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Somebody Has Got to Pay for This DWP Outrage

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the consultant’s report recommending massive DWP
electricity rate hikes at

You don’t
know nothing if you didn’t know this was coming: Massive DWP rate hikes.


How else
did you think they were going bail out the sinking ship of the city except by
socking it to you?


It’s all
been a setup, planned for a long time and now it’s being executed: 800 percent
increase in the “energy cost adjustment factor” pass-through on April 1, 20
percent increase in the next 12 months, 33 percent with last year included.


And from
there, you can be 100 percent certain your power rates will keep going up and
away, doubled and tripled.


You are
sitting in the DWP’s electric chair and they are about to pull the switch. I’ve
been telling you this was coming for months so don’t be shocked when your
electricity bill soars higher than your mortgage.


Don’t kid
yourselves: It’s the people who have mortgages that are paying the bulk of
these rate hikes.


jiggled the rate tiers to punish the 40 percent of residents who live in single
family homes while keeping bills low for most apartment dwellers and tripling
the number of customers with heavy subsidies to 250,000 households – a sixth of
DWP’s customers.


squandered tens of millions of dollars pretending to go green but have the
worst renewable energy portfolio in the state so they are desperate to buy wind
and solar power from anybody who has some no matter what it costs to meet the
20 percent goal mandated by the state by the end of this year.


They have
painted themselves into a corner and don’t know any other way except to slug it
to the middle class, from those just getting by on two family incomes to those
in the upper middle class who have seen their wealth decline sharply and their
incomes fall.


This is
their cockeyed theory of municipal socialism laid bare, a redistribution of
wealth that gives pennies to the poor and feeds the insider culture that has
feasted so long on the public treasury.


is the city’s cash cow. It has hired 1,400 workers since the recession began
and now has transferred 300 city workers facing layoffs to its payroll with
most of them getting raises of 20 to 40 percent.


other city workers gave up raises, City Hall rewarded DWP employees with 3.25
percent lump sum cash payments and guaranteed them raises of up to 4 percent
for the following four years – raises for people who already are the highest
paid utility workers in the nation.


has got to pay the bills for all this featherbedding and over-indulgence, and
that’s you.

has got to pay for all these sweetheart contracts for contractors, consultants
and power purchases, and that’s you.


has got to pay the bills to rebuild the water and power infrastructure that is
bursting and blowing up from neglect while they put the money into the pockets
of workers and insiders, and that’s you.


And every
time you pay more, don’t forget that nearly 20 percent of your money goes
straight into the general fund to bail out City Hall from its deficits that
total billions of dollars and are going up every week by millions of dollars.


has got to pay, alright. I say make them pay. If you want to help me do that,
go up to the right-hand column of this page and see how you can donate to,
my non-profit community news and networking site so I can hire a reporter who
will work full-time to penetrate the secrecy of the DWP and expose where your
money is really going.


Or you
can just get used to paying more and more of your hard-earned money for less and

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17 Responses to Somebody Has Got to Pay for This DWP Outrage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Employees Budget
    AV 205 $7.9mm
    RR 114 $6.5mm
    JH 121 $6.1mm

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any CM who votes for this shake down MUST be recalled and never be allowed to seek another elected office. Let the NC walk the walk……..This a historic opportunity to rally the troops, like we did for Measure B. In fact, it is even more clear cut, simpler to convey to the homeowners who will loose their houses. Ron, pick up the torch. We will bring the forks. A rally in front of City Hall will get their attention!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You mean that whole DWP rate hike story was just a pitch to solicit for your reporter? Donate to OurLA or you can just get used to paying more and more? Is the reporter you don’t even have going to stop the rate hikes? Maybe you can do a story on how that works.

  4. Walter Moore says:

    Excellent detective work, Ron.
    Your statistics, from your earlier article, on the percentage increases inspired me to explain City Hall’s three-step dance, which involves them using the DWP monopoly to trample on our Constitutional rights re tax hikes.
    Details at

  5. Sandy Sand says:

    Remember as long, long ago as three weeks when Anthem Blue Cross said they were raising rates on individual plans by a whopping 39 percent, and the state and the Feds stepped and said, whoa, no you don’t!
    There must be a legal loop hole somewhere, somehow that we can use to get around this, because appealing to their better nature isn’t going to do it. Letters and emails won’t do it. Brandishing pitchforks and torches at City Hall won’t do it, but there must be something that will.

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is why god created class action law suits!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Taxpayers vs City of LA.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That`s a great idea. Sue, let them open the books under oath and let the world know how they are spending our money, and who profits along the way. WOW!!! You will see a lot of rats abandoning ship and singing along the way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Laughing at that long sales pitch, basically trying to get readers angry so they’ll donate money. What exactly would you have this reporter do anyway? Corporate espionage? I’d love to know.
    Yeah somebody has to pay. We have to pay Ron so he can keep writing articles that rely more on emotional appeal than actual facts. Meanwhile he can’t even tell you what the true cost of going green is, what the rate hike history of neighboring utilities is, or how much the utility will be penalized if it doesn’t reach State and Federal mandated goals for green energy. He probably still thinks a load dispatcher is a clerical job.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where is Greuel when we need her. Worrying for the “sandwiches” the hard working officers had to eat during overtime….

  11. Anonymous says:

    To 5:21 p.m., don’t push your luck too much. We all know the facts and the dirty dealings that go on. Like you, we are city employees who know what is going on. Just be thankful that you don’t end up at a Grand Jury hearing one of these days.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “The Devil and Daniel Webster”?

  13. Anonymous says:

    BASTARDS!!!!! They think we’re stupid like they are. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE….line from film “Network” City council and the Mayor are nothing more then corrupt thugs in suits and cheap women clothes. Where is Wendy Greuel on this issue? If she doesn’t AUDIT DWP as she has been asked by neighborhood councils I say start the RECALL on HER. People are so pissed in this city, every meeting they are slamming these loser politicians. Why hasn’t the lazy reporters of this city written any stories on this issue? We should start a boycott of their papers. ITs bad enough the papers have lost thousands of subscriptions let’s shut them down if they don’t start being more responsible journalist.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There are actually some good investigative reporters still on duty: David Zahniser at the LA Times, Patrick McDonald and his colleagues at the LA Weekly, and Rick Orlov at the LA Daily News.
    Patrick McGreevy of the LA Times, who left City Hall coverage in 2007 and is now in Sacramento covering state politics, did a great job uncovering important issues in Los Angeles politics.
    I don’t think it was meant that way, however the last sentence of your article reminds me of the false choices presented our current officials – you have only two choices you can have the status quo or support what I am proposing. In the politician’s case it is some boondoggle project or other taxpayer subsidy of wealthy business interests.
    Your idea may be more noble than some downtown project, but if readers don’t opt for it there are still other ways to expose corruption and problems not only at LADWP, but City-wide including LAPD, LAFD, Airports, Harbor, Building and Safety, CRA, etc.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Austin Beutner for Mayor in 2013. You read it here first. It is the Grand plan of Broad/Riordan/Villaraigosa. Just observe, and yes be vigilant, of his moves and actions.

  16. Charlie says:

    Wait till you hear “Toilet To Tap” is going strong. You in the East San Fernando Valley will be drinking reclaimed sewer water sold by the DWP. Check the area between San Fernando Rd and Glenoaks Blvd, — South of Branford you will be in for a thrill. “Toilet to tap” is now 10 times larger if not more, with other agencies for partners and they have kept this quiet. Why can’t I find any News People with any knowledge about “Toilet To Tap”, it was in the news around the year 2000?? — How soon everyone forgets!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Its very important to insist that DWP itemizes the charges on the customer’s bill to separate out the cost of green energy verses fuel surcharge pass through. Don’t allow them to co-mingle the charges in attempt to hide the true costs of going “green.”

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