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Emmy for Garcetti: His “All My Children” Cameo

EDITOR’S NOTE: For your viewing pleasure, here’s City Council President Eric Garcetti’s entire acting performance on today’s episode of “All My Children.” Tomorrow, it’s the mayor himself, will he cut a back room deal?

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11 Responses to Emmy for Garcetti: His “All My Children” Cameo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully, this is your last public job. A few more retakes, and maybe you have a future in the film industry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad acting job.
    I dont begrudge Eric his fun. He, unlike the Mayor, works very hard at his job. You dont see people criticizing him for not working.
    Now, working smart is something else, but…at least he is working more than 11% of the time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How much is the city losing every day? Is the specter of bankruptcy really looming? You just don’t screw around like this in the middle of a crisis. Can you imagine the city council president — or mayor — of NYC or Washington DC doing this in the middle of blizzard? If our financial problems aren’t all that bad — “Sorry colleauges, I need to appear on a soap opera” — lets just cut the drama. That being said, Eric did a fine job. He’s no Leonardo Dicaprio, but he’s clearly more talented than your average politician. Wendy Greuel, however, retains the City Hall Oscar for her portrayal of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, which some argue eclipses her memorable performance as Glinda, the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz.”

  4. Daniel says:

    Council President Eric Garcetti made a Motion to ELIMINATE the City’s Environmental Affairs Department on February 9th, which was passed by the City Council !
    This only saved the City’s General Fund a VERY small amount of $, while putting at risk the MANY MILLIONS of $$$ of Grants that the Department’s Staff generates for the City EACH YEAR!!
    Eric Garcetti is a pro-Developer, “fake Green” politician!
    Don’t believe the Hype !!!
    Here’s the proof:
    He’s a Hypocritical, SMUG …(fill in the blank).
    He’ll give you that charismatic smile and soothing voice while he’s stabbing you in the back!
    Don’t be fooled by the boyish good looks…he’s just as EVIL, POWER HUNGRY, and SPOTLIGHT-SEEKING as the Mayor…and just as responsible for the FINANCIAL DISASTER that this City is in !
    Expect your City Services to be completely GUTTED real soon thanks to the Mayor and Eric GarSHADY !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The man is so not interested in any city business. The Hollywood Community Plan, now 16 years in the making, has elicted no queries from him. On the one hand, he pretends to be this “green” man, while he continues to approve developments left and right without regard to any urban design concepts or what what is good for his community. He is as fake as he looks.

  6. steve says:

    I like the plot : Garcetti gets shown the door.

  7. Patty says:

    Eric Garcetti is both an officer (Naval) and a gentlemen. His heart is in the right place – the future generation of families in our great City – He got important and higher paying jobs by bringing filming of this TV show back where it belongs in L.A.

  8. Daniel says:

    I’m glad Patty brought up that Eric Garcetti has been a US Naval Reserve officer during the years that he has been City Council President (which he publicizes incessantly…and his PR people send out photos of him in his Dress Whites to the local papers, thus leading people to believe that he’s like Richard Gere in An Officer and A Gentleman).
    What exactly has Eric Garcetti done in the US Naval Reserve over the last several years?
    The media should have looked into this long ago…he’s a high profile politician and he keeps touting this service and excusing himself every so often, saying that he has “training” (often for a long weekend, missing the boring do-nothing Friday Council meeting, which is sometimes at Valley City Hall) without providing more details, as if he’s on some covert mission or he’s a Navy Seal. One time, when he was on this “training”, he interrupted it to help the Mayor out, with no explanation as to how he was excused from “training.”
    Has he served even ONE DAY in Iraq or Afghanistan, while others in the Reserve and National Guard have had to serve MULTIPLE tours?
    It seems like his duties are VERY light and OPAQUE, and that they are highly FLEXIBLE!
    Is he in a special unit for politicians and rich kids?
    He poses in his Navy Whites in the local papers and uses this on his political resume, but he should be ASHAMED!
    Other people are dying so that he doesn’t have to put himself in ANY danger!
    At least he should have the decency to not publicize his (LACK OF) service!
    Sorry Patty, but Eric GarSHADY is no Officer and no Gentleman. Sorry to disappoint you. People should try to spend more time researching how these politicians vote, what they say at City meetings, what they do when they are not in front of Local TV News cameras, and attending City meetings/hearings, and reading the documents in the various council files (like the Activists are doing right this minute), instead of falling for the carefully-created “image” that Mr. Garcetti’s City PR Staffers (paid for with our tax money) create for the public’s consumption.
    By the way, I’m disappointed…Eric started out at City Hall years ago as a seemingly liberal good guy…but too many years in politics ethically bends and morally corrupts many politicians…for some time now Eric has been a slave to his ambitions (power, greed, vanity, arrogance). He has taken the lead of the Mayor by serving the Special Interests (like Developers) over the needs of his constituents in Council District 13, and the inherent duty he owes to all Angelenos b/c of his postion as Council President (which allows him to control who sits on all of the City Council Committees, including PLUM).
    Want to learn more re: the Truth about Eric Garcetti….listen to the only person who had the guts (because Eric is so the kind of guy that could and would abuse his power to retaliate) to run against him in the last City Council Election:
    The video loads automatically (take a few minutes and learn the truth…there’s a reason why Eric did such a good job acting on a soap on TV…he’s been acting like “a gentlemen” who has “his heart … in the right place – the future generation of families in our great City” for years now, in the Soap Opera known as the LA City Council. Unfortunately, journalists like Rick Orlov, the local TV news, the national press, and the general public has been falling for the act.
    I thank people like Ron Kaye for using the Internet for one of its greatest roles…exposing the Truth to the public!
    PS: I’m a fiscally conservative liberal Democrat.
    2nd PS: If Mr. Garcetti had any Ethics, he would not have appeared on the show…exactly because it films at a studio that is located in his District. Do you have any idea what the monetary value of such an appearance is to a LOCAL politician ? This show airs NATIONALLY, and the script has him supposedly playing himself, an environmentally conscientious politician. One is left wondering if he suggested this appearance to the studio or the show’s producers, which would be totally improper considering his power to impact their business. Even if he didn’t suggest (or coerce/manipulate), he should have turned the appearance down, because it creates a conflict of interest (i.e., he “owes” them).

  9. El Quixotian says:

    Actually, maybe it would be better if Garcetti would spend less then 11% of the time working (for the top bidding developers)

  10. Anonymous says:

    So any of you dumb shits know how many mayors have appeared on soap operas or night time soap operas.? OH RIGHT – all of them since Bradley started it.
    Stop your hating and begrudging of stupid things. You all sound like stupid dumb asses.
    So it was okay when Riordan was on the dumbest show around??
    It’s a tradition and you all sound repellantly anti-anything the mayor and/or council do.
    Learn how the program works.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To February 18, 2010 12:54 AM: You need to take your head out of the sand and grow up.
    Its not about hate or even personal, its about and I am quoting both Garcetti and the Mayor, the greatest financial crises this City has ever experienced. And both the Mayor, the City Council, and the rest of the leadership were warned about it for more than two years – even before the liquidity and sub-prime mortgage melt down came to a head in October 2008. Yet even this late in the game, the City Council under Garcetti’s leadership have dragged their feet and postponed the inevitable. They may lose control completely if a bankruptcy judge takes control

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