Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Hey Antonio, Where’s My Invite to the Oscar Party?

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, or the mailman was afraid to get close to the house.  I think it’s something about my personality.  The pool guy feels the same way.
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I can’t imagine Antonio not inviting me.  But then again, maybe it’s something about my personality.

Or maybe the guy just can’t a joke.

The invitation in question is to Antonio’s pre-Oscar party at Getty House this week.  Sounds like a super affair.  And since I own a part of Getty House, along with my dog house, and I’ve featured the place in several of my posts – the mayor’s girlfriend’s pooch, Monkey, frolics in the yard for photographers – I should be there, if for no other reason, to cover the canine angle.  I wonder who Monkey will be wearing?

I had to find out about the party from the very snarky Dennis Romero of the LAWeakly:

“Now comes word that Mayor V., ever the man with his priorities straight (witness December’s trek to Europe or this month’s cameo on All My Children), will be hosting a pre-Oscar party at the city-funded mayor’s residence Thursday night. Because, when the city’s on its last dime and you can’t find a cop when you need one, what it really needs is a red-carpet event celebrating the ultra-rich of Hollywood.

“The event, co-hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, is called Nominees’ Night at Getty House and will honor Oscar nominees (it’s not clear yet who will show). THR states that Microsoft Bing, L’Oreal Paris and the city of Veracruz (THR has it as “Vera Cruz,” but we’re assuming it’s the Mexican city) are sponsoring the event.”

That Romero is a sarcastic son of a gun.  Looks like Bruno has come competition. Bet he wasn’t invited either.

But like I said, I’ve got a four-legged friend of a very special friend of the mayor and I’m making a call this morning.  If those two wackos in Washington can sneak into a state dinner, I can get into this shindig.

And I’ll bring Ron Kaye.  He can ask Antonio about the budget, while I beg at the buffet.


7 thoughts on “Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Hey Antonio, Where’s My Invite to the Oscar Party?”

  1. Hmmm…Thursday night might be a good time for a candlelight vigil at the Getty House. Or maybe some of the city employees that will be losing their jobs will be invited in for a free meal. I’m assuming that it is open to the public since it is being held on public property.

  2. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will claim theis is all about JOBS, JOBS, and JOBS. But who is footing the bill, not only for the party, but all the police and support services.
    As it is, 600 guests are expected. However, in the past, the Fire Department limited the number to 375 people.

  3. The man needs a boot out of Getty House. He is out of touch with reality, and living in mansions he doesn’t deserve is one way.

  4. When Antonio was running for Mayor he told this charming story at a fundraiser. It was a story of a visit he, Corine, and the kids made to the Getty House for an event. When it came time to leave, one of the sons could not be found. When they found him, he was upstairs. As the son came down the stairs he declared he was trying to figure out which would be his bedroom. Everyone tittered at Villaraigosa fundraiser while Antonio grinned THAT GRIN. Then he said: Oh, we would never move into Getty House since we love where we live now.
    Upon his election, this two-faced liar moved right into Getty House… probably putting out of his mind that charming little story he told to get campaign contributions to pursue the office — and his stupid dream of living in Getty House that he “attributed” to his son.

  5. Bruno…buddy!
    I got it straight from Pup’s mouth at Bowserwear Daily, Monkey’s gonna be wearing Oscar de la Renta.
    Pup was all a gidddy drool describing Monkey’s monkey suit, a snazzy little number made of sleek black satin, with silver sequins on the collar and lapels and rhinestone buttons.
    His diamond collar is on loan from Raymond & Co. in Beverly with security provided by a pair of great Danes. That should make some picture for the tabloids.
    Monkey would be barely a mouthful for those critters.
    I have it on good authority, that Bruno Magli designed silver and black sequined paw covers for the mutt, but I imagine that after doing the mambo and samba with Lu, he’ll have lost at least three of them and will look like a Michael Jackson imitation.
    Well, Pal, the week is still young and maybe your invite is in the mail as promised. You know like all the promises the mayor made…
    Your Pal,

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