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Ronnie’s Movie of the Week: Homeless Bums and Pompous Asses

I’m no Polanski but I do love the movies and turning City Council meetings into documentaries with my Flip camera gives me no end of pleasure whether anyone actually watches them.

Today’s Council meeting produced wonderful cinema verite, at least as far as I’m concerned.

It had everything: Threats against a gadfly for a minor violation of the tough new rules of decorum, a violation of the Council’s own rules by Bill Rosendahl so a police union official could bully the Council, a raucous demonstration by Skid Row homeless chanting “Public Comment Now.”

The Council was helpless to deal with it so they recessed for 10 or 15 minutes until order was restored. They didn’t empty the chamber. They didn’t fill the room with cops — which probably was wise since the homeless were protesting the LAPD’s pogrom against them for the last three years.

It felt good to see that the homeless are even angrier at City Hall than those with homes. Maybe we can form a united rabble front and get some real change in the way this city is run.

But I don’t want to run the movie for you, so here it is:

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11 Responses to Ronnie’s Movie of the Week: Homeless Bums and Pompous Asses

  1. KS says:


  2. crooks and liars says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    We have been being polite to these ordinary, “very”, people who are elected
    because the rest of us are too busy to
    go through this kind of charade. We compound the error by trusting them. A part-time council or none and a public-relations officer instead of a “mayor” is what we need. No cars, drivers, gas, repairs, 90-member staffs, no meaningless meetings. AND ABOVE ALL NO ROYALTY. These people ARE PAID TO BE PUBLIC SERVANTS. They
    do not respect us and we can no longer respect them.
    The San Fernando Valley could have escaped except that that sweet man Jimmie Hahn went to Sacramento to disenfranchise over a million people who live here. His sister, Jan Hahn,
    thinks she is royalty, inheriting the title from her brother, and from their Dad, who was a
    County Supervisor. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. No
    such thing. Those people in your movie, Ron,
    are looking for a way out of a miserable life.
    Isn’t there disability and welfare – what do
    they want?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bill Rosendahl is a total incompetent. Besides being the one responsible for rushing the Transportation Dept. to hike up parking meter rates and then when the backlash hit blaming the transportation dept., he managed yesterday to get his motion passed that will put the burden of dealing with graffiti on all homeowners.
    I think Bill wrote that bill, with advice from the city attorney, correct me if I’m wrong but I heard a news channel mention this.
    This will require all new homes regardless of where they are to be coated with a heavy plastic finish or ceramic, which do NOT allow you to paint or stucco over them, the most common surfaces. And the most attractive ones. it will add thousands of dollars to a home’s cost, benefit only those who will apply these hideous finishes, and they were interviewed just shaking their heads at the stupidity. Otherwise you have to remove graffiti within 7 days or 72 hours of being ordered to by the city. The first fine is $550.
    Serves them right to have even the homeless advocates who are presumably also unemployed to even be fed up with them. Funny to see the PPL’s Peter Ripovich not even pretend to have any deference for them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bill Rosendahl is a total incompetent No, Bill Rosendahl is a DECEIVER. His intent was to deflect the outrage and indignation of the public speaker. And Ron got it wrong when he indicated that Rosendahl was to blame for the rule violation. It was the INCOMPETENT JAN PERRY who was running the City Council Meeting and therefore it was SHE WHO WAS in “violation of the Council’s own rules“.
    And although your video was editted, it seems that the “raucous demonstration by Skid Row homeless chanting “Public Comment Now.” was due to the public commenter Mike Hunt being CUT OFF from finishing his comment. Did he get his full 2 minutes to speak? Probably NOT.
    This L.A. City Council and the meetings are run like a kangaroo court. I hope that the Homeless Representatives attend each of the L.A. City Council meetings in the future to expose the corrupt practices and actions of the City Council. They seem to do a much better job than the “activists” on this blog.

  6. Monica says:

    Ron, you’d be a fool to unite with that group of uneducated, radical, hostile people. Council showed their weakness instead of showing true leadership not tolerating such behavior. Most of them couldn’t even put a sentence together without yelling. They behaved like a bunch of thugs. They stated the Safer Cities Initiative wasn’t working. Read this side of the issue:

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those homeless advocates were also waving American flags upside down, and were able-bodied enough to show up and yell but not to look for jobs. Probably because they couldn’t get along with a boss or work in a structured setting, as their behavior showed. And if you did offer them a job, they’d only want one they were way under-qualified for. A lot like Zuma Dogg.
    Also, they’re said to be opposed to the Safer Cities initiative because they’ve gotten used to existing/ subsisting on certain programs that are only available downtown at certain established places. They have a point that being moved out of Skid Row to areas which don’t have the same services just leaves them bereft of help, and shunted to communities which are even less prepared to deal with them and don’t want them. You can’t blame the cops for that, though – they’ve been doing their job at cleaning up Skid Row and residents and business owners are happy about it.
    Still, the fact that Jan Perry lost control of the meeting is testament to her incompetence – both she AND Rosendahl looked the fools, gaping and not knowing what to do. She tried to get the PPL’s Ripovich to speak over the mob’s shouting but he refused, so she had to do something and adjourned the meeting – then Dion O’Connell told her she needed a motion for that, so she got one. When Ripovich did speak, it was to berate them. The PPL wants fewer cops so that they can retain pay and benefits of the ones on the force now – a short-sighted move that exposes them to more danger and stress.
    The Council disgracefully voted against expanding the force to the 10,000 minimum needed to preserve the level of public safety we have NOW, with a lot of shuttling around of cops “to the dots” that is hot spots, leaving more affluent areas wide open to robbery and burglary. We’re just short of that goal and Koretz says we can manage fine with 9500, hiring more cheaper civilians for desk jobs instead. This decision seemed to please neither the PPL nor the Chief and mayor.
    What bugs the Chief and Mayor most (who is right on this issue, since he seems to be following Bratton’s lead and isn’t thinking for himself) is that they are being made to look like liars to the public because they promised that the tripled trash fee hikes (AND Phone Tax S) would go to “1000 cops” and public safety, while the Budget Committee namely Greig Smith, Parks, the same incompetent flip-flopper Rosendahl, and Zine, are insisting that the trash fee hikes were NEVER meant for that but always intended to offset the real cost of trash pickup. Because as Smith explained – fresh from an 8-country foreign tour “studying trash” – we’d been getting too big a break on our trash fees.
    In truth, we NEED the 10,000 cops minimum, toward a goal of 12,000 to really keep gangs at bay IF this bunch of numbskulls which can’t even control the homeless or public comment gadflies gets its house and city in order. Meanwhile, they’ve got angry residents yelling about being under-policed in the more affluent areas relative to neighboring cities and they’ve just made it worse.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We need to re-open the Sunshine Canyon Landfill that was causing no environmental effects on the neighbors. It is Greg Smith who had it shut down, a narrow political pandering move that has hurt the entire city, and ever since has been using the Landfill’s money meant for the community to study trash systems in Europe each year. Also re-open the Lopez Canyon landfill, which was shut down by that disgraced ACORN. Someone has to look at the cost-benefit analysis for the entire city which is being hijacked by these petty czars of each community. Should be the Mayor, but then look at the idiot we have. He is now preparing for a Senate run.

  9. Glenn says:

    This is a preview for Eric Garcetti of what will happen if he tries to move General Public Comment to the end of City Council meetings. People are just totally pissed at this City Council. For the last 5 years during the housing bubble, the money flowed and Council IGNORED the concerns of Los Angeles communities that were under attack by many horrible development proposals. Council members literally gave away this City to developers and City unions. Now its time to pay the bill. Damn right we won’t shut up. General Public Comment is a vital and nearly only way to possibly get through to some of these dumb asses. We will not be silenced by such a group of individuals who have squandered this City’s future.

  10. Anonymous says:

    5:34 says Villaraigosa is now preparing for a Senate run? Another one besides Bill Rosendahl, aiming for a job requiring an astute international as well as domestic sense, and neither of them has a clue. I’d say Villaraigosa had no business messing with foreign policy, when his latest cause is trying to get the Obama administration to stop getting employers to fire illegal workers, even those found to be using fake social security numbers. Which can be hurting someone who was issued that number, on top of taking away jobs from legal workers in a recession. The New York Times quoted one illegal being let go at American Apparel earning $900 a week, after 10 years of working his way up. The catch-22 of paying workers as well as they do with healthcare is they could probably get legal workers too.
    It would seem hard to top him but Rosendahl told the Weekly he couldn’t care less about foreign affairs but would wade into the fray if people felt they needed him to lead them – forget it, Bill, you can’t handle the homeless activists, messed up with the parking meters, telling people you were FOR Bratton’s goal of 10,000 cops and keeping the promise to apply the trash fee hikes and Prop S to that before you were against it. Flip flop on everything and pander while claiming you had no higher ambitions and accusing others of being ambitious. Messed up on this thing requiring all homeowners to spend thousands coating their homes in materials that can’t accommodate the paint and stucco most of us use. Shifting burden of graffiti abatement onto the homeowners, victims or not, even as you vote to reduce cops and make the streets a little safer for taggers. Water pipes bursting and sidewalks and streets crumbling.
    All we need is one of them in the Senate, Janice Hahn as Lt. Gov., incompetence rising to still greater heights. Then we have assorted incompetents and scoundrels including Perry and Zine vying for mayor and other offices, with Parks on hand to make life miserable for whoever the next Chief is…

  11. Saw this at Sundance and was very pleased and satisfied to have had the opportunity to view it for it was sold out. This is definitely a detour for Carrey whom is mostly known for doing commercial fare. It is refreshing to see big stars indulge in what would usually be performed by actors without the A grade stature. What really impressed me were the very explicit and heavy sex scenes and romantic moments between Mac Gregor and Carrey. They felt real and tender. I know this film was going to cause waves because even though I watch independents all the time I as surprise to see two A list actors go at it sexually the way both these actors do in “Phillip Morris”. I hope this film is taken as an example for other A listers to follow in creating other really original and daring works. Specially applaud Europa, Luc Besson’s film company for putting together such and abrasive and risky subject matter.

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