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Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Enduring Fantasies of LA and State Officials

How could a dog ignore a web site called
I learned of this great site this morning after being struck by a Dog Trainer post about one of the silliest projects floating around this crazy city.

The project concerns a lot of green space – which I love for a variety reasons, mostly scatological.

But Curbed L.A., while its story was picked up by the Dog Trainer, has nothing to do with dog training, which was a bit of a disappointment.  I’m into self-improvement.

The story – thank God! — also has nothing to do with the DWP, the mayor, the City Council, the controller or that Nuch guy – at least not yet.

The project in question is to build something like New York’s Central Park over the 101 freeway just east of the 110 in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Shelby Grad, the Dog Trainer investigative reporter who stole the story from Curbed LA:

“There are no firm design plans for the freeway cap — nor is there a firm price tag. The concepts show meandering open space and new high-rise development in and around what is now the 101. Backers are bullish, likening it to L.A.’s version of New York’s Central Park.

101cap.jpg“Preliminary concepts say the park would likely be built as part of a public-private partnership that would involve some new high-rise construction. A community meeting on the project is scheduled for May 13 at Caltrans headquarters, according to Curbed L.A.”

Grad didn’t even steal the funniest part of the Cubed LA post:

“While we don’t know what designs are currently on the table, interns at EDAW AECOM created plans for the project in 2008 that called for a half-mile cap with ‘an iconic gateway and overlook at Grand Avenue’ that would include the tallest structure on the west coast.”

Interns? The tallest structure on the West Coast?

One of the comments on Curbed called the project “architectural masturbation,” a term I hadn’t come across before, but obviously familiar to Curb’s audience, which seem to know a lot about building things.

Another one of these things is apparently planned for the Hollywood Freeway.  That idea has been kicking around for a while.

First, it’s insulting that Caltrans is spending a dime on this idiocy.  But more frightening is the idea of waking up one morning to the Garcetti Skating Rink or the Lake LaBonge.

Let’s kill this one in the cradle.


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4 Responses to Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Enduring Fantasies of LA and State Officials

  1. Walter Moore says:

    I saw this proposed a few years ago at an annual gathering of downtown developers at UCLA.
    The goal, as always, is to drive up the value of their properties downtown, and give them even more of that high-density housing — preferably subsidized by you and me.
    I don’t want to be underground — either on the subway or in a car — when the big one hits.

  2. G. Shepherd says:

    Brilliant! Even a dumb dog like me knows you don’t dig down or build up on top of earthquake faults.
    If a freeway is going to get topped with something, it should be another eight lanes; that almost makes sense.
    If there’s any capping to be done, these people should be knee-capped and stopped in their tracks.
    Speaking of tracks, where’s the tire tracks of cars seeking parking to enjoy the park-like freeway cap?
    And I’ll bet the likes of us won’t be invited to party in the ersatz park!
    Your Pal

  3. Mr. Greyhound says:

    Now – I am not much of a reader seeing how my senses are geared for other non-human delights, but even I know that living near a freeway is very dangerous for your health! But, will they care? Heck no, not if it means it can go green. Right Bruno?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Countless hours were wasted by Gail Golberg and her planning staff preparing and presenting this freeway cap crap to the Planning Commission.

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