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Missing in the Line of Duty: Parks Finks Out

I know beloved Chief Daryl Gates was buried Tuesday but the funeral was over at 11 a.m. and the Council convened half an hour later and just before 1 p.m. voted to allow the con job DWP rate increase to become permanent on a 9-5 vote.

Sellouts Alarcon, Cardenas, Hahn, Wesson and Garcetti as expected provided the five votes to reject taking jurisdiction of the sleight of hand they pulled off to turn a one-quarter increase of nearly 5 percent in power rates into a permanent rate increase.
The mayor’s boys don’t feel a need to listen to the public because they think they are so secure but Cardenas and Wesson will be facing organized challenges for re-election next March from the Clean Sweep Campaign ( and Hahn suffers delusions of grandeur that ignoring the public  in exchange for union money will carry her into the office of lieutenant governor — a heartbeat away from becoming governor of the formerly great State of California.

The critical 10th vote was missing in action, Bernard Parks, the former police chief who had every reason to pay full respect to Gates’ controversial service to the city.

Yet, less than half an hour after he chose not to support his ally Jan Perry and fulfill his commitments, Parks appeared at the City Council Chamber to run the first Budget and Finance Committee hearing on the mayor’s new fictitious budget plan. (Corrected: LA Times reports Parks walked in right after the vote and said he didn’t know the issue was coming up but opposed making the increase permanent.).

Parks was assuming his favored role as the public’s guardian on the city’s finances — a role he has done so well we are faced with seeing our libraries and parks closing, our building code enforcement and community planning abolished, our Neighborhood Council system decimated and our DWP rates rising in what is just the first step in a massive escalation.

Parks — the half-million dollar a year man with his pension and salary and lucrative perks and benefits — was a no-show when it counted.

He must be preoccupied with his war against senior lead officers and the three-day work week for cops and thus forgot that he could have pressured the DWP to deliver the $73.5 million it promised to the general fund and given ratepayers a fair shot and forcing the utility to come clean about all the hundreds of plans and costs it has done such a good job of hiding for so long.

It would be charitable to let him off the hook as nothing but a lapse in memory. But that isn’t the truth. It was a rigged vote and Parks made it happen intentionally.

The Council has a long tradition of fixing the vote on controversial issues so that they appear to be close and gee whiz the public lost again.

That’s what happened a week ago when Zine and Krekorian rolled over and let them get away with making the DWP rate hike permanent without anyone except maybe the Machiavellian Garcetti really knowing what they were doing.

So with five “no” votes secure and Parks taking a dive, everyone else on the Council was free to pander to the anger and resentment of their constituents without disrupting the flow of money to a secretive and demonstrably incompetent agency that represents the city’s most valuable asset.

For all his talk about fiscal responsibility, for all his knowledge of penny-ante fine points of the city budget, Parks has allowed the city to paper over its overspending, make promises to workers and the public it cannot keep and pushed the city to brink of bankruptcy as much as anybody.

For a cop, always being there when duty calls is what makes them better than the rest of us. The greatest failing of Gates was that he was off partying when the Rodney King riots erupted and got out of hand.

For Parks, it was that he wasn’t there when we needed the Council to stand up to the DWP on behalf of the four million people of this city. He can posture and nitpick all he wants from now on, but he was the missing man when it counted.

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20 Responses to Missing in the Line of Duty: Parks Finks Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh thank you Ron, for pointing that out about Parks. I am so sick of him grandstanding about his personal pet peeves about LAPD when you can tell by reading this where his head is.
    Parks is bad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Ron for pointing out the obvious!! Who the hell do those corrupt idiots think they are? They didn’t fool anyone. Parks is the most corrupt of all and proved it yesterday. He wants us to believe his buddy Perry didn’t tell him of the DWP vote and that’s why he was late. He was in the damn building while they were voting. Is it any wonder why cops hate his sorry ass!! I’m tired of people saying how fiscally responsbile Parks has been. Wake Up!!!! He didnt’ get reappointed for Chief for good reason. Parks is lying about the 3 day work week and never liked Senior Leads Officers. He’s an arrogant SOB who thinks he’s above everyone. Daryl Gates would put these losers to shame. Janice Hahn the blonde bimbo is an embarrassement to this city. Even though Newsom isn’t much better Angelenos are supporting and campaigning for him. Now she wants to go after Arizona. Typical lame brain!!

  3. Sandy Sand says:

    In contrast to Bernie’s disappearing act, the $73.5 million from the DWP will now magically appear!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Discussion yesterday about the DWP transfer is questionable. The DWP legal advised if DWP monies wasn’t at a particular amount, then they don’t have to transfer anything. Yesterday was a dog & pony show for the press. Ron should start his own paper. Not one media outlet had the guts to report the facts or the truth. People know what council did yesterday was a set up. Unfortunately, though we don’t have any newspapers or local media that has the courage to call it as it is.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why wasn’t the vote to take over jurisdiction of DWP rate hike on the council agenda? You would think they would want everyone to know. If this vote was so important and Perry was leading the charge it common sense to agendize it. Did Perry purposely mislead the council?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Crooks and LIARS are running the City.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Ron should start his own paper. Not one media outlet had the guts to report the facts or the truth.”
    You really think Ron cares about facts?

  8. m v says:

    parks, job was to be present to vote agains this scam , parks belive we are ignorants is ded wrong , what happend in city hall is a crime is a set up by all this cooks they all new about what agenda was to be voted for that day parks acts like he is a idiot he dint now , is a show that are putt up by all this criminals, city hall dont have the best interest of los angeles votes , rate payers,changes needs to happen in city halland he need to happen NOW

  9. m v says:

    parks, job was to be present to vote agains this scam , parks belive we are ignorants is ded wrong , what happend in city hall is a crime is a set up by all this cooks they all new about what agenda was to be voted for that day parks acts like he is a idiot he dint now , is a show that are putt up by all this criminals, city hall dont have the best interest of los angeles votes , rate payers,changes needs to happen in city hall and he need to happen NOW

  10. Anonymous says:

    The fact they are all corrupt and proved it yesterday is why more then ever we need to find candidates to run against these clowns. Krekorian is a good example even though other candidates may have union support the grass root candidate can still win. Power to the internet

  11. Anonymous says:

    I need a numbers man to figure this out. Yesterday for 3 1/2 hours the budget & finance committee grilled the Mayor’s budget team and really didn’t do much. Today they grilled the police budget for 4 hours. Asking the same questions during the budget & finance hearings. Each council member makes $178,000. The budget & finance committe has 7 council members. They basically wasted 2 days of work. Total hours 7 1/2 hours multiply by 7 council members per hour is how much? That is what the city continues to lose with these morons.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Times Endorses Newsom in Lt. Gov.’s Race

  13. Anonymous says:

    What a great surprise. LA Slimes got it right this time and endorsed Newsom. Janice has the audacity to run for Lt. Gov. She does not realize the Hahn name can go so far and for so long. Who remembers K.H. and who is still alive? Unfortunately, we will have her and another looser, Antonio, for 3 more years.

  14. Anonymous says:

    many have forgotten how low morale sunk under Park’s leadership as Chief. Women report they soon forget the pin of childbirth, or they’d never go through it again. Here we are.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Janice Hahn has always been consistent. She fights for each and every special interest group that puts a buck in her campaign bucket. She doesn’t let fiduciary responsibility get in the way, either. She even showed us what an exemplary politician does when her cousin’s cush lighthouse-sitting job is lost to the budget crises. She gets it restored! She a piece of work sucking on the public teat riding a wave of name recognition that’s about to land her in the real word where jobs are hard to get because of people like her. Amen.

  16. KK says:

    I am very sad, Perphaps, Ron can ask Parks to explain to citizens like me how could he have missed this vote. Will his chief of staff lose his job?

  17. Anonymous says:

    First Zine’s a turncoat (again) after making lots of noise to pander to the peons (again), now Parks (again). Funny, both major police pensioners, even Zine pulling in almost a hundred thou/ year, while Parks is the Half-Million-$/year man… yet they either can’t show up for crucial votes, or say something and actually mean it when it counts.
    (In Zine’s case, his nasty mouth and willingness to backstab and slander colleagues makes it worse.)
    Then there’s the “other Republican” Smith, who was all for tripling the trash fees “for cops,” then suddenly had amnesia and insisted that the hikes were NEVER for public safety at all, but just to offset the “real” cost of trash pickup (which we thought we were already paying for) because we’d gotten too good a deal. Taxation bait-and-switch; isn’t that what these clowns accuse just the Democrats of doing?

  18. Anonymous says:

    When people speak at public comment and they ask why aren’t the council members in their seats, Garcetti always says, its ok because they are listening, they have sqawk boxes in their offices and can hear what we are doing out here. Doesn’t Parks have one of those? Why didn’t Parks Jr. who seems to be more responsible then his dad tell him what was going on in chambers? It was too weird that Parks walked in chambers right after the vote was taken. THe timing was to coincidential. Speaking of the trash fee did you all know it is first collected by DWP then sent to Bureau of Sanitation. Wonder if DWP gets to dip into it first!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    WTF!!!!!!! FOX has Parks in his own words lying again. Not only that but Perry makes sounds like a complete moron stating she really didn’t need the votes thats why she didn’t reach out. Are you f–king me??
    Park Explains Absence For DWP Hike Vote…. LA City Councilman Bernard Parks missed the decisive vote on Tuesday that could have stopped the controversial DWP rate hike

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why should Angelenos support the LACK of LEADERSHIP Los Angeles Council UNINFORMED decision to increase DWP rates?
    The SOLUTION is simple just boycott the DWP rate increase by making all purchases outside the city of Los Angeles. Specifically big ticket items, like cars, etc.

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