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Shakeup in LAPD Command Staff: Winners and Losers

Losers: McDonnell and Papa….Winners: Jacobs, Moore, Chaleff and more…Go to to read the full story.

Here’e Chief Charlie Beck’s Memo to Staff

FROM:   Chief of Police


I have taken the first step in reorganizing the
Department to increase efficiency and improve effectiveness.  The new
organization includes six Direct Reports and the renaming of two Offices.  I
have made several selections at the Senior Staff Officer level to complete my
leadership team.  While some of these modifications may be subject to budgetary
review and approval, it is anticipated that the following changes will take
effect as of Deployment Period 1, 2010 (January 3, 2010).

Office of Operations

Chief Earl Paysinger, Director, Office of Operations

Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz, Commanding Officer, Operations -

Central Bureau

Deputy Chief Pat Gannon, Commanding Officer, Operations – South


Deputy Chief Debbie McCarthy, Commanding Officer, Operations -

West Bureau

Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Commanding Officer, Operations -

Valley Bureau

Office of Special Services

Assistant Chief Michel Moore, Director, Office of Special


Deputy Chief Mike Downing, Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorism

and Criminal Intelligence Bureau

Deputy Chief Jim McDonnell, Chief of Detectives

Deputy Chief Rich Roupoli, Commanding Officer, Special

Operations Bureau


Office of Administrative Services

Assistant Chief Sandy Jo MacArthur, Director, Office of

Administrative Services

Deputy Chief Terry Hara, Commanding Officer, Personnel and

Training Bureau

Police Administrator III Rhonda Sims Lewis, Commanding Officer,

Support Services Bureau

Police Administrator III Maggie Goodrich, Commanding Officer,

Information and Technology Bureau

Chief Information Officer Tim Riley, Commanding Officer,

Communications and Records Bureau


In addition to the Assistant Chiefs, the following will
be Direct Reports to the Chief of Police

Deputy Chief Mark Perez, Commanding Officer Professional

Standards Bureau

Police Administrator III Gerald Chaleff, Special Assistant

Commander Rick Jacobs, Chief of Staff


If you have any questions please contact my Chief of
Staff, Commander Rick Jacobs

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29 Responses to Shakeup in LAPD Command Staff: Winners and Losers

  1. Anonymous says:

    THIS IS THE STUPIDEST MOST IGNORANT MOVEMENT EVER IN LAPD. BECK IS PROMOTING ALL HIS LOSER FRIENDS. McDonnell is not a loser by any means. He is the most popular Assistant Chief throughout the city. Officers wanted Chief McDonnell to replace Bratton but we all know how corrupt the process was and how Bratton called to make sure Beck who is a lazy asshole was on finalist list. Wake up everyone and you read it here first, this is the demise of LAPD and its going back to being corrupt. Beck has no experience and is taking his decisions from Chalef who is an idiot and knows nothing. He’s not even sworn yet gets position. Bratton from NY is still calling the shots. McDonnell showed Bratton the ropes and was friends for 30 years. This shows how Bratton is an asshole with no integrity or character. Officers will start booing BECK just like they did Parks when they didn’t like him. No one likes or knows who the hell Beck is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No diversity whatsoever. Isn’t Rick Jacobs the Metro commander that was responsible for May 1st? So he gets promoted and all the command staffers who don’t have a clue about community policing. Not one community policing person in the bunch but they get rid of McDonnell is was the community policing expert citywide? What a bunch of dumb asses.

  3. anonymous says:

    What I don’t understand is why Beck would do this if these were Bratton’s people? Wasn’t Bratton a key player in Beck’s selection? Did Bratton want this and just didn’t get around to doing this? Or, was this solely a Beck decision independent of those who “invested” in him.
    I hope an insider gives us the scoop. Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a scoop, since Beck is not known throughout the city, who else would have to go around the city introducing himself his staffers were specifically told to invite the CPAB members throughout the city to his swearing in. My email tonight after news reports broke of these demotions are telling people to not go to the swearing in. CPAB are the idiots link to LAPD because they are social clubs with the exception of a few who actually do anything but go to these type of free events pretending they are important. Fact is Beck is bad news for LAPD and the city. He’s not community oriented, has promoted all these white people, and thanks to Ron’s blog telling everyone around the city that Beck wasn’t the police commissioners choice at all. This is going to bite Beck in the ass big time. He’s really screwed up with these demotions and command staff are pissed off.

  5. anonymous says:

    9:02PM, thanks for that scoop. I’m curious, though, if he was Bratton’s choice, was this decision a slap in Bratton’s face? Or, was this part of the game plan? What about the mayor’s game plan (if he has one)? I can’t imagine this happening without the knowledge of those who put him there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What “scoop” at 9:02? It makes no sense at all. Did McDonnell also attend Beck’s confirmation “love fest” at city hall? Moore and Paysinger were there, and I THINK McDonnell was too. So it didn’t seem like hard feelings then. What gives?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hard feelings my ass..McDonnell is politically correct and how can he not be there at Beck’s phoniess of a confirmation. The place was EMPTY. It sent a clear message that Beck is not liked or has any support. Moore is telling people he’s Latino and endorsed by radical La Ley who are more Antonio Mecha goons. Moore is NOT LATINO AND ITS INSULTING FOR HIM TO EVEN SAY IT. I hope the rumors are true and rank and file will now start to boo Beck as they did Parks for demoralizing the dept. and demoting two very popular well liked Assistant Chief’s who deserve medals for putting up with Bratton’s crap. These two have the highest integrity and Beck is getting rid of those who aren’t as corrupt and him and his friends. Beck is starting off with more baggage then any other Chief. Community members in the Valley are saying he won’t be welcomed to any of their events if they can help it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sergio Diaz getting moved to Operations is a joke. Diaz isn’t qualified to manage one division let alone be up on the 10th floor. Sergio is another Mayor bun boy and Beck is taking his direction from the gang banger mayor. LAPD is taking 100 steps backwards with this movement and we can all thank Beck who is a do nothing, unqualified goon. Thanks to Ron for scooping the process with flawed and Beck wasn’t even suppose to be selected. Bratton made one phone call to Mayor and Beck got in. Damn, why didn’t Beck say crap at the Alliance meeting on Saturday since he knew? Beck has proven to be a snake and watch LAPD go down the toliet with the rest of the city like Antonio has made it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ron, post the thread you had about Trutanich finding out about Bratton’s involvement with AEG and that’s why he had to resign. People need to pressure Trutanich to come out with his investigative report he stated in city council he would have by now. Command staffers are saying the reason McDonnell got demoted because he has the highest ethics which Beck and friends lack like Bitter Bernie. Beck is in bed with Mayor now and watch for the demise of LAPD as people are mentioning. McDonnell knows where all the bodies are buried and Bratton is terrified he may spill his guts on the corruption that went on 6th floor. The lazy ass reporters are to scared to report the truth. Not a good start of new spot as Chief for Beck with all his bs now hanging over his head. Thanks to Ron and other blogs everyone is reading the truth.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rank and file say Paysinger should have been demoted. Beck is now feeling the heat and it will only get worst. Everywhere he goes rank and file will let him know he screwed up. It says a lot about a man with no character to demote a Chief who has done more for this city and officers liked. Beck has already been labeled tainted goods. He will get the groans when he’s in front of cops. Beck’s alignment with the Mayor already has many neighborhood council reps talking about the guilt by association. Beck in coming in with black marks against him and demoting McDonnell will in the long run be his downfall. Wait til it happens and sit back and have a beer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s Poodle/Political Problem……Will the new chief get led on a leash by Villaraigosa, or be his own man?

  12. anonymous says:

    Anonymous on November 24, 2009 9:18 AM wrote:
    “Ron, post the thread you had about Trutanich finding out about Bratton’s involvement with AEG and that’s why he had to resign”
    Okay, the plot thickens, juicy gossip and oh my gosh. Could someone expand on this please?

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Ron, post the thread you had about Trutanich finding out about Bratton’s involvement with AEG and that’s why he had to resign.”
    This job is NOT for LA TIMES or LA DAILY NEWS, but for L.A. Weekly who is NOT afraid to exercise the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

  14. Anonymous says:

    9:18, Bratton left partly because he didn’t want to work with an idiot like Trutanich on top of being like he said, “micro-micro-managed” by Parks, Zine, Smith, Perry and then having them and even Rosendahl and Koretz etc. flip-flop on the trash fee hikes issue. They got him to go out and shill for that and Prop S promising people the money would go for cops or at least public safety, then these clowns say it was never meant for that, but to offset “the real cost of trash pickup.”
    Then a bunch of them are bought by the Police Political Union and voted to reduce cop hiring instead of hiring the number he needed to keep the gangs at bay. Since Weber took over from Sands last November the PPL has gone downhill into shrill political advocacy, always battled Bratton on everything – their views are represented by “Jack Dunphy” of Pajamas Media, who is still on a verbal rampage against Bratton. He’s always featured in their daily email news round-up, which you might as well call “the voice of rightwing Republican suburban white guys.” They even make Ron look liberal.
    Sounds like Bratton’s a lot more respected in New York where the leaders and the rank and file cops union aren’t as parochial, looking out for their own immediate interest not the good of the city and dept. as a whole. He’s interviewed in this month’s New York magazine, sounds like he may want to be chief of NYPD again but meanwhile is enjoying being the toast of the town. Hell, who wouldn’t prefer that to being attacked by dimwits like the cast of characters who made trying to take him down a competitive sport, just because he did what he knew was best and spoke his mind, and had the nerve to be the best at what he did? In New York even his enemies are big enough to admit that.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Celeste Fremon over at WitnessLA suggests that McDonnell may have wanted or needed more hands-on experience commanding the troops, after working on the 10th floor in management so long, away from them. Beck giving him HIS old job isn’t so bad, probably from Beck’s point of view: Head of Detectives is pretty high-profile, worked for him.
    Sure it’s strange that it seems a demotion, even Paysinger although he keeps the same job is lower, Papa is down 2 rungs, Diaz up, but maybe it’s in keeping with Beck’s view that before they can re-emerge to the top they have to get their hands dirty. Give the man the benefit of the doubt for now until you have reason to do otherwise – jumping on him like this, urging people to boo just because he has to make nice to the mayor who appointed him, is just childish.

  16. Anonymous says:

    5:37pm You are outta your freakin mind. Troops can’t say shit without getting slapped with a complaint. The alternative troops use is their voice to boo their sorry asses to disapprove of bullshit coming from Beck. Parks hated the booing. What is Beck going to do now for morale tell troops they can wear nike’s to work to throw them a bone? Beck has been under the radar for too long and only came up for air because Bratton and Antonio needed a bun boy to continue to do their dirty work. Ron had posted here corrupt bullshit of the Australian cars Bratton and Beck are knee deep in. The connection to the corrupt Berkow now back with Bratton in NY. They are all one big corrupt group of assholes running LAPD and troops out in the field are the ones who can’t stand them all. Giving McDonnell Beck’s old job is as freakin low as he can go.McDonnell taught Bratton how to run LAPD and gave him a map of how to. Moore use to work for McDonnell now McDonnell has to report to that asshole the troops hate. How the hell can Moore get promoted with an active complaint ongoing right now and why didn’t the personnel dept. stop his candidacy with a sexual harrassement active complaint right now? Reporters get up off your lazy asses and do some investigative work on Paysinger and Moore’s jackets to find the complaints on these assholes. The troops will tell you the war stories these fools get to stay on the 10th floor. The troops hate these fools who run the dept. and know they’re corrupt. Rumor has it a book is now in the works highlighting all the bodies buried in the old Parker Center.

  17. El Quixotian says:

    Thanks for not crying foul, specifically, about Jack Weiss, even as your strike the same chords that have been dismissed previously.
    It’s like playing a record backwards: Even accepting all circumstances you weave into a right-wing ppl conspiracy, do you really think anybody believe Bratton left for any of the whiny reasons you list? A man of his fortitude and ego? Domestic issues with his wife wanting to leave Hootersville to return to Park Avenue or being upside-down on his Los Feliz digs has more weight then those.
    Come on, at least fess up to the the fact that whether or not there’s a thank you letter from AEG floating around or a skeleton to be found in the trunk of Beck’s Aussie demo car, is there any doubt that he’d had his current gig lined up “unofficially” long before the Consent Decree was lifted?
    And no time like the present with the house of cards that is the L.A. Budget situation collapsing, and his hot spot stastical coup in redefining crimes being looked at in greater detail.
    Lastly, do you want to re-write your sentence spinning how the NYPD has somehow escaped it’s washing each other’s hand sterotype (ecclipsing even the Parker era of LAPD) or do you relly want to dangle “in New York where the leaders and the rank and file cops union aren’t as parochial, looking out for their own immediate interest not the good of the city and dept. as a whole.” Those of us who can’t read minds would think that those NOT parochial are the ones looking out for themselves.

  18. Rich says:

    WHAT trips me out about the whole deal is, I thought education was a concideration for promotion. You promote a guy who has a B.S compared to two guys who have a masters? who I am so going to take time to learn my ABC. maybe that would get me a promotion to a Lt spot because we sure have some dump motherfuckers for those positions

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bratton making sure Beck got in to do his dirty work has lost him major points in NY. People read the blogs and internet in LA. Beck= dirty cop, Paysinger = dirty cop. Troops are so mad the most liked and respected Chief was embarrassed to this degree will make Beck’s short tenure a hell hole from here on out. I say KARMA IS A BITCH and once reporters not LA reporters start putting the truth and facts out like the rumor still mulling about on the 10th floor of why Bratton REALLY LEFT get out all hell will break loose. Hold on to your hats folks.!!!

  20. Frederick says:

    Jim McDonnell should be the Chief of Police. Beck has limited experience and education. Beck is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD. Beck is clearly threatened by McDonnell who has more education, more experience, support of the troops, was rated #1 by Police Commission, broad community support, and on and on…
    So, by demoting McDonnell to Deputy Chief, Beck has LOUDLY announced to all – “I’m insecure and don’t know what I’m doing”. God help the LAPD.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Frederick many agree with you. Troops say it will be a long time before Beck gains their respect. Beck is now the most disliked (putting it midly) Man in Los Angeles. Cops didn’t get a raise, OT cut but the Mayor and his buddy Beck even though has already been sworn in at city council, will spend over $100,000 on a photo op swearing in ceremony for themselves at the academy Dec. 3rd. The city is on the brink of bankruptcy but these clowns want their faces in the media. Its no secret BECK’S SELECTION WAS FIXED. Bratton for all his praise has lost a lot of support he had because it goes to his lack of character as a man and integrity to allow Beck to demote McDonnell who worked hard and deserved to be Chief. We’re all waiting for the shit to hit the fan on Bratton’s corrupt tenure and all the bullshit he got away with on the 6th floor. Reporters are scambling to get the stories. Beck, Bratton, Mayor pissed off the wrong people by demoting a great man, McDonnell.

  22. Anonymous says:

    10:19, you’re blowing it out of your ass as usual. If you want to look at wasting cops money, what they’re really mad at is PPL blowing $800,000 to elect a nobody from nowhere like Trutanich who is no more than Cooley’s puppet and is the most hated man in the city, can’t swing shit for the troops, only reason they bought him outright was because he has no ethics but he can’t get anything done because everyone’s figured out he’s more out for himself and to further Cooley’s agenda than doing his job as the city’s legal advisor. Hate to agree with Reyes on anything, but he’s right that Trutanich isn’t giving them objective legal advice on the medical pot issue or the controller issue anything, he’s skewing information to lead to lead to the outcome HE wants to please his rightwing politcal base, as well as “certain” developers, IBEW etc.
    Now PPL is spending $250,000 to try to buy that other “not ready for primetime” phony Shallman candidate Essel a seat on the horseshoe. Using the same lies Trutanich used about how she’s more “ethical” because she’d demand that candidates pay out of pocket for any technical “Ethics violations” EVEN WHEN the Ethics Commission which exists precisely to determine WHEN it’s important or not, says they shouldn’t. Or even CAN’T because an account is closed and it was immaterial, whatever. FUNNY how that ONLY applies to ANY INCUMBENT and is the Standard Operating Procedure for any wanna-be to throw at them. When they’re the ones REALLY violating ethics like lying to get endorsements or in Essel’s case, going to court to try to overturn Ethics Financial IE limits altogether.
    Lay off Beck and his inauguration, you ignoramus, the smoke you’re spewing from the other end has clouded your eyes and brain.
    Wanna know one real reason McDonnell and Papa got demoted? They told Beck they’re looking to be Chiefs elsewhere and it would have messed up the hierarchy to have top-level team members leave just as the team was getting rolling and cementing, and they agreed, got that? Plus Jim wants to get hands-on training at the command level doing Charlie’s old job, after years sealed up on the 10th floor, to get depth.

  23. Anonymous says:

    WTF????? Anyone Defending Charlie “Tainted” Beck has to be a person who is part of the corrupt clique of boys club who have no balls. The entire city know Beck, Bratton, Mayor all FIXED BECK’S selection process. Even the stupid LA Slimes tried to fix it for this corrupt clique but it backfired. It confirmed what everyone knew.Beck going to Australia with Bratton cinched it. Its too bad though it got out so late but Ron had it posted here. I agree about Police Plitical Union wasting cops dues playing politics and screwing up. Another $100,000 will be wasted on a Xmas party for all the politicans and not one cop invited even though they pay for it. Veteran officers are talking to teamsters to take over the $6 million they give PPL. Bullshit that McDonnell and Papa TOLD BECK THEY WANTED TO BE CHIEF’S ELSEWHERE. McDonnell and Papa have more ethics in their pinky then all those assholes on the 10th floor and the croonies Beck promoted. McDonnell everyone knows got LAPD Chief spot stolen from him by dirty cops Beck, Bratton and a failure of a Mayor. Troops are pissed Moore is getting promoted with personal complaint active, Paysinger with major complaints in his file doesn’t get demoted. WTF?? Soon enough all the corrupt bullshit Bratton and his croonies like Beck have been up will come out in the media. They read this blog. Charlie as troops are calling him cause they don’t respect him enough to call him Chief, is wasting tax payer dollars on a photo op on a ceremony already took place two weeks ago in city hall. Trutanich is in hot water with grass root people who got him elected for endorsing Essel the Mayor’s choice.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Paysinger isn’t demoted since he’s keeping the same job BUT no longer reporting directly to the Chief. So it’s somewhat of a come-down. But that’s being explained by Beck wanting as few as possible to report directly to him – that shows faith in his officers, a willingness to delegate now that Bratton’s left behind such a solid team. 8:19, you’re the one who’s off about “everyone” knows Beck is corrupt. OF course he has to go along on those photo ops with the mayor, it’s chain of command and he’ll need him of Council gives him a hard lime on every little thing like they did Bratton. But the Mayor needs Beck more so Beck should have his hands free to show what he can do.
    And yeah Trutanich is in hot water but not just for endorsing Essel – for starting by attacking rank & file O/T on the Jackson memorial to get at Bratton for his and Zine’s political reasons, but backfired. Meanwhile so has his attacking and threatening to arrest and sue everyone in sight, as the most hated man in city hall not only by politicians but by most of the community (except the die-hard SLAPPERS and those who stand to benefit from his jobs as he pushes out as many as he can through ERIP). Someone so hated and transparent on a self-serving political mission for Cooley couldn’t deliver for the PPL, never will, and even Zine is at some distance from him now. Those are all why he’s in hot water, NOT what you claim, “for endorsing Essel the mayor’s choice.” Essel is ALSO the PPL’s choice – they’ve sunk $250 grand into her campaign so far, including pushing the bogus spin about Ethics out of pocket stuff Ron caught, that Trutanich used over and over – because they figure they can manipulate her as an inexperienced person with no track record or ethics unlike Krekorian. Again, the WRONG choice for the rank & file, a political misfire by Weber & Repovich.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me 9:46pm you say, “But that’s being explained by Beck wanting as few as possible to report directly to him – that shows faith in his officers, a willingness to delegate now that Bratton’s left behind such a solid team”
    HELLLOOOOO Mcdonnell and Papa were part of the winning team at the top that helped fix LAPD. Its like the CEO of a profitable company demoting the team that help its success. Beck wants as few as possible reporting to him cause he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Bottom line is troops are demoralized and have no confidence in Beck’s leadership right now. Of course you’ll say Beck has support, who in their right mind after he did this to good people are going to say they don’t support him? Beck is telling people McDonnell needed hands on with the troops. HELLLOOOO Beck has been so under the radar for years he got picked because like everyone says it was a fixed process and the Village Idiot Jeff Carr who knew nothing about gangs wanted Beck. All the blogs are putting out the truth on Beck’s corrupt process selection.

  26. El Quixotian says:

    Another fine thread infiltrated by “I am NOT Jack Weiss” Anonymous 5:25/2:17/9:46 who drags his campaign to cripple the “Most Hated Man in…the City Council bathroom” by promoting the “Big Lie” that anyone else gives a darn…other then and the knee jerks who buy into your conspiracy talking points and “Certain Developers” like AEG. Um, your pathological projection of these accusations onto Tru sounds like Jack’s debate tactic when backed in a corner red handed…”I am rubber and your are glue, it bounces off of me an sticks to you!”
    So, did Reyes prefer the advice from Rocky?
    Did Rocky give advice?
    Your whole diatribe seems to boil down to trying to explain away the ethics issues and the campaign account, as if to justify the “unfairness” of the stigma which was really just one of many issues that ired the folks in CD5 who helped make it clear that their CM should by no means be promoted. Get over it, he’s gone. So try to stay on string, okay?
    Oh, and there’s a difference from $100,000 of Taxpayers money that might otherwise be apportioned more to cops salary, that they can then contribute in PPL dues and hope they can have more say as to how it’s spent.

  27. Anonymous says:

    El Quitote, how bout you stick to CD-14 or wherever you’re from, your usual diatribes about Huizar and Reyes, instead of the other side of town because you met some people who told you – And YES if you were able to think linearly your village idiot (the one who DESERVES the title, not Jeff Carr who you people give the title to) is part and parcel of the exact SAME Shallman-Essel gameplan and slime-your-opponent-to-distract-from-fact-you’ve done nothing that’s going down for the count. (Except Essel’s a lot nicer, and unlike her predecessor, hasn’t spent her career lying and posturing so she’s not as good at it.)

  28. El Quixotian says:

    Thinking linearly is like checkers.
    Like…but incheckeers, you’re still supposed to stay on one color.
    You keep ending up in the wrong squares, dragging the same pieces to the wrong blogs. Perhaps you think you’ve won, because everyone who is remotely on topic tends not to bother jumping you.
    So glad you think you’ve mastered it, wrongly deducing CD14 based on one citation from the Non-Jack email?
    But most of us are thinking in more then your two dimentians, and seem to be many moves ahead of you.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Funny Charlie Beck goes out on patrol on Thanskgiving for attention and had to put out a press release. Sergio Diaz and Albansese are the two deputy chiefs who screwed up the search warrrant on the Rollin Crips. They should have been on dumbest criminals. They positioned the command post blocks away from the gangsters so everyone could see they were getting ready to round them up and gave them time to get away. DUMBIES…

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