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DWP Blackmail: Brian D’Arcy’s Monetary Terrorism

“They’ve been having a Mardi Gras (in City Hall) over the past three years.” — DWP union boss Brian D’Arcy on why IBEW members deserve a 3.25 % cash payment and raises up to 4 p% for the next few years while other city workers are losing money or getting nothing.

“Unlike us, they have the ability to strike. No. 2, when
they go to management, management has the option of increasing the
utility bills.” – Police union leader Paul Weber on why cops get no raises and lose overtime pay while IBEW workers get a lucrative new deal after getting  5.9 % raises the last two years

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Your elected leaders from the mayor on down stood up and saluted the city’s workers Friday as they approved a series of deals that fall $100 million short of balancing the budget four months into the fiscal year and leaves a $400 million deficit next year.

In the name of “shared sacrifice,” the civilian workforce gave up raises in this year of 1.7 % deflation and agreed to temporary cuts that total a 4.4 percent lost of income.

The cops also gave up raises this year as well as agreeing to take time off instead of getting paid for overtime, a step that will cost thousands of officers a big chunk of their income.

The engineers union is being hit with the loss of a day’s pay every two weeks through furloughs and the firefighters are at an impasses in their negotiations.

It’s a different story at the Department of Water and Power.
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D’Arcy hardly even had to raise the specter of a strike or threaten to retaliate against his bosses at every level to give him what he wants. He is no better than a hoodlum on the street putting a gun in your face and robbing you blind.

Not so, says the mayor. The lucrative agreement for D’Arcy “provides the shared sacrifice that the mayor has asked for,” says his spokesman Matt Szabo.

Vital city services are being slashed and your utility bills will soon reflect what it costs to pay blackmail to D’Arcy and the DWP.

Rate hikes of 10 percent a year for the next five years already are planned but even that won’t generate enough money.

Understand, DWP workers are guaranteed 10 % of their wages in total overtime. The DWP is overstaffed with hundreds of low productivity workers like one manager who gets paid several hours of overtime every day to check that a few doors are locked at night. Thousands of non-technical workers are paid up to a 40 % premium over the prevailing wages for their jobs.

Contracting practices are sloppy at best, corrupt at worst, resulting either way in the waste of tens of millions of dollars.

All this in an agency that has allowed the water and power infrastructure to deterioriate from a lack of investment and maintenance, has fought for more than a decade against every effort to develop green energy sources while maintaining the largest portfolio of dirty coal-burning power plants in the country.

It is City Hall’s cash cow, providing a 10 % utility tax and 8 % of power revenue (up from 5 % when the mayor took office) to feed the general fund. And now is absorbing millions of dollars of non-utility city expenses and adding hundreds of other city workers to its payroll to further ease the financial crisis facing LA.

There I’ve put it all together for you. It’s in your face.

So what are you going to do about it?

Pay the blackmail and grumble? Write, phone or email your Council member (Councilcontacts.rtf)? Storm down to CIty Hall and protest? Refuse to pay your DWP bill?

Your eyes are wide open — or wide shut if you choose to ignore the
truth — this time. There’s no ambiguity. You are being stuck with the
bill for their failure and corruption.

D’Arcy’s right about one thing: City Hall has been having a Mardi Gras feeding frenzy
since Antonio Villaraigosa became mayor.

is the issue for the whole community to come together and fight about.
We need an independent blue-ribbon citizens’ commission to go through
the books of the DWP, to look at every one of the complicated rate
structures and see who’s being hit the hardest, to examine every job to
see if it’s justified.

For my money, we have to block them from
imposing any more rate increases until there is a full accounting of
every penny of the $4 billion a year the DWP takes in.

If we
don’t make a stand over this, we will never win our fights against
projects that destroy the quality of life in our neighborhoods, the
proliferation of billboards and pot shops or any of the other issues
that upset so many people.

It’s now or never.

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47 Responses to DWP Blackmail: Brian D’Arcy’s Monetary Terrorism

  1. seen it before says:

    And that is why you don’t allow municipal workers to unionize. Look at New York’s transit: same thing; unions hold the city in a headlock. The LAPD ought to get the biggest raises anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The average person doesn’t look carefully enough at their DWP bill to realize why rates are so high, the various increases and surcharges starting with the trash fee jumps that were supposed to go to cops. My last bill compared to a year ago shows a huge soaring in electriciy rates but there’s no indication of how much the rates really increased, and with the media not warning loud and clear about increases who bothers to look at all the fine print? Now 50% more over 5 years and for DWP employee raises and additions, not for infrastructure?
    However, as for the PPL not getting what they’ve been used to, too bad, some cops have gotten way too much ovetime added including for things like putting on their uniforms, hanging out in court when someone fights atraffic ticket (and almost always loses anyway). The city is talking about having cops use pagers so they don’t show up at court until they’re about to be called instead of waiting for hours as one way to cut down this huge overtime – have they done that yet? With cops costing 70% more than civilians to do desk jobs, has anyone identified how many jobs can be handled by civilians to free up cops for the beat? There’s a lot of talk about this as though it could free up hundreds or 1000 cops but no real numbers – has the dept. already used as many civilians as possible or not?
    Same with the firefighters who union is in a stalemate and stonewalling more than the Police Union, while Capt. Frank Lima who’s on the negotiating team just got over $4 million (a total of $8 million with one other colleague) for alleged discrimination because he’s NOT a minority or claiming he stood up for someone in a racial matter or something that sounds very dubious, The L A Weekly did a story last year about all the women who LAFD because it’s forced to take them on but they can’t lift the heavy ladders and so on, so are either injured or feel slighted and claim they’re made fun of for not being as strong as men. How has the culture of the dept. changed from its frat brat traditions that cost us? Is the LAFD union out to play us for suckers, using scare tactics about children and old people dying for lack of paramedics, train victims left unattended and whatever?
    There’s too much angry rhetoric and one-upmanship on all sides, too few numbers and facts. Bottom line is we’re sick of paying too much for what we get and having our rates and taxes soar and soar without justification other than to pay all these workers who are used to too-much overtime, too generous pensions and even now suing the city when their feelings are hurt or they .

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just don’t pay the bills. Make sure you have put aside adequate supplies of water and candles, and other sources to preserve your food, when they cut your power. It is civil disobedience. If enough people do it, we bring resolution to a problem that will never die. Otherwise, we will continue to be at the mercy of unions led by people like Darcy who could care less about the city.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just don’t pay the bills. Make sure you have put aside adequate supplies of water and candles, and other sources to preserve your food, when they cut your power. It is civil disobedience. If enough people do it, we bring resolution to a problem that will never die. Otherwise, we will continue to be at the mercy of unions led by people like Darcy who could care less about the city.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everybody, buy solar panels!!! Everybody, drill wells for water!!! What are we going to do about it? We’re going to bang our heads against the wall. What are those “activists” and Neighborhood Councils going to do about it? Why, they’re going to continue getting their payola and bennies from government while NOT DOING WHAT THEY PRETEND TO DO AND PROTECT OUR INTERESTS.

  6. Kate Barner says:

    TO – Anonymous on October 31, 2009 6:21 PM
    You got it backwards, the Neighborhood Councils and Activists at least those active in the NC Coalition and the DWP Oversight Committee have been doing the heavy lifting and overcame great odds to defeat Measure B.
    They pushed for an Independent DWP Ratepayer Advocate and has several Councilmembers in support of this.
    They have exposed the “Son of Measure B” and analyzed the DWP budget and have put pressure on DWP who BACKED off an immediate Water rate increase under Interim General Manager Freeman (Uncle of Measure B).
    That is what they have done (and more). And they will move forward with or without any governmental funding.
    Now I ask you, who are you and what have you done?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ron, you`ve lost your punch. Calling D`Arcy a hoodlum is an understatement. He is a union boss of the Corleone script. He may not use bullets, but he uses ratepayers money to kill enemies and reward lapdogs. He has bought every one in City Hall. When people start loosing their houses because their bills will double then, you will witness ” sacrifice”………..

  8. Anonymous says:

    By the time Antonio leaves office, he would have sold the City to the thugs; D`Arcy, Maria Elena Durazo, Butcher, AEG, SEIU, while enriching his cronies.

  9. Anonymous says:

    9:01 What do you mean “by the time Antonio leaves office”? The sell-out is complete and has been for a long time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again. Tony played for close to a year the smoke and mirrors game at the MTA to secure for his buddies the AnsaldoBreda contract, although they were three years behind schedule on an existing contract to deliver 50 rail cars to the MTA. The deal blew up in smoke last nite, the delay costing the taxpayers a lot of money. No wonder we still have gridlock. It`s a travesty.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Kate Barner, you make no sense.
    You say, And they will move forward with or without any governmental funding. THE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS HAVE PLENTY OF FUNDING. THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO MORE (when will they investigate and open a file before the City Council regarding the DWP?) TO INVESTIGATE THE DWP ATROCITY. YET, THEY DON’T.
    the Neighborhood Councils and Activists at least those active in the NC Coalition and the DWP Oversight Committee have been doing the heavy lifting and overcame great odds to defeat Measure B. THAT’S WHAT THEY KEEP SAYING. YET, THERE ARE MORE RATE HIKES AND BOONDOGGLES OF ENERGY WASTE. YOU PARROT A SHAM IMAGE.
    They pushed for an Independent DWP Ratepayer Advocate and has several Councilmembers in support of this. AND, YOU’RE STILL PUSHING (SO YOU SAY). YOU OR THEY CAN PUSH FOREVER, FOR ALL THAT’LL DO.
    They have exposed the “Son of Measure B” and analyzed the DWP budget and have put pressure on DWP who BACKED off an immediate Water rate increase under Interim General Manager Freeman (Uncle of Measure B). THAT’S ALL HYPE AND PR. WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET A LAWYER AND SUE THE DWP FOR MALFEASANCE. HOW CAN A PUBLIC DEPARTMENT SAY THEY’RE CHANGING PEOPLE FOR UTILITIES AND AT THE SAME TIME LOANING THE CITY, FOR THE GENERAL FUND, THE DWP PROFITS OFF OF THOSE UTILITIES? IT’S ILLEGAL.
    Now I ask you, who are you and what have you done? I’M NOT CLAIMING TO BE THE ACTIVIST OR SIT ON A NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL. What I do for my neighborhood is not for personal glory, as what they do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Some blame should fall on the Police Political League cop union. They played it all wrong thinking if they contribute the cops money to the idiot council members campaigns getting them in like, Smith, Zine, Koretz etc. they would cave in. They spent a hundreds of thousands to get Trutanich in thinking he would go after them once they showed their true colors against PPL. To show THEIR arrogance when everyone is canceling Xmas parties because of economy they are spending over $100,000 so all the politicans and assholes can go all to theirs paid for by cop’s due money. Cops aren’t even invited. There is so much corruption all over this city. Until the NC Alliances, SLAP, LANCC and the other coalitions UNITE AND TAKE A STAND like all showing up to council for great publicity, having protest outside city hall or doing something nothing will ever change. Its the few who actually get things done getting up off their asses. The old school NC’s DWP committee at least back in 2005 stopped a rate pay hike because of their ACTION

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    More of a dog and pony show for the failure of a Mayor. Someone needs to tell him he has the procedure all wrong. Community should have had input FIRST you loser. Then get confirmed by city council. Can Antonio really be this stupid??Mayor Hahn had more class then this loser. Shows he was raised in the hood and has no sense at all. Villaraigosa is going to milk this for everything and get more photo ops for himself. He’s a failure. After the fact he wants community input and going on a campaign show dragging the poor nominee around with him. There should be outrage at this!!!! Why didn’t the kiss ass media ask him why he’s doing this AFTER the appointment?
    “”"The mayor has said he will push for City Council confirmation of his appointee Nov. 10, after a round of meetings with City Council members and community groups.”

  15. Nina Royal says:

    Hey Anonymous on November 1, 2009 7:24 & 7:35 AM
    Do you know that 98% of the work is done by 2 percent of the people?
    You can help by not remaining annonymous and use your flair for writing to help us improve our city.
    I participate in many civic organizations, my NC, SLAP, DWP Committee, Plan Check, CPAB, etc., just to name a few. I, along with several communiity members, make many appearances, at City Hall and their nurmerous committees, where we constantly see the same people at each of them. We are holding the down the Fort, and we could use the help of people who want to be involved.
    So, instead of being critical of us, use your outrage against City Hall in order to help us make changes. Encourage your community members to get motivated by spreading the word of these organizations and also bring your neighbors to these meetings to get involved too!
    It’s not fair to only critize those of us who are spending our precious life attempting to make a difference, if you are sitting back and doing nothing. If you have ideas on how we can better make a difference, you should participate and share them with us.
    By the way, Neighborhood Councils are part of the city and the city cannot sue itself.Only private individuals or organizatins can do so.
    We don’t even had the right to submit an appeal!
    Would you care to front the money for an
    attorney for our DWP Committee, which is non government? We are still paying for the attorney who helped us defeat Measure B. Are you good at Funding Raising? Come to one of our meetings and tell us what you are going to do to help.

  16. Anonymous says:

    7:24 your right the PPL thought Trutanich would be like The Enforcer against Citycouncil morons who’d try to sell them out but seems it didn’t work out as planned, lost even Dennis Zine by the end with the hamfisted way he went about it and revealed his gameplan too early. Right from the start when he blamed LAPD for overdeploying against the Jackson hoopla when what he wanted to do was go after AEG, so he ended up making the cops look overpaid for overtime and too expensively fed on sandwich platters from the mountain resort area. Now PPL is saying they can work with any of the 3 finalists, does that mean that any of the supposed top contenders who were eliminated early were some they didn’t want to work with? Those who say PPL has been totally out of the selection process may be wrong because it’s known that Moore is the favorite of the west valley people like Zine, Smith and Weber and Koretz seems to be playing along maybe to appease the pro-Nuch people. Moore’s the only one who’s taken a more hands-on tact to interpret SO40 as allowing cops to ID illegal criminals and not try to discourage it, the west valley bureau identifies hundreds more illegal criminals every year than anyone else. The other two are fine people however and there can’t be any objection to them. Meanwhile the firefighter union is still playing hardball, and this probably won’t work out better for them, no way will they get a better deal than the cops just because they’ve left the table again. We can’t afford the same deals we gave out in the past rightly or wrongly, it stinks, but whenever you try to slapdown and embarrass this mayor and council in public it seems to backfire for them and frankly there’s no mood among the public to go along with any pressure to demand more for any unions now. That’s why we’re all so mad and rightly so about the increases for Darcy, the public should be better informed why their bills are soaring.

  17. Anonymous says:

    bottom line is Police Political League screwed up for their cops. They got in over their heads and didn’t know how to play the game with the corrupt city council members. This never happened with the past presidents of Tim Sands and Bob Baker who were well liked by the rank and file. Cops don’t like Moore and he’s too much of a heavy handed micro manager like Parks was. Morale will suffer and as posted on many blogs Moore has major woman baggage. If it comes out will be embarrassement. The other problem is Moore says he’s Hispanic which is a joke and insult. The fact he’s on LA LEY is also an insult but those radicals LA LEY who do nothing for their cops will endorse Moore which makes them even look dumber. Sad reality is the cops fighting on the streets never had a say. Dumb ass Police Political League didn’t want to get involved yet we all know they’re playing behind the scenes with the corrupt idiots who failed to give their cops a raise. Talk about being hypocrites. No wonder cops want to talk and meet with Teamsters. Teamsters would have made mince meat out of council and D’Arcy and cops probably would have gotten their raise. Why are they paying up to $6 million in dues for this crap?

  18. Anonymous says:

    All these responses show that essential services like cops and fire should not be unionized. Are the army, airforce or the marines unionized? When we do reform this broken down city, these unions should go. Anyone funded by taxpayer’s money should not be in the union business. Unions were and still are a necessity in private organizations, where profit rules, and the workers would be exploited. The city on the other hand, is not for-profit, and exists to provide basic services to the taxpayers. All unions should go.

  19. Nina Royal says:

    Anonymous on November 1, 2009 3:28 PM.
    You are moving from one extreme to the other. In my Opinion Public Service employess have just as much right to representation of their choice as well as any private sector employees. However, we need to get the crooks and “special interest” groups or members out of the negotiation process. Our City needs to hire top professional financial representatives who are
    “accountable to the public” and who will not stand for special interest deals, nor benefit by them, in order to have long range, fair, win-win agreements that don’t break our city now or in the future.

  20. Nina Royal says:

    ymous on November 1, 2009 3:28 PM.
    You are moving from one extreme to the other. In my Opinion Public Service employess have just as much right to representation of their choice as well as any private sector employees. However, we need to get the crooks and “special interest” groups or members out of the negotiation process. Our City needs to hire top professional financial representatives who are
    “accountable to the public” and who will not stand for special interest deals, nor benefit by them, in order to have long range, fair, win-win agreements that don’t break our city now or in the future.

  21. Patty says:

    “Not so, says the mayor. The lucrative agreement for D’Arcy “provides the shared sacrifice that the mayor has asked for,” says his spokesman Matt Szabo.”
    Shared sacrifice? What mushrooms did Matt Szabo and the mayor smoke? Oh, I get it, the DWPers are sacrificing because they didn’t get a BIGGER raise. The spokesman’s statement is insulting to all other city workers and to the citizens of Los Angeles, who will be paying for these raises.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Tony has failed because he has surrounded himself with fools like M. Szabo. Can you believe Tony promoted this clueless mouthpiece to Sr Advisor? Poor Los Angeles.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hasn’t the cost of living gone down recently? Why are raises needed?
    Thank goodness our fearless Mayor is our Ratepayer Advocate. I’m sure he’ll put a stop to this insane shakedown by the DWP.

  24. Kate Barner says:

    TO – By Anonymous on November 1, 2009 7:19 AM
    Let me try to make this simpler to make it easier for your to understand:
    1. Measure B: By any stretch of the imagination, the Activists (the Solar 8 and beyond) fought a David and Goliath battle against an extremely well funded campaign by the Pro-B side. If you don’t recognize that you have zero credibility.
    2. Rate-payer’s Advocate: Most activists, no matter how strong or connected don’t get the time of day from the City Council. Councilmember Smith and Council President Garcetti now support this position and will be bringing it in for a vote.
    3. They have dissected both the budget of DWP and new Solar proposals. And in both an accurate statement and a good PR move have coined the expression Son of Measure B because the pompous DWP has ignored the voters and is marching ahead with a rehash.
    The best way to fight corrupt policies is to expose it for the public to see. They have made a difference and this has been a benefit to the ratepayers and will only build on making DWP better.

  25. Anonymous says:

    WTF???? the FAILURE of a Mayor Antonio who everyday is looking more like a bad school principal and not a Mayor is dragging the nominee for Police Chief until Tuesday to get every photo op he can. The bastard is USING and disrespecting the position of the next chief. Yesterday nominees had to interview again and the low life had his pion Szabo send out a press release. This is absolute BULLSHIT!!! Where is the outrage because the crook David Freeman DWP or any other dept. head NEVER had to go through this bullshit being put front and center like these nominees. Now the FAILLURE of a Mayor is waiting until Tuesday to announce. Trying to get as much media out of this. People should call his office 213-978-0600 this is insulting to the position of Chief to abuse and use for selfish gain. David Freeman DWP didn’t spend more then 30 min. in city council and there wasn’t ANY COMMUNITY INPUT FROM neighborhood councils.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Let’s just hire someone to knock D’Arcy off. I know a guy who knows a guy who’ll do it on the cheap.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hey 5:43,
    Get some sleep. You sound even more unglued than most of the posters here.
    Freeman didnt need to undergo as extensive an interview process since he had worked at utilities, and in Los Angeles Govt previously.
    None of the finalists for the top cop job has ever been police chief befor.
    Yes, Villaraigosa is being his usual shameless self. Thats what politicians of all stripes do-remember Bush ‘Mission Accomplished’- so whats the fake outrage for?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can’t we get someone to AUDIT DWP? Aren’t we as tax payers entitled to know where our money is going? Where is Jack Humpsville when we need him!! This is why the rate advocate is crucial to move forward. It should not be any of the people city council or Mayor want but a neigborhood council rep or community member. And to the poster at 5:43am I believe the 1st Assistant Chief filled in for Bratton when he was out of town and being that was often he has more experience. AND Mayor Hahn would have never made this selection process a charade and travesty as Antonio has. Now, go do some work Matt Szabo.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Kate Barner, it is you who have no credibility. The Solar con-job was doomed from the start. The Riorden crowd didn’t want it. It was The Mayor/The Union crowd who pushed it. And, it would have been at the expense of the “posh crowd”. Don’t you understand? They tried to slip it through, but the “posh crowd” squashed it.
    And the rate payer advocate will never happen, unless they can install an empty shirt, similar to the gang czar. Do you really believe that the City Council will allow the crooked politics of the DWP be exposed?
    Finally, do you really think that “exposing” issues is going to make you successful? That’s a one in a million game. You lose on most “developer projects”. You lose on the “elephant condo”. You lose on Griffith Park and Audry land grabs. That’s because most people don’t follow “issues” and the “activists” who champion them. Your only real win is No Home Depot.
    Kate, what you seriously don’t understand is that you are playing a losing game. It’s because you need a champion to be successful. Most people don’t respond to issues. They respond to leaders that are electable. You need to elect good people to office and make their image very likeable. That’s because the voters, for the most part, react to people, not issues.
    It’s sad. Like a mouse, you nibble around the edges of the cheese.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Szabo has to justify his $200k salary,so he is filling the air with b.s.

  31. El Quixotian says:

    Are you that out of touch that you can’t even keep the LANCC Committees straight?
    Do you know that it was the GM/CEO Contract Emeritus who tried to drive a chop off the head of the MOU Oversight Committee’s Advocacy only to a new group come into being?
    Are you one of the people who have been ironically harping about the harmony twixt the leadership of the two committees, which owes their continued existence to the fact that the noble efforts of we lay people cannot be thwarted by pompous politicians or nattering naysayers?
    Are you ignorant of the fact that there HAVE been protests as well as polite protocol in City Council Chambers and the offices of the DWP…that the opponents of Measure B who wrote the anti argument DID work with a lawyer to defend the language that challenged the debacle?
    Do you even have a clue about the hearings involving Griffith Park, where NC’s and other organizations citywide championed Historic Landmark status for the ENTIRE PARK, and not just piecemeal which would make it easier for Pleasure Piers and ridgeline resorts, OVER the objections of the Autry?
    Your ignorance and antipathy may be persuasive on other boards, but we here know better.
    You’d be a little better off moving on to somewhere not so immune to parasitic apathy, but BEST off by shutting up, listening, and maybe showing up and pitching in if you REALLY want to do something more then blame us for the fact that the insidious system we’re fighting is so unrelenting.

  32. Anonymous says:

    If the Village Idiot Jeff Carr is the Chief of Staff isn’t he the one who should be speaking for the Mayor not Szabo? Antonio has 17 Deputy Mayors including Jimmy Blackman who to this day no one knows what he does. All these Deputy Mayor’s make over $125,00 and more. so where is the shared sacrifice? The Dog & Pony Show with new Chief is coming to your neighborhood soon. Thursday, Nov. 5th El Sereno Senior Center at 6pm but you must rsvp to Mayor’s office so only the “Mayor supporters” get in. Might as well put a leash on the new chief and drag him around the city like a dog. Top command livid at the circus but can’t do anything about it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I`d like to know the cost of the whole charade tomorrow to announce the selection of the new Chief. I don`t remember such a farce when Hahn selected Bratton. I read there will be dozen of patrol cars in Van Nuys City Hall. Thought the City was broke and cannot afford funding for public safety! Man, are we not taken for a ride, along with the press.

  34. Anonymous DWP employee says:

    I beleive our Union is powerful because they have photos of Mayor Hahn or Mayor V in bed with a dead girl or a live boy! Mayor Hahn signed our last big contract and Mayor V also is in bed with unions. When I started with City of LA in ’79 no one told me unions existed! I just needed a job after the USMC! I was making $3.00 per hr and the city paid 888 per month to collect coins, parking meters! I knew nothing of unions in my 20′s. I am not to blame for all this. Everyone wants to work and feed our families. I stood in lines for years to get 15 jobs with the City of LA/DWP and even City of Tampa Fla. 6 yrs USMC too. I got to buy back my 6 yrs USMC toward retirement. You too can join the Marines as I did and stand in line, take civil service tests, score high, just do it!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ron Kaye is a jackass as well as all the rest of you!

  36. Anonymous says:

    10:16PM, the Feds are after you. You can`t escape, you and all of your co-conspirators. It`a matter of time. In fact Nuch might get you first.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Re : 10.16 PM
    It takes one to know one~!!! Meantime we shall
    keep on irritating you! Enjoy! And we think we shall win. We are not doing this as a mental exercise, you know, we want our city back from the unions and people like you who are taking advantage of the rest of us.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Ron, you are obviously hitting some nerves in city hall. Cops didn’t get a raise yet today the Mayor is using many patrol cars all over the city for his big announcement. I wish one of the smart financial wizards who read this blog will estimate how much the Mayor’s circus is costing in a financial deficit. He’s making an announcement at 11 am at Getty House with LAPD officers in tow for a photo op. Then another big press conf. in the Valley with more patrol officers as another photo op. Then he’s taking his who on the road for the next 6 days to South LA, Westside, Eastside, San Fernando all having more patrol officers at each photo op. Can someone figure out a cost to tax payers and post?

  39. Anonymous says:

    ITS BECK AS NEW CHIEF. The process was a joke and the selection was made before Bratton left town. Valley people will be upset. Antonio now controls LAPD and BECK will be his lapdog. What a shameful phasod this who process was. There should be outrage and protest because it was an insult to the people of Los Angeles and made to be a circus.

  40. Anonymous says:

    By Anonymous on November 3, 2009 8:08 AM
    If you are correct and I sure hope you are, do not be surprised at the repercussions. This is not two years ago when people just shrugged. This is almost 2010 and we are filled full of the crap and “good will” from the LACITY GANG.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Again the damn Mayor has to make everything about him. What an insult to put Jeff Carr’s name on Charlie Beck’s bio the Mayor’s office is sending out. Bastards!!!! This is absolutely FALSE. No one thinks of Charlie this way. Stupid ass Mayor putting this and sending to media. The Village Idiot Carr is a loser who knew nothing about gangs and all the interventionists and officers are glad they moved his sorry butt out of the gang business.
    ..Beck is widely viewed as a progressive reformer, embracing the same comprehensive approach to gang violence reduction as Rev. Jeff Carr, the City’s first Gang Czar who now serves as Mayor Villaraigosa’s Chief of Staff.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious Antonio has Beck’s bio up and is exaggerating his experience. C’mon he’s only been a Deputy Chief for 3 years and Antonio has promoted Beck to a position that doesn’t exist. Chief of Detectives…Can they really be this ignornant. There isn’t a Chief of Detectives your losers. I hope at the Van Nuys community meeting someone has the balls to stand and ask Charlie Beck how does he feel being the new Chief of LAPD knowing full well the selection process with corrupt and FIXED. It was a done deal as one reporter told me today. All the media web sites people are posting the corruption and insult to Angelenos. Beck already is showing his lack of Integrity, honesty and everything the LAPD badge stands for by knowing full well he wasn’t chosen for his experience but because the Mayor and Bratton wanted him.

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is a scenario not unusual to LAPD. The Charter Reform initiated by that corporate raider, Mayor Riordan, gave too much power to the Mayor, and as luck would have it, the dumbest Mayor gets to use it. There should always be checks and balances, and no one individual should have so much power. The dumb ones will always exploit it to their own advantage. Other departments are also paying the price of General Mangagers appointed by this fool. We just have to accept the appointment and rework the Charter, or elect intelligent Mayors who care about the city rather than their own future advantage. Not knowing any of the candidates, at least he is an insider with years of experience compared to the idiots on the Mayor’s staff making over $125,000.

  44. Kate Barner says:

    to Anonymous on November 2, 2009 3:00 PM:
    Your quote: “The Solar con-job was doomed from the start.” implies to me that if the original “Solar 8,” the networking of Neighborhood Councils and their hosting of debate/forums, the writing of an opposition piece for the ballot and appearances on Radio and TV (free, not paid for) were NOT necessary for Measure B to fail.
    You are implying that Measure B would fail on its own or to some mysterious “posh crowd” and not the overt opposition.
    If this is correct, any of your other statements are truly tainted and should be very seriously questioned.
    I can agree that there are serious issues with Neighborhood Councils and that the coalition that fought Measure B may not have been able to always leverage on their success, but any independent scholarly observer of ALL of the facts behind the campaign of Measure B (2009, Los Angeles) would have to conclude that without opposition, it would have passed with a substantial margin.

  45. what says:

    You know, for the most part people outside the utility have no idea what we do everyday.We, the workers risk our lives everyday to insure reliable power to the citizens of Los Angeles. Our job ranks in the top ten for most fatalities per year, the cops and firefighters don’t even make the list. Police and firefighters have their fair share of perils I’m sure and I am not discounting their work an any way though I am pointing out that we get payed well for a reason. If you want to go out in inclement weather and work on live 5ooo volt conductors to restore power while 30-60 feet in the air off a pole or Better yet go into a 500000 volt switchrack and repair a faulty piece of equipment in the rain then take the test and get a job, If not stop complaining about the workforce. I agree that the political aspect is frustrating, though look at outlying areas that obtain energy from pge and edison – they pay much more than the citizens of los angeles in Rates.

  46. El Quixotian says:

    Dear what,
    Thank you for your service. Nobody begrudges Electricians doing electrical work.
    But can you confirm that electricians are needed to do roofing and framing as part of erecting solar panels?
    And is it true that you time is not being billed to work on Water projects, pushing out Laborers of other trades who can excavate quicker and cheaper then some of the workforce currently deployed?
    Hey, if we’re being fed propaganda from these other unions, we want to know, but let’s make sure we’re talking apples and oranges.

  47. An excellent piece of writing with great data. Cherished it.

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