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A Few Moments of Truth in a Sea of Lies

Don’t miss this video of exchanges between Ed Reyes, Paul Krekorian and Jan Perry — a rare few minutes where City Council members actually mix it up.

The issue is how the Council leaped from 1,000 layoffs that they opposed to approving 4,000 layoffs without any public discussion, study or documentation — a scheme Krekorian had the courage to vote against.

If you’re too lazy to actually watch this, tough. It proves that video says more than a thousand stories. You’ll never understand why LA is in so much trouble without seeing the level of leadership we have — and how a single Councilman can make a difference.

I know it’s hard to believe that Reyes and Perry think they are making themselves look good by telling the world that a report nearly 18 months ago said 4,000 layoffs were needed to balance the budget so it wasn’t a number plucked out of thin air.

They seem oblivious to the fact they ignored that advice and did nothing to balance the budget even in theory until now and self-righteous over Krekorian having the courage to break the code of silence by pointing it out.

The rest of the budget discussion Tuesday was even worse with Janice Hahn tormenting one of the city’s best managers in Rec and Parks’ Jon Kirk Mukri over the obstacles to her plan to have goats mow the loan in parks, and Alarcon foaming at the mouth against greedy capitalists and Koretz displaying his complete ignorance of just about everything.

Watch these videos and decide who is doing the better job, bureaucrats or politicians?

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32 Responses to A Few Moments of Truth in a Sea of Lies

  1. Anonymous says:

    Paul Krekorian. Dammit, you’re good!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The architect of this fiasco is hiding. Where is Greuel? I guess to hide is a “tough” decision.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is so wonderful about Krekorian voting against the lay-offs. He is now part of the problem, not the solution.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Note to Jan Perry; the bus leaving would be you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jan Perry would have been talking out of five sides of her mouth if she had them.
    They’re all so full of …

  6. Chris Rowe says:

    Incredible. Councilmember Jan Perry says that they have been talking about this level of layoffs for 2 years and they have not acted upon the CAO’s words.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Krekorian said he was voting against the process. He knew he would get out voted, but he wanted his stance on record.
    The best thing the neighborhood councils have done so far is to put Krekorian into office!

  8. James McCuen says:

    Paul Krekorian is accurately pointing out that the veteran City Council members are REACTIONARY and IMPULSIVE making decisions on the fly making decisions even LATER in the hour than the out-of-town mayor himself.
    Just one or two weeks before this video was made, the City Council wanted to wait it out another month when the Mayor was talking about a layoff of 1,000 (even if that was insincere on his part). It took a 3rd credit agency downgrade for the City Council to then get defensive about their lack of fiscal responsibility.
    Jan Perry, Ed Reyes, Eric Garcetti, et al. are all part of the problem with their Ostrich behavior.

  9. Anonymous says:

    SHOCKING!!!! These “fools” knew this financial crisis was coming head on three years ago and they were in denial. Perry wants to place a ballot measure spending more money so the City Reserve isn’t touched by anyone. Perry is running for Mayor which in itself is a joke, so she’s using any excuse to put herself out as if she’s actually doing something. I have never heard such disgust, anger, criticism over a bunch of illiterate, ignorant, uneducated, uninformed bunch of morons in this city who rep us. DO NOT VOTE ANY OF THESE FOOLS INTO OFFICE EVER

  10. I C Clearlynow says:

    Jan Perry have you ever heard the saying, “It is better to be silent and thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt”? Guess what? You removed all doubt that you are both an idiot and a fool. Say goodbye at your next election. You’ll be gone. So will the rest of you council members if you don’t change your ways immediately. At least Paul Krekorian had the guts to be honest and say exactly what you people did – make a reactionary decision to lay off 4,000 people. By the way, how many of you council members have agreed to pay cuts and staff cuts to share the pain? Oh that’s right…NONE.

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!!!! Ourr city is going to the dogs, literally.” Garcetti put forth a motion to go after unlicensed dogs using the DWP database. Are you f–king me???? The cost per dog is a measley $15 bucks. Why don’t they go after all the illegal vendors in Silverlake, MacArthur Park and downtown LA in Jan Perry’s area? This is beyond embarrassing for Los Angeles. Antonio is going to Washington to ask for money for his subway to the sea. He should stay there. Didn’t Koretz just say in the budget finance committee the Mayor should not be traveling so much??

  12. Anonymous says:

    What wonderful entertainment value, if only it were unreal, like TV and movies.
    I don’t know about y’all, but I think your long-suffering bureaucrats oughta get moron-combat pay.
    Having said that, I still think L.A. is too big to fail. Municipal (and local government) bankruptcies are nothing new. Been around ever since the bills started showing up for police and fire retirement plans.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Antonio is going to Washington to ask for money for his subway to the sea. He should stay there.

  14. Tujunga Lover says:

    The ‘neighborhood councils’ PUT Krekorian in office?
    Funny, I thought the people voted for him.

  15. Kristin Sabo says:

    I shook Paul’s hand on Monday for voting against the 4000 layoffs without public process.
    He’s a good man.

  16. David in Tarzana says:

    In one of the videos you posted, Miguel Santana responded to Bill Rosendahl’s question about what is the best and worst case scenario for Los Angeles over the next 3-4 months. Santana answered that the worst case scenario is that we “…adopt a budget that has a huge hole in it like we did last year.”
    Enough said. They ignored the problem last year and the year before and the year before and now the chickens have come home to roost, it’s time to pay the piper and the fat lady is singing her ass off. Lord help us all.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Jan Perry: “This is my truth!”
    What a total freaking lunatic.
    Why does this horrible person still have a job?

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Sense and Nonsence video of Perry is sobering. The City Council veterans may think that “their truth” is that they have been responsible but the “facts” tell a different tune. The Council ignored the deteriorating financial condition of the City and the Council, kept adopting budgets that were destined to result in massive overspending. Then knew the prior year budgets had huge holes in them.
    Perry is clueless and persists in her ways of huge waste of taxpayer funds. There is a shopping center project she is pushing in her district. In 2007, when the real estate bubble was still growing and the party was great fun for City Council, she agreed to increase the profit of Regency Realty, Inc., the developer of the shopping center, from a guaranteed 9% up to 18%. Folks, tucked away in that deal is a gift to Regency Realty, Inc., an out-of-state developer from Jacksonville, FL, of $10 million of taxpayer dollars from the Community Redevelopment Agency. $10 million above the normal and reasonable profit of a developer. It is time for the public to learn the details of sweetheart deals like this that the “veterans” on the City Council have been showering down on their developer friends.
    Jan Perry thinks Regency Realty and AEG will finance her run for the Mayor’s office? Not when the heat is turned up on how she is bought and paid for by these self-interested crooks.
    Paul Kerkorian may have “just arrived” at the Council Jan, but he is asking the right questions from the start — unlike Jan Perry who is in love with herself.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Paul Krekorian is the ONLY good thing going on in Los Angeles city politics. No wonder all these other fools on the council where supporting his opponent.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Krekorian 1
    Council Idiots 0

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hacopian must be stopped.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Angelenos keep electing these NO LEADERSHIP into city, county, and state offices. Your vote counts!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Angelenos keep electing these NO LEADERSHIP politians into city, county, and state offices. Your vote counts!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hahahah, The City is going literally and figuratively to the dogs. Garcetti wants to go after unlicensed dogs using the DWP database. Can you imagine the dogs saving the City from bankruptcy?
    We should send a memo to J. Leno. Hahahaha.
    Oh, and another point. DWP is going to be the cash cow with bigger tits.

  25. Anonymous says:

    These morons are blaming each other because they are as Stupid as they look. Two years later and these clowns are still asking questions and postponing the inevitable. Even a reporters on the news stated “council members don’t want to lay off because it will upset their constituents.” Cardenas and Alarcon the two Mexican Mafia thugs in suits act as if they know something. Perry was slammed by Matt Dowd for her relationship with AEG and developers and the new Ritz Carlton and the tax benefits the city gave them. Today everyone is going after Koretz, Garcetti still playing the politician and folks the rest is a bunch of bafoons running the city. EVeryone should start the dialogue about not ever electing any of these fools for office. Get the dialogue going NOW

  26. Anonymous says:

    Jan Perry is a thug who should be kicked out of the city.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Gee, how brave of Krekorian to vote against the 4000 because of “the process,” which effectively means just another delay while the city’s credit has been downgraded by 2 main agencies. You people like Ron believe that anyone you supported can never ever do any wrong and is always “the one decent man” in a sea of crooks and fools – you’ve got more of a religious fervor about that than any sense of reason. Conversely once you call someone “the epitome of evil” you are blinded to anything they do in the other extreme. Therefore nothing you post about certain people is at all credible.
    What this action has done is bolster the unions in their contention that laying off the 4000 is sheerly speculative and they’d lose their jobs for nothing. (Garcetti and the mayor advocate more furloughs instead, as Garcetti repeated.) Meanwhile, Santana told the media yesterday that the credit agencies will keep downgrading L A until it carries out that action as a show of good faith.
    Actually, though I don’t like Cardenas in general, he’s one of those gimme guys, he took on Koretz today for repeating a potential savings figure that the CLO’s office had thrown out, for possibly giving the public false hope that money can be “saved” to avoid layoffs. The CLO staff person said he’d check into that number and report back – Hahn babbled something about other numbers that are speculative – there ARE a lot of vague numbers being kicked around, showing that the city’s been inefficient for years.
    Tom La Bonge is saying that ticketing people at failed meters, which is being thrown out there in more desperation, is just unfair and he’s right. Having learned that parking meter problems like in NoHo can kill business and cost more than they’re worth. (Rosendahl’s “gold in the gutter” scheme that replaced old meters with new expensive ones that have to be fed every two hours.) They’re discussing some new parking meter installation scheme, for meters and garages, in a public-private partnership.
    Zine is grandstanding over a $200,000 outside study that the CLO’s office is saying can’t be done internally due to the unique nature of the expertise. Zine comes off as an idiot lacking discernment because this issue is over his head. They HAD better act more cautiously this time.

  28. Anonymous says:

    How big of a financial crisis can the city be in when these clowns once again puts off laying anyone off? Didn’t the city controller say the city adds about $300,00 per day when they fail to act? How bad can it be when these clowns today are wasting $200,000 on a study about parking meters? WTF? We don’t stand a chance to survive with these losers. Let’s see there is about $141 million in unclaimed back taxes from businesses these fools don’t know how to collect. They continue to waste money on their political payback friends like naming a corner in Westwood to “Persian Square.” And to really show how dumb ass Alarcon is he has a motion to proclaim FEBRUARY for Teen Violence Awarness but hellooo its already the end of Feb. What dip shits these people are.

  29. anonymous says:

    Ron – I am confused – don’t you want them to fix this prblem? I don’t care what the number is – THEY HAVE TO FIRE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THE CITY. They have overspent for decades and it’s coming home to roost. I have no idea if they need to fire 1,000 or 4,000 or more people, but we cannot afford to keep paying people (who probably could not get a job in the private sector to save their lives) to do not much. They city has taken our tax dollars and piddled them away through cushy union contracts for too long. Citizens, taxpayers deserve to have services for their dollars! Stop telling me you have to cut back on services. USE MY MONEY BETTER and you will be able to provide what I should reasonably be able to expect.

  30. Anonymous says:

    They are shuffling people around, including the Mayor’s office that is moving employees to Community Development Dept. Do not their paychecks come out of the General Fund? If otherwise, please intimate us where those moneys will come from.

  31. EAA member says:

    Almost 2 and 1/2 years ago Bob Aquino, Director of the Engineers and Architects Association (EAA), stood in front of Council on several sessions and told the Council what would happen if they continued on the path they were on. Did anyone listen? No! Instead they listened to Butcher, Schoonover, Parisi & Mims and now look where we are. As gruff and obnoxious as Aquino appears he was right. Had all you fools heeded his warnings we would all be better off.

  32. Anonymous says:

    On this blog and at community meetings, we all need to be putting names out there of viable candidates NOW!
    There is not one that should stay. The only ones that have marginally run a business are Smith years ago, but obviously never fully had the time to build his management and Kerkorian who was an attorney (I supported him but far from convinced by him yet).
    Cardenas couldn’t cut it in the real estate biz so he got out.
    Rosendahl was just a corporate hack at a cable company. However he had an existing infrastructure to work with and we know what happened to that company.
    These candidates must be indiviuals familiar with the city and communities as well as have BUILT a business from the ground up.
    Not somebody who came up into the ranks of an exisitng corporation.
    They must be indiviuals from the gut level, know how to change the dynamics of an organization from the ground level.
    And besides campaigning, we should require them to take written tests on subjects.

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