absolutely right. Trutanich/Berger excoriated Jack Weiss publicly and stealthily – using blogs and websites and twitter. Jack Weiss would be a much better city attorney and now you all can see why. Under Jack there would have been waste millions of dollars on hiring new people for the office, and Jack would have paid off Laura’s legal fees in a heartbeat. Trutanich is now hiring a bunch of ex-cops for his Board of Investigations that will only cost even more money that could be better spent on improving the environment and funding schools and supporting voters rights. Instead there will be a McCarthy witch hunt of politician who are just taking care of running the city. We’ve already seen how Trutanich threatened to jail members of the Planing Commission because they approved a new digital billboard at the Staples Center, and it won’t be long before Trutanich sets his sights on Jack Weiss. I suppose Trutanich will try to stop the city from paying for Jack’s lawyer as well. That’s who we have as our city attorney.

  7. Anonymous says:

    2:02 is right, I think, anyway what I get of the jist of it. With the way Trutanich and David Berger AND their sponsor DA Cooley made a personal vendetta against Jack Weiss from the start, they must legally recuse themselves from anything to do with him. They are indeed on a citywide witchhunt, wasting tons of money doing it while denying Chick the legal fees he’d agreed to in principle and vilifying her and anyone who stands in their way. Clearly they and their fanatic friends like Kevin James know no bounds of self-restraint or decency — have vowed to flood City Hall with James’ listeners if Weiss gets the LAX job heading security – something he was acknowledged to be the Council leader on way back before he ever met Villaraigosa, under Jimmy Hahn, and was acknowledged a national leader back then, so of course it’s nothing to do even with Antonio.
    They don’t hide their motives as sheer spite and revenge. It is utterly detestable the way they have treated him and the way cowardly people stood by, the way people were fooled by this demagogue. He’s got a brilliant legal mind, and honorable record of service and real transparency in what he’s done in public life, despite the lies and slanders that are utterly unfounced — not only compared to this guy from a fly-by-night night law school who’s been on the other side of the law for 25 years, getting by on a grin and a song-and-dance, but compared to anyone. Now we have a guy who took on this job for the explicit purpose of going on a Republican vendetta against Democrats while claiming all kinds of bible-thumping nonsense, fulfilling Cooley and Company’s long-standing vendettas, by lying that he was non-partisan.
    It was surreal watching this crafty “fixer from San Pedro” getting away with all his spin, because of the timing of the campaign and other factors coming to bear, like wanting to “bust up the machine” as Doug put it.
    Instead of a highly competent City Attorney and elevation of the office, we have a “Three Stooges” grandstanding and barging around wasting money on their personal witchhunts and vendettas. The comments their cohorts make in private and which sometimes slip out on blogs are more worthy of mafia mobsters. But Jack Weiss is one target they can’t go after having made their unprofessional bias and vendetta so clear, so it’s all the rest who stood by who have to watch their heads. Frankly it reminds me of the way Europe sacrificed Czechoslovakia to Hitler, only to have to fight the much bigger war.
    They have indeed “excoriated him terribly” and in such a vile, despicable way that it shows the utter lack of character and decency of these people. Anyone who participated in their despicable campaign and who participates in this McCarthyist witchhunt of theirs will go down in history in the Hall of Shame. People are just beginning to wake up to what is happening here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Trutanich is a grandstanding, blowharding ****- achieved what he wanted with this, all this publicity and speculation over what he could have had in mind since even objective legal experts and analysts “struggled to see the possibilities of a criminal case.”
    That’s because Trutanich is a phony idiot whose loud chest-thumping and running sheerly on the rightwing public’s distrust of city hall made him immune from legit scrutiny, even from this paper and the L A Times.
    He’s a nobody in the legal world: graduate of the South Bay University College of Law, which existed for 5 minutes in the 70′s before losing accreditation (DID it even even have it?) and going defunct. Every time he’s gone up against the top echelon of the legal world he’s lost and just resorted to b. s. to try to confuse the issue.
    Why did this guy who’s been a criminal lawyer for 25 years, in a two-partner provincial firm whose one claim to fame was being a national leader in defending those afoul of gun and environmental laws, using his influence with his friend the DA Steve Cooley to get clients and serve their interests, get “picked” to run for this job? Because he’s the puppet of Cooley, the NRA and other rightw0ng interests, both financially and in terms of their vehemently messianic anti-Antonio/ Democrat mission.
    The guy is an egomaniac with no self-restraint, the perfect puppet. In three weeks he’s managed to throw Laura Chick and successor Wendy Greuel under the bus and brand them as idiots and opportunists, after getting all the PR he could with Chick to get her endorsement by claiming to support her views.
    He has threatened volunteer commission members with legal action for not bowing down to his demands, which had no legal basis, and they were facing a deadline after months of work.
    He has tried and convicted the Mayor, AEG and other councilmembers in “the court of public opinion,” created a biased media circus making his “impartiality” a farce and legally invalid. He’s operating on “street smarts” and no self-restraints on his ego — made MUCH WORSE by the total lack of scrutiny he’s gotten from this paper and the L A Times, whose David Zahniser acted as his PR guy. Well, if they and the Daily News wanted o sell papers and drive up blog hits, they’ve got it. Though they might as well have elected Zuima Dogg.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chick is absolutely right about all of this, from the fact that Trutanich stalling on the pretext of not wanting to pay a modest $100,000 legal fees which he’d AGREED during the campaign was for the “right” cause is just an excuse for backing out, to her assessment of his very phony nature and lack of character.
    That was obvious to everyone who’s known and worked with him or against him while he was “the fixer” in San Pedro for his small law firm, specializing in doing and saying anything to get his toxic polluters, rapists and thugs off the hook. That may be OK for a defense attorney where everyone knows it’s a game, BUT the fact that he lied to everyone he talked to during the campaign to get their support, like the chameleon and ham actor he is, was totally unethical as a candidate.
    BUT why didn’t the media expose it then? Why did everyone assume that a total unknown who hadn’t even lived, worked or voted in L A the past 25 years or done anything FOR the public good, was necessarily “an agent of change” for good? Why didn’t Chick do her homework instead of taking his word just because he has that practised, phony “Gee, I’m just an Average Joe who’s just like you!” act and grin down. Criminal lawyers “act” the part for the jury and coach their thugs and criminals how to “act” too. That’s all it was.
    How much has it cost for him to sic his big team of investigators on the Council, Mayor’s office and AEG so far, anyway? He’s had a bunch of them working overtime for a week. No wonder he doesn’t want Greuel to audit when and how she wants, just to audit Rocky’s books.
    How much has he cost in goodwill to the city from other businesses thinking twice about working with our mayor or Council, with a city attorney who’s arbitrary already depicted AEG to the media (with his buddy Dennis Zine) as a criminal, when no one can find anything criminal at all? Inept city officials, maybe, lack of forethought, that’s it.
    Trutanich was WAY out of line to attack LAPD for being over-prepared and preventing problems and lawsuits. They deterred the crowds who would have otherwise showed, so the money was well-spent. If he has quibbles about it, he should have dealt with it in a civilized way, not this grandstanding and threatening just to get all this PR. Same with his feeling slighted that the planning commission didn’t table a vote with a deadline looming just because he asked. They’d BEEN working with advice from the City Attorney’s office all along — one of HIS staff. Sure he’s got the PR but everyone’s realizing that after a mere 22 days, the honeymoon is not only over but so is his credibility.
    Anyway the City Attorney does not even have the authority to prosecute felonies — that would be his buddy DA, confirming that he’s doing all this at the urging of DA Steve Cooley, who’s been vowing a vendetta against the Mayor and Democrats for a long time. That’s the reason he recruited a totally obscure, dubious lawyer like Trutanich with a law degree from a 5th rate night school that went bust in a few years, to do his bidding.
    Trutanich has proved many times he’s way over his head when it comes to legal scholarship, and that he has no integrity or the “transparency” he likes to mouth, but this has always been about bluffing and a political hitjob for his sponsors.

  10. Anonymous says:

    On Doug McIntyre Laura Chick slammed Trutanich as “a demagogue and a liar” who during the campaign “stood right next to me to get my endorsement but is not a man of his word,” goes on about how she has faith that the public will see through him as someone who loves “soundbites and fancy speeches” but will “say anything to get elected.”
    She’s well aware of his offer to “invite” Wendy Greuel to audit the city Attorney’s office right NOW because it would be just Rocky’s worker’s compensation and other matters so far — which would play into the “get Rocky” revenge scenario.
    BUT her answer to “bobby” and others on this is that it needs to be a matter of RIGHT and principle not an “invitation” when and how the city attorney sees fit, or it’s meaningless. What about a year or two down the line when she has doubts about something under Trutanich’s watch?
    Chick is right that the talk about having to wait until or IF a City Charter amendment is put on the ballot and IF it’s passed by the public is a smoke screen. Just like his refusal to pay the modest legal fees her lawyer (who’s also Gruel’s lawyer) has racked up, WITH THE UNDERSTANDING FROM TRUTANICH THAT SINCE THEIR POSITION WAS JUST, IT WOULD BE PAID. Trutanich told McIntyre during his interview that he won’t pay the $100,000 fee because it would set a precedent that any “loser” could collect from the city but as Chick and Doug said, that’s bogus. Another smokescreen Chick put it. Trutanich AGREED to this particular suit and her position, this is an exception and would be a tiny pittance compared to the cost of an IFFY Charter Amendment and the delay involved of years.
    He could RIGHT NOW just honor his promise to her to issue his own ruling to override anything the courts came down with — that’s EXACTLY what he’d promised he would do. There’s no excuse but that he’s a liar — and/or just incompetent and a phony demagogue if he’s now saying he made a promise because he didn’t understand the law at the time.

  11. Anonymous says:

    BTW how much has it cost so far to “find” allegedly possible criminal as well as civil intent behind the AEG – JAX funeral affair?
    Trutanich said he’s had a crackerjack team of investigators working on this for some time — weeks? That’s a lot of money and frankly, makes me wonder about his motives for employing them on something like this in the first place. Comes off as more intimidation like what he did to the planning commission, discouraging people from volunteering their time and expertise for the city if a rampaging city attorney will threaten to sue them out of the blue.
    Will Wendy Greuel be auditing this use of our money?(Apart from the issue that the City Attorney is not even empowered to prosecute felonies — that’s the DA’s office. Is his mentor and buddy DA Cooley working with/ instigating this action? Are his own extensive staff of investigators involved?)
    Given that Trutanich made one of his first priorities after being inaugurated the creation of a 200-person police force WITHIN the City Attorney’s office “complete with cars and everything” to “police the police,” despite a budget crisis where the real LAPD has been told to freeze hiring, that sounds like a bizarre financial boondoggle just to copy the DA’s office.
    AND now, raises threats of its use by himself AND his friend DA Cooley to further intimidate colleagues and those like the council and mayor who are supposed to be HIS bosses setting policy. Including for purely partisan Republican reasons — deny it all he wants, he makes his real views clear to the rightwing talkradio crowd.
    The council have said he doesn’t understand the limits of his job because he’s been in the private sector as criminal attorney — but more than that, with this man’s character as a liar and demagogue who will throw anyone under the bus without proof for his personal benefit becoming clearer even to former supporters, at the very least the Controller must keep close tabs on how he spends his funds.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Certainly glad the subject is about pensions. Talk about a group of sore losers!

  13. Anonymous says:

    6:51 PM, you people are everywhere with “bobby” or “phred” or any number of “concerned citizens” with the same lies and attacks on opponents and lately, bizarre slanders and slams even on Laura Chick. Give me a break.
    That post at 2:12 is nothing more than an observation of fact — you’re just upset because the fog of delusion is lifting from people’s eyes and your spins aren’t working any more. What’s a shame is that so few pay attention to local politics, other than maybe a few soundbites, until it’s too late.
    If you don’t think that exposing a charlatan is a legitimate task of a genuine “concerned citizen,” especially as this scary egomaniac is already running for mayor, where he could be TRULY dangerous, that’s because you’ve got something at stake here.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s about time for someone to hold Nuch’s feet to the fire on the POSITIVE promises he made not only to Chick but to all of us. It’s true that not one plan has been discussed or implemented, it’s all threats, secret tribunals and internal police forces, revenge and vendettas. (They are “sore winners” vindictive even now: their total lack of grace and decency even in winning is really pathetic and telling about their real “character” and “ethics.”)
    Wasting all this time, money and goodwill on his witch-hunt, grandstanding and negative stuff has been divisive and has set us back as a city not forward — it’s not what people elected him to do. The few who do want that and admit it’s all about revenge on Rocky or anyone else excepted. Not with OUR taxpayer dollars and misuse of a public office, thank you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh, 7:07, you clearly have so little to say. Did you really think that no one would notice that you published the same comments 2 days ago on the Bruno article (8:08)?
    Again, tell your doctor that the medication isn’t working.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What I notice over and over about the guttersnipe that is 7:43 (who, of course, refuses to identify itself) is that it has absolutely nothing to say and tortures English and logic in the process.

  17. Anonymous says:

    8:32, your retort is to steal other people’s comments and pass them off as though they are yours. So, you show your self to be a plagiarizer as well. How appropos!

  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    The whole ugly business about Jack Weiss, AEG, Chick and the Planning Commission is a sign of things to come from the Trutanich camp. They are drunk with power – hiring 200 cops when there’s a hiring freeze to go after Jack is a waste of time and money. It’s Jack who should be suing the City for treating him so poorly after all his years of hard work in a council district that never appreciated him. Jack environmental planning forced developers to build in areas that needed more housing instead of forcing residents to buy homes farther away from where they work. I think it is shameful that Jack wasn’t invited to City Hall on his last day to be honored by the council in the same way that they honored Rocky Delgadillo.
    I saw Jack the other day and he looks terrible, he wouldn’t look anyone in the eye and had his head down the whole time. I think it is a crime what what done to him, he was swift boated and lied about. They tried to call him a criminal just because he made a mistake with his fundraising and anyone can make a mistake. His friends on the council should call for an investigation and invite Jack back to City Hall to be honored for his service.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Concerned citizen: please share the marijuana you are obviously smoking with the rest of us.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Concerned Citizen” is a writer for “The Colbert Report”.

  21. Walter Moore says:

    Wow! The staffers are out in force today, aren’t they? This story really hit some nerves!
    As usual, they try to change the subject by dropping flares, chaff, innuendo and anything else they can think of. That’s the Villaraigosa way: if you can’t defend your actions, attack the other guy, and change the subject.
    As for the pensions “investing” in “affordable housing” and other crony boondoggles, that dates back to at least the defeat of Measure H, the “affordable housing” ballot measure. After we, the people, said “no” to it, Villaraigosa announced he would simply use pension money to make the “investments” we had already rejected.
    The press did little more than reprint his spinning press release, as usual. Fast forward to today’s train wreck . . . .
    Okay, enough about you. Tune in to hear me this Saturday at 10:00 p.m. on KABC AM 790 for Moore lucid analysis.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What about the rest? LA City, LAUSD, Sheriff, County? How many spiked their pension in the last year?

  23. Anonymous says:

    10:45/7:45 are typical of the vindictive, hate-driven core fanclub of Team Trutanich. Which definitely seems “drunk with power” and downright misusing the power of the office and the city’s resources to further this sort of vindictiveness.
    I also would like to see Ron suggest a positive agenda to coalesce around INSTEAD — all this finger-pointing brings the haters out of the woodwork and only degrades us all, as has the whole Trutanich campaign and now the aftermath.
    To that end while I think it’s wrong that there are so many 6-figure pensioners we have to pay for, starting with the head of Budget Committee Bernard “I earned mine” Parks and Dennis “I’ll take a token salary cut to grandstand and make my colleagues look greedy by comparison since I’ve got my pension too unlike them” Zine, JUST focusing an article on this sadly brings out those fueled by jealousy and mean-spiritedness. As we saw when the salaries for DWP workers and other categories were listen in the Daily News which specializes in this kind of thing.
    If the objective is showing the magnitude of waste, let’s add up all the pensions being paid out, and suggest revisions in the future of how pensions are promised and funded — but singling out people by name can become nasty scapegoating by jealous, mean-spirited people.
    Some person who worked his or her whole life and has the pension they were promised is NOT “the problem” compared to the stunning waste and abuse of power when tons of our money is used for secret tribunals, police forces to spy on “bosses” and persecute political opponents, while reneging on promises made to taxpayers and other officials in order to get elected, etc. That’s not only wasteful and amoral, it’s also McCarthyist, even Stalinist — even sicker when couched in phony Bible-belt rhetoric. That corrupts the deepest recesses of the soul of anyone who participates or sits by and watches it happen, and any society which allows that and doesn’t speak out and fight it is on a downward path to h*ll and an abomination of democracy.
    Please, let’s lay out a positive agenda for ourselves, let’s not let this forum take a page from the hate- and lies-spewing James show!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the looniest looney from Mayor Sam’s comment clutch is here talking to herself now.
    And wow – look at the spinholes from 2:02pm – 2:12pm. Golly – ya think it’s the same person, ya? Give it a rest, loser.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Citizen wrote “The whole ugly business about Jack Weiss, AEG, Chick and the Planning Commission is a sign of things to come from the Trutanich camp. They are drunk with power – hiring 200 cops when there’s a hiring freeze to go after Jack is a waste of time and money.”
    I have some idea of what is going on with AEG, Chick and the Planning Commission, but could you elaborate on what Trutanich is doing to Jack Weiss?

  26. Anonymous says:

    10:55: No one could POSSIBLY compete with the lies and intentional insults, jeers and smears in the illustrious Mayor Sam blog about the Mayor and Jack Weiss over the last 2-3 years especially. If you tried to compile the “lowlights” they’d fill up at least 2 volumes for each.
    Now their favorite target seems to be Huizar, I can’t believe the stuff they’re allowing about him, even encouraging, while comments about Trutanich are censored. And the one time one of their bloggers posted something critical, blog owner Higby admitted so many nasty calls and emails even making threats that he acknowledged they were far ruder and more hostile than anything he’d gotten from the mayor’s camp (despite intentionally vile smears).
    What they did to Jack Weiss is beyond despicable and without any foundation. OF COURSE that blog was used by Trutanich campaign manager John Thomas on his website as “evidence” for his claims, in a grotesque circle of smears pointing to lies. What you’re NOT used to is anyone speaking out about it — I can only imagine Weiss’s people never bothered to sink low enough to wade into that sewer to refute it. The sewer where Trutanich’s camp rooted their campaign.
    Higby has now largely abandoned his own site out of disillusionment with Trutanich, to whom he’d devoted so much of his energy and effort. Anyone with any sense should hold their noses and just avoid it altogether — hoping for any semblance of objectivity or decency is hopeless.

  27. herman velarde aka jason says:

    our l.a: it’s really about time some of these major thieves in politics pay dearly for their sins.could be because they pass legislation with zero participation of the public. ie: the new 710 proposed project with gloria, jose, antonio, and spain and city council, developers and cal-trans and a whole bunch of attorneys, and engineers. this project has gone on since 1945 or 1935. still pending taxpayers areout $$$$$$

  28. herman velarde aka jason says:

    could be because they pass legislation with zero participation of the public. ie: the new 710 proposed project with gloria, jose, antonio, and spain and city council, developers and cal-trans and a whole bunch of attorneys, and engineers. this project has gone on since 1945 or 1935. still pending taxpayers areout $$$$$$ contact mt washington association.

  29. Seasons says:

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  30. John Hanson says:

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