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17 Responses to Seizing Power at City Hall

  1. Anonymous says:

    Which district do you live in, Ron?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to nominate Stephen Box for Tom LaBonge’s seat (District 4).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Box is one-dimensional. Bikes, bikes, bikes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seize power and give it to the incompetent, sold out Greuel, although the judge ruled otherwise. It should make the thug and her boss D`Arcy very happy. He will at least feel he did not waste his money.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ron lives in CD 3. He can carpet-bag over to CD 12 though. That district needs anyone but Mitch Englander to run.
    That seat has been hi-jacked since 1979. Come on people, 39 years of the same exact men. First Hal Bernson was there 23 long years, from 1979-2002. Then his chief of staff, Smith (same policy) took over in 2003. Now Smith’s chief of staff, Englander wants to take over in 2011 and that will last for 12 years!
    Do we really want the exact same representation from 1979 – 2023? I don’t think anyone wants 44 years of the same horrible representation!
    Somebody must run against Mitch Englander. None of his Jaycees, Kiwanis, hospital board appointments, naming himself volunteers of the year will help him win. I’ve been to that district and those people are desperate for anybody but Mitch Englander.
    Can you blame them? Why should anyone want 44 years of the same old thing?
    Who wants to go to CD 12 to run against Mitch? Come on… You come out and declare your intent and the people of the district will do what CD 2 did and slaughter Mitch’s chances of winning.
    It can be done in any district, but this is one district screaming ANYONE else!

  6. Anonymous says:

    In the spirit of cutting out the intermediary, I nominate TIMOTHY J. LEIWEKE President & CEO of AEG for CD9.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great post!! I say let’s pick candidates for SLAP, LANCC and all the Alliances to run for the 11 seats. Ron you should run for Mayor. The people can do this because the momentum is on our side.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To: December 15, 2009 10:00 PM
    You may have only seen the cover of Stephen Box – he is more than just bikes. He has interests in development, transit, environmental, energy efficiency, and much more.
    He thinks “outside the box” and yes, bikes are one component that ties into others such as environmental, traffic, and dependency on foreign oil.
    Unlike La Bonge, he isn’t the scarecrow – he actually has a brain and hasn’t been part of the system and therefore hasn’t been corrupted like La Bonge.

  9. Not the biker says:

    Anytime I see the name Stephen Box I chose to not attend a meeting. Stephen Box wants to control and give orders.
    I will gladly vote for Ron – but then Ron would have to become “nice”. He’d have to kiss babies.
    What would Bruno do then? LOL

  10. Ron,
    Thank you for calling Paul Koretz an “ultra-liberal”. As you are a former newsman, I’ve always respected your honesty.
    The depiction of Krekorian over Essel as “the lesser of two evils” was very accurate. Very few people I knew were highly excited about the prospect of voting for either of them.
    You have to admit that defeating Measure B was lucky. The Mayor “dumbed-down” the election by refusing to appear at a single campaign event with any opponents. The awful local media didn’t even cover the election until the last two weeks. Turnout was horrific. If the Mayor had been facing a few well-funded candidates, the spillover from higher turnout probably would have pushed Measure B across the finish line.
    I agree that the citizens need to target the 2011 election to try to regain control of this City, which is currently in the hands of madmen who, evidently, believe that City funds grow on trees.
    It is UNACCEPTABLE that horrible officials like jan Perry and Richard Alarcon were given a free pass and ran UNOPPOSED for their seats. City activists need to start branching out and being active with others neighborhoods.
    Here are vote totals from 2007:
    WENDY GREUEL 10,575
    TOM LABONGE 8,486
    BERNARD C. PARKS 9,620
    HERB J. WESSON, JR. 8,506
    GREIG SMITH 14,749
    JOSE HUIZAR 8,785
    Are you kidding me? 9,000 votes to get rid of Huizar?
    6,000 votes to get rid of Alarcon??
    5,000 votes to get rid of Cardenas!!???
    This City needs to be re-taken from the corrupt people who run it now.
    I suggest Walter Moore in District 12. And I suggest David Hernandez move into either 6 or 14 and start making the rounds and getting to know people.

  11. I suggest the following people but we have to get behind them and actually run a GOTV effort not a Walter Moore or Zuma Dogg campaign.
    CD 4 – Louie Pugilese (move to NoHo Louie!)
    CD 6 – David Hernandez
    CD 8 – Keep Parks
    CD 10 – Ted Hayes
    CD 12 – Kim Thompson
    CD 14 – Scott Johnson

  12. Anonymous says:

    LeBonge will be hard to beat.
    But Cardenas is a sitting duck in a district with one of the city’s lowest Latino voter registration.
    With a few bucks, Pugliese could blow him out of the water there- and Panorama City is his home turf.

  13. Anonymous says:

    First and foremost, for any grass root candidate to win they need to do the following:
    1. Raise at least $150,000 from people personal checks. Why? With matching funds $125,000 becomes $300,000.
    2. You need to hire Eric H.? Because he has the message that motivate voters to against the downtown machine.
    3. Good campaign manager, to run the day to day operation.
    4. Great field organizers that understand who highly likely to vote.
    5.Run an a great absentee voter campaign.
    6. Have a clear over message and stay on message, and understand the hot district issues, and over all city wide issue, so media does label you as a joke or glad fly.
    7. Do not hire a consultant who does not like getting dirty. Politics is not for the weak.
    8. Good luck and may the masses wake-up and fight back city wide.
    9. do not fear the dumbass mayor and their flunkies.
    10. Finally, make aggressive outreach effort to republican voters letting them know that these fake elected official have raised their taxes beyond belief.

  14. Walter Moore says:

    A year ago, I urged the people attending one of Ron’s meetings to run for City Council, and I ran the numbers by them. Here’s the video, that someone posted at YouTube:
    It would be very easy to take over control of the City Council in the 2011 election, but only if people UNITE, city-wide, behind a slate of candidates, one for each of the districts at stake.
    By the way, more people have voted for me than have voted for anyone sitting on the City Council, and that is 100% people power. I had no party behind me, no union money, no developer money. Just a bunch of hard-workting, tax-paying people from both parties who want someone real in office.
    My supporters contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars, in small amounts they could afford. They spread the word door to door, person to person, by downloading flyers from me, or picking them up at a Kinko’s after I arranged for mass printing. We ran a lean and incredibly cost-effective guerilla campaign. We were outspent 15 to one, but outvoted just two to one.
    That means if other people with something resembling suitable credentials — a lawyer, an accountant, a business owner, a teacher, whatever — will step up to the plate to run for office, then the PEOPLE will get behind them as candidates.

  15. Walter Moore says:

    P.S. If you’re reading this, and thinking about running for office, let me give you one bit of advice: everyone thinks he or she is a genius about how to run a campaign. Monday morning quarterbacks abound.
    Before you follow any advice anyone here or elsewhere offers you, ask this simple question: “Tell me about the campaigns YOU have run.”
    You’ll get silence or excuses about why that’s a dumb question.
    Everybody’s an “expert.” Few have actual experience.

  16. Walter Moore says:

    Oh, and uh, if you can get two TERRIFIC talk show radio hosts behind you, that’s kind of huge, too! : )

  17. Walter Moore says:

    In the unlikely event anyone is still reading this or cares, here are the numbers on how easy it would be to take over City Council, from an essay I wrote in August 2008:

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