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Give ‘em Hell, Nuch — We Need a Bully at City Hall

City Attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich took a beating last week in the press and at City Council for trying to solve the billboard mess created by City Hall over seven years.

It’s a good thing he’s a tough guy from San Pedro and takes pride in being a pig-headed  bull in a china shop. He broke a lot of dishes again last week and hopefully his repeated references to the commission of crimes will soon be backed up with the evidence to produce indictments.

In the 10 weeks he has been in office, Nuch has demonstrated he has no more respect for the exquisite sensibilities of the Council than for the power of AEG’s Tim Leiweke, developers or anyone else.

Poor Ed Reyes’ trust is shaken by the breakdown in unanimous acquiescence , Richard Alarcon is saddened at seeing department heads told to obey the law, Greig Smith is outraged at the prospect the law might override sweetheart deals and Jan Perry, her voice quivering with emotion, is out for revenge.

Good work, Nuch. We’ve waited a long time for this, a city official who doesn’t give a damn Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Trutanich-Carmen.gifabout the niceties of the fine art of political corruption, whether misfeasance or malfeasance, and just wants to see an effective law in place to end the runaway proliferation of digital billboards that blight our landscape.

They call him a bully for standing up to the people’s interest. They
say he is abusing his authority for trying to bring control to billboards and marijuana shops, and end giveaways of public money without
public benefit.

Maybe the Neighborhood Councils and homeowner groups can learn something from Nuch and stop saying thank you every time a city official talks nice to them while picking their pocket.

It’s been 17 years since Rodney King, of all people, asked the question that is at the heart of what’s wrong with LA: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

King’s his plaintive plea came at the height of the 1992 riots that followed acquittal of the officers who beat him half to death a year earlier.

This time it’s not the poor who are looting stores, burning down buildings and firing guns into the night. It’s the middle class that is angry, people who vent their grievances without engaging in mayhem in the streets.

They are fed up with being treated like feudal peasants, of being squeezed for every dollar they have without getting anything in return, of seeing their neighborhoods wrecked by developments that turn the law on its head, of services being cut, their futures being mortgaged and theircity lurching toward bankruptcy.

They want to know how come City Hall gave hundreds of
millions of dollars in taxpayer money to AEG so the company could reap
billions in profits with arenas, luxury hotels and condos and expensive
restaurants 90 percent of the people can’t afford.

They want to know how come homeowners’ trash fees were tripled to hire more cops and most of the money was used for other purposes and now we’ve stopped hiring cops altogether.

They want to know how come they are being slugged with one water and power rate  increase after another and we’ve got water mains bursting all over town and the dirtiest power plants in California.

There’s a thousand other questions people have about what’s going on at City Hall so if anybody asks today why we can’t just get along, the answer is: City Hall is at war with its people, engaging in one dirty back room deal and bureaucratic dirty trick after another.

It’s clear nothing will change without a fight that brings City Hall back under the control of the people.
So give ‘em Hell, Nuch! It’s about time somebody stood up to the power structure and starting getting answers.

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14 Responses to Give ‘em Hell, Nuch — We Need a Bully at City Hall

  1. Richard Fisk says:

    Carmen Trtutanich will be the guest speaker at the Old Granada Hills Residents’Group meeting Thursday, November 5th; 7:00pm at Granada Hills Charter High School. Public invited

  2. Richard Fisk says:

    Carmen Trutanich will be the guest speaker at the Old Granada Hills Residents’Group meeting Thursday, November 5th; 7:00pm at Granada Hills Charter High School. Public invited

  3. KK says:

    Right on, Ron, and good for you,Nuch! Frankly, if the city attorney isn’t making someone mad, he isn’t doing his job or isn’t trying hard enough.

  4. El Quixotian says:

    Some may ascribe Nuch’s Putsch to poor impulse control, while Ron and others may render a more favorable of someone willing to upstage the Comedia that resists our efforts to bring down their Moron Curtain.
    But the point is, Trutanich doesn’t act like a man who is rehearsing another role, down the way. If he’s improvising, it’s because he has nothing to lose. This may disappoint the hacks who cast him as a hired gun in some vast right wing conspiracy, but I’m sure they’ll come up with another narrarator of their fantasy.
    Their may be a risk in allowing himself to become typecast, but as they are backed into corners, the back-roomers are going to engage in character assasination no matter what.
    Let’s just hope he remembers that it’s the citizen taxpayers that he should play to!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The reaction of the City Council on Friday was like a pack of hyenas, which as everyone knows, are the bottom feeders in the food chain, who can only survive collectively, before they are picked up by the stronger prey. Sooner or later, the weaker one is eaten anyway, and the rest of the pack runs away.
    We elected Trutanich to eat into the rot of what is City government. So he is not being nice. Who cares. The supporters will be buried in the rot. Why not join us in building a new stronger edifice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “It’s clear nothing will change without a fight that brings City Hall back under the control of the people.”
    Exactly so and don’t pull any punches, Nuch.
    Thank you,Ron, you don’t pull any punches and
    your campaign on this gang is a real expose!

  7. California Taxpayer says:

    As the saying goes, give’em hell. That is why I voted for him. I was tired of the incestuous relationships going on downtown with me getting the short end of the stick!!

  8. in Eagle Rock says:

    Just to be included here, after my really thought-out post diaappeared into the blogosphere by one of my errant keystrokes, I want to add:
    You now see the CMs on Friday choosing sides as they pull in Tim Lie-wiki to safety as they circle the wagons once again, while casting out Carmen Trutanich after that CA’s scolded too many of the in-crowd AND one of their own, Jan Perry, too, to top it off. Go to Jail? Breaking the law? Who do you think you are, Nuch? The Attorney General?
    Well, as we near Halloween, the Michael Jackson connection is appropriate here, in the form of the classic video, “Thriller,” with the the CMs among those zombies who will feed off the public, and literally so from this imagery.
    Or maybe it’s better shown by the movie classic that I see fitting so many situations as an analogy over the years, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” You see the problem and take one into your confidence to share views- but then you find that THEY are the enemy, taken in as there are fewer and fewer left to resist the intrusion and take-over.
    Yes, that’s it all at City Hall. Put them into office and then they take on some life of their own, totally alien to us who elected them. And they move on to pull more into their ranks until there is no one left unchanged or destroyed.
    The reality is not far from this movie theme- businesses leaving, all the breaks seem to be going to the monied interests instead of the people. And even worse, the breaks are PAID FOR by the people as more and more taxes and fees pummel the people left.
    And on and on with this – but you see it headed to a bad ending unless enough join together to derail it and soon. (I will leave the puns alone, but that light rail sweetheart deal to a contract-breaching Italian firm comes to mind very easily here).
    I did not like Nuch’s heavy handed style after I voted for him, but maybe it’s all that will work to right the ship here. Not much else has.

  9. Charlie Baker says:

    The actions of the City Council, whether because of corruption, stubbornness, or revenge against Trutanich’s threats to throw them in jail, are a punch in the gut of the working class taxpayers of Los Angeles.
    I would have preferred the “walk softly and carry a big stick” attitude of TR, but Trutanich is on the right side of the argument on billboards. He was attempting to unravel the mess made by the two-face, double-talking City Council that tells the public that they are looking out for them, at same time giving the keys to the City Treasury to Wealthy Corporate interests that pick up everything on the cheap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please understand that the principal source of the corruption starts at the top with Eric Garcetti.
    Eric likes to think that no one sees through his smiling ever-so-friendly-sounding double-speak. For instance, he starts every City Council meeting reading a speech that SEEMS intended to invite people to attend City Council meetings and be aware of what is going on at City Hall. At the same time, he slides stuff onto the City Council agendas by waiving key Committee hearings, and sending controversial items directly to City Council with only the barest of public notice.
    People need to speak out against his duplicity and smarmy “charm” the covers over a rotting core beholden on his raw political ambition that he knows will be fueled by how much he gives away to the developers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is how blatant the corruption in city hall is. Most criminals try and hide their corruption from the public. But Ghetto queen Jan Perry and her co horts like Villaraigosa openly display their pay to play corruption with AEG. This is why they quickly moved to pass getting those 6 signs up and spent almost 2 hours of our tax dollars grandstanding like a bunch of bafoons. Today you will see all the corrupt council members attending the big premiere. They have no shame.
    ….Opening of L.A. Live’s 14-screen Regal Cinemas could be just the third-biggest event scheduled for the entertainment complex on Tuesday. On Monday evening, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilwoman Jan Perry joined officials from AEG and Regal Cinemas in a ribbon cutting for the complex

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just heard our Mayor present his criteria for the police chief on the networks. He was using words that he did not understand like character, integrity, honesty etc. He was reading from the script, but could his staff explain to him the meaning of these words.

  13. El Quixotian says:

    Elegant post as usual from Eagle Rock – you clearly have not just fallen off the pod truck.
    And your note of “businesses leaving” echoes an item aired by our dwindling newsradio this morning, regarding some of the early census buzz for Los Angeles County.
    Population drops in certain demographics, such as recent college graduates, as jobs are scarce locally, and indeed statewide…at least those that pay enough to enable them to afford to live here. (Gee, I thought this was the target audience for mixed use, transit oriented densification!) Likewise, our congressional delegation is likely to be trimmed, depending on whether hard counts will specify legal residency status, or if calculations can help gerrymander around districts with residents who choose not to get to close to being accounted for, accountably; except perhaps anonymously when availing themselves of the social services provided by taxpayers out of heartfelt and humane compassion.
    That doesn’t mean that we should be lowering our own standards for freedom and privacy to round up the peons who are pawns in the Gran Mercado of human labor. But what we CAN do is rid our institutions of the pretenders who rook us out of the fruits of our efforts to foster civil society. And by so doing, we will create the “Shining City” WORTHY of aspirations, sufficient to foster motive to work through the orderly process and become a citizen in every sense.

  14. Who says we can’t party like its 1999 still? I say 2010 beats 1999! Who is prince anyway?

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