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Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Let’s License Everybody in City Hall and Send the Losers to the Pound

They’re coming after me and my four-legged brethren to help solve the city’s financial crisis!
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After perusing the Dog Trainer and Green Sheet this morning, I saw an LAWeakly story highlighted on the Westside White Guy’s blog that the dog catchers think could fetch an additional $3.6 million for the city by going after unlicensed pooches.

And who would rat them out? DWP meter readers! Apparently these guys have something called a  “doggie database.”  Sure, the homeland security folks can’t do racial profiling, but when it comes to dogs, the DWP can be Gestapo-like in their record keeping.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like those guys, and the pool guy, and the mailman, and the UPS deliveryman, and the.   Well, I don’t really like anyone coming near the house.

I am a watchdog, after all. And a good one! Ask Ron and Saint Deb last time someone burglarized central.

My favorite part of the LAWeakly story was Tom LaBonge, one of the 14 city council members who got us into this financial crisis (Krekorian gets a pass cause he’s new), had to get his dog a license. Had it not occurred to him before?  Someone might remind him – ex-motorcycle cop Dennis Zine’s the perfect candidate – that he also needs a driver’s license.

There is, of course, no mention of cats.  I guess the DWP doggie cops don’t notice them.  

Here’s a suggestion:  let’s license everybody in City Hall and make it contingent upon them doing their jobs.  And if they screw up, put them in one of our overcrowded animal shelters.  I’m sure it will give them a new appreciation of our “no kill” policy.


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18 Responses to Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Let’s License Everybody in City Hall and Send the Losers to the Pound

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Bruno. Don’t you dare let those losers get near you. They will have hell to pay. I say the males on council like thugs Alarcon, Cardenas, Sleazy Huizy, Reyes, Parks, Zine, Smith, Wesson, should ALL BE NEUTERED. That’s right folks neuter them so they won’t ever be able to screw this city again. LOL

  2. Bruno says:

    Hey Ron. Buddy. Pal. You forgot my beautiful mug shot! Grrrrrrrr!
    But I loves ya anyway. Woof!

  3. LA Moderator says:

    Burkled…er, burgled much?
    Usually, if masters pay their dwp on time, it saves a house-breaking call.
    I wouldn’t worry about the new merger, forming the Departement of Wrangled Pooches, it’ll never fly. Of course, that won’t stop them from hiring some IT Conslultancy firm to pretend to develop a Customer Relationship Management solution to integrate seamlessly integrate the dog-gone dwp database data with existing or expired licenses. I doubt that either list is that well organized.
    This whole thing is a charade to pretend to do something.
    A sock puppet.
    You know what to do with an empty sock, don’t you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Huizar and Reyes with four children each should be neutered anyway to save the world and especially LA from overpopulation.

  5. Sandy Sand says:

    Let’s hear it for the dogs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LaBonge’s failure to license his dog before now (when it becomes an issue that could embarrass him) is indicative of the way all of these council dipshits think: I make the rules, but I don’t have to apply them. How many layoffs have been teed up among council or mayoral staff? None? Well, that’s because we don’t apply the rules to ourselves. Pitiful.
    On the other hand, maybe LaBonge didn’t know his dog needed a license. You could spot him 20 points and he still wouldn’t crack triple digits in IQ…

  7. angie says:

    labonge is an idiot! we all know that, but i am shocked and disgusted by garcetti, hahn, reyes and huizar for sitting back at letting the mayor destroy every dept that actually services the poor communities of los angeles: HSD–if you look at their report (one of the few depts that actually tries to account for their money) they are out working in communities, EAD–actually was able to secure over 30 million in grants, and wanting to dismantle libraries and rec and parks? what the hell? is the city going to their contractor friends and if we protest, they will at least have a robust LAPD to arrest us all.
    the mayor and his cronies are the epitome of all that is wrong in politics today—too greedy, too stupid, too power hunger and too little opposition.

  8. Chris Rowe says:

    Actually,I like Huizar for fighting for the Southwest Museum. He is trying to find funding to buy it. He’s standing up against the Autry.
    Are we all forgetting “Huizar’s Prenup?”

  9. Anonymous says:

    TO February 25, 2010 9:35 PM: The City Council, lead by Garcetti cannot blame the Mayor for selling off the City assets to the Mayor’s friend “cronies.”
    With the Charter Reform of 1999, the City Council is in the driver’s seat and they, the City Council are completely responsible for the damage caused by any of the Mayor’s proposals that they approve.
    Garcetti and company can redeem themselves by not approving the corrupt idea of selling off the City Assets and not being a rubber stamp. Step up to the plate and show some leadership!

  10. Anonymous says:

    To February 25, 2010 5:35 PM – your quote “LaBonge’s failure to license his dog before now (when it becomes an issue that could embarrass him)” is typical of their hypocrisy but not new:
    1. Michael Woo pushed for a Hillside ordinance but remodeled his own home under the old rules, just-in-time before he voted in favor of the new rules:
    2. The City Council pushes the voters/taxpayers on to public transportation while using an individual car themselves (whether gasoline, electric, or natural gas) paid for by the public.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think the idiots on council used the dog license BS to deflect from their slush funds. What the hell is Wendy Greuel controller doing? SHe’s not helping to collect $141 million in back taxes from businesses, she’s not collected the money owed by parking lots, etc. The Mexican Mafia thug Cardenas transfered $142,000 from one of his slush funds into his office to cover salaries. Isn’t that “street furniture fund” only for the community? Huizar has one called the CLARKS fund and transfered millions all over the place. Again, where the hell is the controller auditing this stuff? News says council members are giving up $800,00 from their slush fund to put back in city reserve. But they have more then one slush fund the people don’t know about. Where are they, how much are they,and why hasn’t Wendy done her job to find them? “”"”Although it may come from a variety of trusts, city officials expect the bulk of the cash to come from one discretionary fund replenished with tax revenue from redevelopment areas.

  12. Walter Moore says:

    Let’s see . . . which would improve the City more: going after “undocumented dogs,” or going after “undocumented immigrants?”
    Remind me, which of those gets Section 8 housing subsidies? Which one makes up 25% of the jail population? Which one has caused over-crowding of the schools, and closure of emergency rooms?
    Viewing dog licensing as a revenue source, while blowing $680 million per year on welfare for the rich through the CRA is a snapshot of the insanity that is City Hall.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I do not know where you got information that Huizar is trying to buy the Southwest Museum. Your source is flat wrong. He is offering the Autry some federal stimulus low-interest loan funds to pay for the rehabilitation of the Southwest Museum building IF the Autry finally comes to its senses and agrees to use the Southwest Museum site as the principal exhibition space for the Southwest’s collection.
    Will Autry finally curb its arrogance? Who knows. At last word, Autry CEO John Gray was desperately trying to GIVE the Southwest Museum to the Los Angeles Community College District or other educational/non-profit institutions while the Autry would KEEP the Southwest’s collection for itself. That’s right: the clueless Autry management is trying to convince someone to take on the challenge of rehabilitating the building while Autry keeps for itself (steals) the Southwest’s collection. This apparently has been the goal all along: figure out a way to separate the Southwest’s spectacular collection from a building site that Jackie Autry does not like.
    The Board of the Autry owes its duty of fiduciary care to the Southwest Museum institution — not to one wealthy donor (a donor who still is too cheap to properly endow her husband’s namesake museum).
    Good that Huizar is making the Autry a useful offer of significant federal stimulus funds. Let’s remember that he once ignored the community and did the Autry’s bidding on this issue (along with our feckless Mayor). It was only after the community turned out in force and told Huizar he would be politically dead if he supported Autry’s theft of the Southwest’s collection that he came to his senses.
    We all hope that Huizar suceeds with the Autry and you are right that it is one of the brighter spots of his career that he came to support the community’s vision.

  14. Anonymous says:

    BRAVO WALTER!!!!!! You got it right. Go after all the illegals in LA that we pay money to with all the free social service programs. If Calif. is on the verge of bankruptcy why are the illegals still getting welfare and WIC? Is there anyway to find out how much of LA tax dollars is going to illegals? Instead of going after dogs unlicensed the common sense ida is to go after the thousands of illegal vendors in LA. Fine them at $300 and that’s millions in revenue. But we have uneducated morons in city council who think they’re just trying to make a living. There is 14% unemployment rate in LA but you don’t see LEGAL RESIDENTS OF LA ON CORNERS SELLING CRAP.

  15. Mr. Greyhound says:

    Bruno, my slave told me about City Hall’s latest attempt to show the humans that they are getting creative in attempting to solve their money problems. Like you, I wondered why cats aren’t being licensed
    Look it, I know we dogs don’t necessarily have the best of manners (you know how we do like to sniff and poke our noses where we shouldn’t) and sure, we’ve been known to take a pre or post-meal bite now and then (hey, we are still wolves you know)but that doesn’t mean we belong on any blacklists either.
    Yeah, I know it is always those rotten apples…or bad doggies that ruin it for the rest of us. But, let’s have some fairness here – license cats!
    Your pal always. Mr. G.

  16. alessandrokx125 says:

    Bruno, do me a favor, just bite the Mayor and the entire city council in the arse, because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do to you my friend.
    Besides, the more money we give em, the more opportunity for future screw-ups.

  17. G. Shepherd says:

    Right on 10:37 AM.
    If McGruff can take a bite out of crime then Bruno and I should take a bite out of them, because by any dog’s measure…they are criminals ripping off the public.
    Your pal,

  18. Vet Friend says:

    Licensing 1 A (pass/no pass):
    State law mandates licensing as proof of rabies vaccination for dogs. Cats are not mandated to have rabies vaccinations; dogs are. In fact, if one brings their cat to the vet for shots, vets do not administer rabies shot unless the customer specifically asks for it.
    Licensing for horses and cats is a tax to collect money and serves no other purpose. Neither are required to have a rabies shot.

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