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Commenting on Lily Burk Tragedy, Pension Crisis

Advertisement for myself, this is my blog, you know. I was the guest commentator last night on the innovative new NBC local show “The Filter with Fred Roggin,” which is broadcast Monday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on digital Channel 225.

I’m not saying it’s worth your time to watch my part in it but here it is:

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3 Responses to Commenting on Lily Burk Tragedy, Pension Crisis

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t confirm that it would be worth my time watching, also, because I didn’t.
    Professor Gates implies that his altercation with the white police officer should be used as a “teaching” moment. Let’s look at another “teaching” moment.
    You Liberal screwballs need to understand something. Homeless people are often troubled and can be on drugs and dangerous. If you don’t teach your children this fact, and how to protect themselves, then you are negligent. Must a murder of an innocent youth also be a “teaching” moment?

  2. amopaptit says:

    Je trouve que c’est le mensonge. precoce:

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